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Greville Fane Greville Fane

Greville Fane
Coming in to dress for dinner, I found a telegram: "Mrs. Stormer dying; can you give us half a column for to-morrow evening? Let her off easy, but not too easy." I was late; I was in a hurry; I had very little time to think, but at a venture I dispatched a reply: "Will do what I can." It was not till I had dressed and was rolling away to dinner that, in the hansom, I bethought myself of the difficulty of the condition attached. The difficulty was not of course in letting her off... Short Stories - Post by : Kickdrum - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 3140

The Figure In The Carpet The Figure In The Carpet

The Figure In The Carpet
I had done a few things and earned a few pence--I had perhaps even had time to begin to think I was finer than was perceived by the patronising; but when I take the little measure of my course (a fidgety habit, for it's none of the longest yet) I count my real start from the evening George Corvick, breathless and worried, came in to ask me a service. He had done more things than I, and earned more pence, though there were chances for cleverness I thought he sometimes missed. I could only however that evening declare to... Short Stories - Post by : DEncina - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 3033

Eugene Pickering Eugene Pickering

Eugene Pickering
CHAPTER I.It was at Homburg, several years ago, before the gaming had been suppressed. The evening was very warm, and all the world was gathered on the terrace of the Kursaal and the esplanade below it to listen to the excellent orchestra; or half the world, rather, for the crowd was equally dense in the gaming-rooms around the tables. Everywhere the crowd was great. The night was perfect, the season was at its height, the open windows of the Kursaal sent long shafts of unnatural light into the dusky woods, and now and then, in the intervals of... Short Stories - Post by : Chris_Matise - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 3148

The Diary Of A Man Of Fifty The Diary Of A Man Of Fifty

The Diary Of A Man Of Fifty
Florence, _April 5th_, 1874.--They told me I should find Italy greatly changed; and in seven-and-twenty years there is room for changes. But to me everything is so perfectly the same that I seem to be living my youth over again; all the forgotten impressions of that enchanting time come back to me. At the moment they were powerful enough; but they afterwards faded away. What in the world became of them? Whatever becomes of such things, in the long intervals of consciousness? Where do they hide themselves away? in what unvisited cupboards and crannies of our... Short Stories - Post by : chris26 - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 3838

The Death Of The Lion The Death Of The Lion

The Death Of The Lion
CHAPTER I. I had simply, I suppose, a change of heart, and it must have begun when I received my manuscript back from Mr. Pinhorn. Mr. Pinhorn was my "chief," as he was called in the office: he had the high mission of bringing the paper up. This was a weekly periodical, which had been supposed to be almost past redemption when he took hold of it. It was Mr. Deedy who had let the thing down so dreadfully: he was never mentioned in the office now save in connexion with that misdemeanour. Young as I... Short Stories - Post by : almills - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 2480

The Coxon Fund The Coxon Fund

The Coxon Fund
CHAPTER I "They've got him for life!" I said to myself that evening on my way back to the station; but later on, alone in the compartment (from Wimbledon to Waterloo, before the glory of the District Railway) I amended this declaration in the light of the sense that my friends would probably after all not enjoy a monopoly of Mr. Saltram. I won't pretend to have taken his vast measure on that first occasion, but I think I had achieved a glimpse of what the privilege of his acquaintance might mean for many persons in the way of charges accepted.... Short Stories - Post by : billreed - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 3508

The Chaperon The Chaperon

The Chaperon
CHAPTER I. An old lady, in a high drawing-room, had had her chair moved close to the fire she sat knitting and warming her knees. She was dressed in deep mourning; her face had a faded nobleness, tempered, however, by the somewhat illiberal compression assumed by her lips in obedience to something that was passing in her mind. She was far from the lamp, but though her eyes were fixed upon her active needles she was not looking at them. What she really saw was quite another train of affairs. The room was spacious and dim; the... Short Stories - Post by : bizman - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 2709

The Beast In The Jungle The Beast In The Jungle

The Beast In The Jungle
CHAPTER I What determined the speech that startled him in the course of their encounter scarcely matters, being probably but some words spoken by himself quite without intention--spoken as they lingered and slowly moved together after their renewal of acquaintance. He had been conveyed by friends an hour or two before to the house at which she was staying; the party of visitors at the other house, of whom he was one, and thanks to whom it was his theory, as always, that he was lost in the crowd, had been invited over to luncheon. There had been after luncheon... Short Stories - Post by : successgold - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 4008

The Altar Of The Dead The Altar Of The Dead

The Altar Of The Dead
CHAPTER I. He had a mortal dislike, poor Stransom, to lean anniversaries, and loved them still less when they made a pretence of a figure. Celebrations and suppressions were equally painful to him, and but one of the former found a place in his life. He had kept each year in his own fashion the date of Mary Antrim's death. It would be more to the point perhaps to say that this occasion kept HIM: it kept him at least effectually from doing anything else. It took hold of him again and again with a hand of which... Short Stories - Post by : PKNAUSS - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 3078

The Marriages The Marriages

The Marriages
CHAPTER I "Won't you stay a little longer?" the hostess asked while she held the girl's hand and smiled. "It's too early for every one to go-- it's too absurd." Mrs. Churchley inclined her head to one side and looked gracious; she flourished about her face, in a vaguely protecting sheltering way, an enormous fan of red feathers. Everything in her composition, for Adela Chart, was enormous. She had big eyes, big teeth, big shoulders, big hands, big rings and bracelets, big jewels of every sort and many of them. The train of her crimson dress was longer... Short Stories - Post by : Nightowl - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 1357

