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The King Of The Dark Chamber - SCENE VII Post by :donghodeotay Category :Plays Author :Rabindranath Tagore Date :April 2012 Read :2835

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The King Of The Dark Chamber - SCENE VII



(At the Door of the QUEEN'S Palace)

"KING". What is this you have done, Kanchi?

KANCHI. I wanted to fire only this part of the garden near the palace. I had no idea that it would spread so quickly on all sides. Tell me, quick, the way out of this garden.

"KING". I can tell you nothing about it. Those who brought us here have all fled away.


KANCHI. You are a native of this country--you must know the way.

"KING". I have never entered these inner royal gardens before.

KANCHI. I won't hear of it--you must show me the way, or I shall split you into halves.

"KING". You may take my life by that means, but it would be a very precarious method of finding the way out of this garden.

KANCHI. Why were you, then, going about saying that you were the King of this country?

"KING". I am not the King--I am not the King. (Throwing himself on the ground with folded hands.) Where art thou, my King? Save me, oh, save me! I am a rebel--punish me, but do not kill me!

KANCHI. What is the use of shouting and cringing to the empty air? It is a much better way of spending the time to search for the way.

"KING". I shall lie down here--I shall not move an inch. Come what will, I shall not complain.

KANCHI. I will not allow all this nonsense. If I am to be burnt to death, you will be my companion to the very end.

FROM THE OUTSIDE. Oh, save us, save us, our King! The fire is on all sides of us!

KANCHI. Fool, get up, lose no more time.

SUDARSHANA. (entering) King, O my King! save me, save me from death! I am surrounded by fire.

"KING". Who is the King? I am no King.

SUDARSHANA. You are not the King?

"KING". No, I am a hypocrite, I am a scoundrel. (Flinging his crown on the ground.) Let my deception and hypocrisy be shattered into dust! (Goes out with KANCHI.)

SUDARSHANA. No King! He is not the King? Then, O thou God of fire, burn me, reduce me to ashes! I shall throw myself into thy hands, O thou great purifier; burn to ashes my shame, my longing, my desire.

ROHINI. (entering) Queen, where are you going? All your inner chambers are shrouded in raging fire--do you not enter there.

SUDARSHANA. Yes! I will enter those burning chambers! It is the fire of my death! (Enters the Palace.)

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