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A Very Charming Gentleman Post by :Bruce_NewMedia Category :Poems Author :Clarence James Dennis Date :October 2011 Read :1544

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A Very Charming Gentleman

A very charming gentleman, as old as old could be,
Stared a while, and glared a while, and then he said to me:
"Read your books, and heed your books, and put your books away,
For you will surely need your books upon a later day."
And then he wheezed and then he sneezed, and gave me such a look.
And he said, "Mark--ME--boy! Be careful of your book."

A very charming gentleman, indeed, he seemed to be.
He heaved a sigh and wiped his eye, and then he said to me:
"Take your books and make your books companions--never toys;
For they who so forsake their books grow into gawky boys."
I don't know who he was. Do you? he snuffled at the end;
And he said, "Mark--ME--boy! Your book should be your friend."


This very charming gentleman

This very charming gentleman, extremely old and gruff,
He slowly shook his head and took a great big pinch of snuff,
Then he spluttered and he muttered and he loudly shouted "Fie!
To tear your books is wicked sir! and likewise all my eye!"
I don't know what he meant by that. He had such piercing eyes.
And, he said, "Mark--ME--boy! Books will make you wise."

This very charming gentleman said, "Hum," and "Hoity, Toit!
A book is not a building block, a cushion or a quoit.
Soil your books and spoil your books? Is that the thing to do?
Gammon, sir! and Spinach, sir! And Fiddle-faddle, too!"
He blinked so quick, and thumped his stick, then gave me such a stare.
And he said, "Mark--ME--boy! BOOKS--NEED--CARE!"

(The end)
Clarence James Dennis's poem: Very Charming Gentleman

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Dedication Dedication

To all good children over four And under four-and-eightyBe you not over-prone to pore On matters grave and weighty.Mayhap you'll find within this book Some touch of Youth's rare clowning,If you will condescend to look And not descend to frowning.The mind of one small boy may hold Odd fancies and inviting,To guide a hand unsure and old That moves, these days, to writing.For hair once bright, in days of yore, Grows grey (or somewhat slaty),And now, alas, he's over four, Though under four-and-eighty.(The end)Clarence James

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