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The Mocking Tiger Post by :vickim Category :Stories For Kids Author :Pedro Pablo Sacristan Date :May 2012 Read :4467

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The Mocking Tiger

The tiger was clever, quick and strong. He was always making fun of the other animals, particularly of the puny bumblebee and the slow and clumsy elephant.

One day, the animals were having a meeting in a cave, when there was a landslide which sealed up the cave entrance. Everyone expected the tiger to save them, but he couldn't.
In the end, the bumblebee escaped through a tiny gap between the rocks.
He flew off in search of the elephant, who hadn't gone to the meeting because he was feeling sad. The elephant came and moved the rocks, setting the animals free.

The animals congratulated both the elephant and the bumblebee, and were keen to be their friends. The last animal to leave the cave was the tiger, shamefacedly. He learned his lesson, and from that day one he only saw the good in all the other animals.

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