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Fritz Writes Again Post by :coastal99 Category :Poems Author :Abner Cosens Date :November 2011 Read :3368

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Fritz Writes Again

Dear Katrina,--Dis letter you get
So already you know how I vas;
Vell, dere's von ting dat troubles me yet,
Und I tells you de reason pecause;
Dose nurse doctors you tink vas so gay
Haf de heaves, und blind staggers und gout,
Und dey trow dose nice cabbage avay
Dat vould make me some goot saur-kraut.

Und de limburger cheese dat you sent,
Dat vas making me feel shtrong und vell,
Britty soon mit the garbage it vent,
For dose nurses dey don't like de shmell.
Ven I ask for pork sausages vonce,
Den dey say, (vot I tells you is true,)
"Don't you know, you fat-headed old dunce,
Dose vill gif you de tic-doul-our-eux."

Dey von't let me no liverwurst eat;
For dey say it ain't fit for de crows.
Ven I ask for some shmiercase so shweet,
Den dey laugh und dey turn up deir nose,
Dey shoost feed me some custards und jell
Und some broth dat I drink mit a cup,
How dey tink I vill efer get vell
If dey don't keep mine stomach filled up?

Ven dis var vill get ofer you pet!
Den some pickled pig's feet I vill buy,
Mit bologna and shnapps, maype yet,
Und some coffee to drink ven I'm dry,
Britty soon to mine bed I musht go,
So no more I can't write you shoost now;
Gif mine luf to dose beeples ve know
Und take some for yourself, mine dear frau.

Mine truly, Fritz.

(The end)
Abner Cosens's poem: Fritz Writes Again

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Katrina Replies Katrina Replies

Katrina Replies
Mine dear Fritz,--Vot to tink I don't know, Ven dose hospital letters I get, But mine tears dey vill run britty shlow, Till I hear some tings different yet, Ven you're sick like you tries to make oudt, Vot you vant mit some shmeircase to eat, Und pork sausages, coffee and kraut Und limburger und pickled pig's feet? I shoost tink you contented might shtay,

Katrina Replies To Fritz Katrina Replies To Fritz

Katrina Replies To Fritz
Mine dear Fritz: It shoost makes me feel plue Ven I get me dat letter you write, For already mine fears haf come true Dat you maype get hurt in dis fight, Vot's de use so you make de beeg splash, Und you hold de whole trench py your self? Dat don't put no more meat in mine hash Und not any more pread on mine shelf. Do you