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Here's To The Sixteenth! Post by :twocolor Category :Poems Author :W. E. Christian Date :November 2011 Read :646

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Here's To The Sixteenth!

(A toast by an officer at San Antonio banquet.)

Here's to the "Sixteenth Cavalry,"
A "Colt" that has just been foaled;
Bred with no "Past,"--but a Future,
Which Training and Time will unfold.

This "Colt," with his milk-teeth gives promise
Of growing to be some fine horse,
And if we give him "right raising,"
Be sure that he'll "come across."

Our "Colt" is as "sound" and as "quiet"
As any old horse you will see,
And, as for his "fit conformation,"--
That's just as fine as can be.

Here's hoping that he gets good "grooming,"
Good "grazing'"--good "stable"--good "stall;"
So when they sound "Boots and Saddles,"
The "Colt" can answer their call.

Here's hoping that he gets good "forage,"
Well "watered"--with "all-fours" well cleaned;
And not have to patrol the hot Border,--
At least,--until he is "weaned."

We'll swear by this "Colt," who is "hoof-marked"
With the "16th Cavalry" brand;
And we'll warrant when he "cuts his molars,"
He'll be as good as the best in the land.

We'll see that he gets fearless riders,
Who are "kindly" and know every "aid;"
So if ever a battle is brewing,
He'll go to the "Charge" unafraid.

He'll compare with all Cavalry horses,
No "I. C." marks for his neck;
Instead, upon his new brow-band
Resetted Blue Ribbons bedeck.

No matter the "sire," no matter the "dam,"
His "strain" is "pure-blood"--tho "unregistered" yet;
He'll "run in the money,"--when put to the test,
To "win in the stretch,"--on that you can bet.

So here's to the "Sixteenth Cavalry,"
The youngest of Cavalry "mounts;"
He hasn't a "Past" and a "Pedigree,"
But 's "all-horse,"--and that is what counts!

(The end)
W. E. Christian's poem: Here's To The Sixteenth!

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