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The Pap's Old Sayin' Post by :Tom_Dean Category :Poems Author :James Whitcomb Riley Date :November 2011 Read :3807

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The Pap's Old Sayin'

Pap had one old-fashioned sayin'
That I'll never quite fergit--
And they's seven growed-up childern
Of us rickollects it yit!--
Settin' round the dinner-table,
Talkin' 'bout our friends, perhaps,
Er abusin' of our neghbors,
I kin hear them words o' Pap's--
"Shet up, and eat yer vittels!"

Pap he'd never argy with us,
Ner cut any subject short
Whilse we all kep' clear o' gossip,
And wuz actin' as we ort:
But ef we'd git out o' order--
Like sometimes a fambly is,--
Faultin' folks, er one another,
Then we'd hear that voice o' his--
"Shet up, and eat yer vittels!"

Wuz no hand hisse'f at talkin'--
Never hadn't much to say,--
Only, as I said, pervidin'
When we'd rile him thataway:
Then he'd allus lose his temper
Spite o' fate, and jerk his head
And slam down his caseknife vicious'
Whilse he glared around and said--
"Shet up, and eat yer vittels!"

Mind last time 'at Pap was ailin'
With a misery in his side,
And had hobbled in the kitchen--
Jest the day before he died,--
Laury Jane she ups and tells him,
"Pap, you're pale as pale kin be--
Hain't ye 'feard them-air cowcumbers
Hain't good fer ye?" And says he,
"Shet up, and eat yer vittels!"

Well! I've saw a-many a sorrow,--
Forty year', through thick and thin;
I've got best,--and I've got wors'ted,
Time and time and time ag'in!--
But I've met a-many a trouble
That I hain't run onto twice,
Haltin'-like and thinkin' over
Them-air words o' Pap's advice:
"Shet up, and eat yer vittels!"

(The end)
James Whitcomb Riley's poem: Pap's Old Sayin'

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