Nona Vincent Nona Vincent

Nona Vincent
CHAPTER I. "I wondered whether you wouldn't read it to me," said Mrs. Alsager, as they lingered a little near the fire before he took leave. She looked down at the fire sideways, drawing her dress away from it and making her proposal with a shy sincerity that added to her charm. Her charm was always great for Allan Wayworth, and the whole air of her house, which was simply a sort of distillation of herself, so soothing, so beguiling that he always made several false starts before departure. He had spent some such good hours there, had forgotten, in... Short Stories - Post by : tboyack - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 1554

Pandora Pandora

CHAPTER I It has long been the custom of the North German Lloyd steamers, which convey passengers from Bremen to New York, to anchor for several hours in the pleasant port of Southampton their human cargo receives many additions. An intelligent young German, Count Otto Vogelstein, hardly knew a few years ago whether to condemn this custom or approve it. He leaned over the bulwarks of the Donau as the American passengers crossed the plank--the travellers who embark at Southampton are mainly of that nationality--and curiously, indifferently, vaguely, through the smoke of his cigar, saw them absorbed in the... Short Stories - Post by : magicat90 - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 2850

The Pupil The Pupil

The Pupil
CHAPTER IThe poor young man hesitated and procrastinated: it cost him such an effort to broach the subject of terms, to speak of money to a person who spoke only of feelings and, as it were, of the aristocracy. Yet he was unwilling to take leave, treating his engagement as settled, without some more conventional glance in that direction than he could find an opening for in the manner of the large affable lady who sat there drawing a pair of soiled gants de Suede through a fat jewelled hand and, at once pressing and gliding, repeated over and over... Short Stories - Post by : millenni - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 3871

Sir Dominick Ferrand Sir Dominick Ferrand

Sir Dominick Ferrand
"There are several objections to it, but I'll take it if you'll alter it," Mr. Locket's rather curt note had said; and there was no waste of words in the postscript in which he had added: "If you'll come in and see me, I'll show you what I mean." This communication had reached Jersey Villas by the first post, and Peter Baron had scarcely swallowed his leathery muffin before he got into motion to obey the editorial behest. He knew that such precipitation looked eager, and he had no desire to look eager--it was not in his interest;... Short Stories - Post by : trebor95 - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 1142

A Light Man A Light Man

A Light Man
"And I--what I seem to my friend, you see-- What I soon shall seem to his love, you guess. What I seem to myself, do you ask of me? No hero, I confess."_A Light Woman.--Browning's Men and Women_.April 4, 1857.--I have changed my sky without changing my mind. I resume these old notes in a new world. I hardly know of what use they are; but it's easier to stick to the habit than to drop it. I have been at home now a week--at home, forsooth! And yet, after all, it... Short Stories - Post by : gailg - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 3812

The Tree Of Knowledge The Tree Of Knowledge

The Tree Of Knowledge
IIt was one of the secret opinions, such as we all have, of Peter Brench that his main success in life would have consisted in his never having committed himself about the work, as it was called, of his friend Morgan Mallow. This was a subject on which it was, to the best of his belief, impossible with veracity to quote him, and it was nowhere on record that he had, in the connexion, on any occasion and in any embarrassment, either lied or spoken the truth. Such a triumph had its honour even for a man of other triumphs--a man... Short Stories - Post by : Romerojr - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 2329

The Patagonia The Patagonia

The Patagonia
IThe houses were dark in the August night and the perspective of Beacon Street, with its double chain of lamps, was a foreshortened desert. The club on the hill alone, from its semi-cylindrical front, projected a glow upon the dusky vagueness of the Common, and as I passed it I heard in the hot stillness the click of a pair of billiard balls. As 'every one' was out of town perhaps the servants, in the extravagance of their leisure, were profaning the tables. The heat was insufferable and I thought with joy of the morrow, of the deck of the steamer,... Short Stories - Post by : brianlee - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 3396

The Liar The Liar

The Liar
IThe train was half an hour late and the drive from the station longer than he had supposed, so that when he reached the house its inmates had dispersed to dress for dinner and he was conducted straight to his room. The curtains were drawn in this asylum, the candles were lighted, the fire was bright, and when the servant had quickly put out his clothes the comfortable little place became suggestive--seemed to promise a pleasant house, a various party, talks, acquaintances, affinities, to say nothing of very good cheer. He was too occupied with his profession to pay many country... Short Stories - Post by : matthewleon - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 4067

Mrs. Temperly Mrs. Temperly

Mrs. Temperly
I'Why, Cousin Raymond, how can you suppose? Why, she's only sixteen!''She told me she was seventeen,' said the young man, as if it made a great difference.'Well, only _just_!' Mrs. Temperly replied, in the tone of graceful, reasonable concession.'Well, that's a very good age for me. I'm very young.''You are old enough to know better,' the lady remarked, in her soft, pleasant voice, which always drew the sting from a reproach, and enabled you to swallow it as you would a cooked plum, without the stone. 'Why, she hasn't finished her education!''That's just what I mean,' said her interlocutor. 'It would... Short Stories - Post by : enoch - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 3847

Julia Bride Julia Bride

Julia Bride
IShe had walked with her friend to the top of the wide steps of the Museum, those that descended from the galleries of painting, and then, after the young man had left her, smiling, looking back, waving all gayly and expressively his hat and stick, had watched him, smiling too, but with a different intensity--had kept him in sight till he passed out of the great door. She might have been waiting to see if he would turn there for a last demonstration; which was exactly what he did, renewing his cordial gesture and with his look of glad devotion, the... Short Stories - Post by : jjacobsen - Date : November 2010 - Author : Henry James - Read : 2431