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The Revised Official Moron Test Post by :ndennis Category :Funny Stories Author :Unknown Date :April 2012 Read :4226

Click below to download : The Revised Official Moron Test (Format : PDF)

The Revised Official Moron Test

This test is based upon typical graduation requirements at The University of Hard Knocks. It separates the dumb people from the really dumb people.

Answer the following 13 questions, then scroll down and check your answers. DON'T CHEAT!!! When you are done, count the number correct and see how you compare to others. OK, here we go......

1. Is there a 4th of July in England? Yes or no?
2. How many birthdays does the average man have?
3. Some months have 31 days. How many have 28?
4. How many outs are there in an inning?
5. Is it legal for a man in California to marry his widow's sister?
6. Take the number 30, divide it by ½ and then add 10. What do you get?
7. There are 3 apples and you take two away. How many apples are you left with?
8. A doctor gives you three pills and tells you to take one every half an hour. How long will the pills last?
9. A farmer has 17 sheep. All but 9 of them die. How many sheep are left?
10. How many animals did Moses bring with him on the ark?
11. A butcher in the market is 5 10 tall. What does he weigh?
12. How many two-cent stamps are there in a dozen?











1. Yes. It comes right after the 3rd.
2. One. You can only be born once.
3. Twelve. All of them have at least 28 days.
4. Six. Don t forget there is a top and bottom to every inning.
5. No. He must be dead if it is his widow!
6. Seventy. 30 divided by ½ is 60.
7. Two, you take two apples therefore you have two apples.
8. One hour. If you take the first pill at 1.00 the second at 1:30, and the third at 2pm, the pills have run out and only an hour has passed.
9. Nine. Like I said, all but nine die.
10. None. Moses didn't have an ark.
11. Meat that is self-explanatory.
12. Twelve. How many eggs are in a dozen?

So, how did you do?

12 correct GENIUS you are good!
10-11 correct ABOVE AVERAGE but don t let it go to your head.
7-9 correct AVERAGE but who wants to be average.
4-6 correct SLOW pay attention to the question.
1-3 correct IDIOT what else can I say.
0 correct CONGRATULATIONS you are a certified moron!!!

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