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Hunting For Smiles Post by :Michelle1969 Category :Stories For Kids Author :Pedro Pablo Sacristan Date :May 2012 Read :1343

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Hunting For Smiles

The Princess of the fairies was ill. The doctors could not find what the problem was, but luckily two little dragons managed to find out what was wrong. The problem was that the Princess wasn't seeing anyone smile. So the two little dragons set off around the world, trying to find some smiles. Well, they didn't come across a single one. So off they flew, to the planets, to the stars, searching for a smile.

They travelled so far and for so long, with no success, that one of the dragons decided to head back, so he could be with the Princess when she died, which she surely would soon. But the other dragon decided to carry on, and in the very next planet he visited - a small and dark planet which was hardly visible - he found out an amazing fact: all the smiles in the Universe were right there, gathering for a party. The dragon told the smiles what the problem was, and without hesitation millions of smiles agreed to accompany him on his return home. The dragon arrived, and as soon as the Princess's gaze fell on so many smiles, she instantly regained her health and happiness.

The first dragon, on seeing this, was immensely happy that his friend had been more persevering and patient than himself.

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