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The Spanish Student - ACT II - SCENE XI Post by :klomani Category :Plays Author :Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Date :June 2011 Read :2139

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The Spanish Student - ACT II - SCENE XI


SCENE: PRECIOSA'S bedchamber. Midnight. She is sleeping in
an armchair, in an undress. DOLORES watching her.

DOLORES. She sleeps at last!

(Opens the window, and listens.)

All silent in the street,
And in the garden. Hark!

PRECIOSA. (in her sleep). I must go hence!
Give me my cloak!

DOLORES. He comes! I hear his footsteps.

PRECIOSA. Go tell them that I cannot dance to-night;
I am too ill! Look at me! See the fever
That burns upon my cheek! I must go hence.
I am too weak to dance.

(Signal from the garden.)

DOLORES. (from the window). Who's there?

Voice (from below). A friend.

DOLORES. I will undo the door. Wait till I come.

PRECIOSA. I must go hence. I pray you do not harm me!
Shame! shame! to treat a feeble woman thus!
Be you but kind, I will do all things for you.
I'm ready now,--give me my castanets.
Where is Victorian? Oh, those hateful lamps!
They glare upon me like an evil eye.
I cannot stay. Hark! how they mock at me!
They hiss at me like serpents! Save me! save me!

(She wakes.)

How late is it, Dolores?

DOLORES. It is midnight.

PRECIOSA. We must be patient. Smooth this pillow for me.

(She sleeps again. Noise from the garden, and voices.)

Voice. Muera!

Another Voice. O villains! villains!

COUNT OF LARA. So! have at you!

Voice. Take that!

COUNT OF LARA. O, I am wounded!

DOLORES. (shutting the window). Jesu Maria!

Content of ACT II: SCENE XI (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's play/drama: The Spanish Student)

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