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The Vanished Fay Post by :danbcaut Category :Poems Author :Bert Leston Taylor Date :October 2011 Read :1434

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The Vanished Fay

Tell me, whither do they go,
All the Little Ones we know?
They "grow up" before our eyes,
And the fairy spirit flies.
Time the Piper, pied and gay--
Does he lure them all away?
Do they follow after him,
Over the horizon's brim?

Daughter's growing fair to see,
Slim and straight as popple tree.
Still a child in heart and head,
But--the fairy spirit's fled.
As a fay at break of day,
Little One has flown away,
On the stroke of fairy bell--
When and whither, who can tell?

Still her childish fancies weave
In the Land of Make Believe;
And her love of magic lore
Is as avid as before.
Dollies big and dollies small
Still are at her beck and call.
But for all this pleasant play,
Little One has gone away.

Whither, whither have they flown,
All the fays we all have known?
To what "faery lands forlorn"
On the sound of elfin horn?
As she were a woodland sprite,
Little One has vanished quite.
Waves the wand of Oberon:
Cock has crowed--the fay is gone!

(The end)
Bert Leston Taylor's poem: Vanished Fay

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