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The Spanish Student - ACT II - SCENE X Post by :Laughingbird Category :Plays Author :Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Date :June 2011 Read :1224

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The Spanish Student - ACT II - SCENE X


SCENE: Street and garden wall. Night. Enter CRUZADO and BARTOLOME.

CRUZADO. This is the garden wall, and above it, yonder, is her
house. The window in which thou seest the light is her window.
But we will not go in now.


CRUZADO. Because she is not at home.

BARTOLOME. No matter; we can wait. But how is this? The gate is
bolted. (Sound of guitars and voices in a neighboring street.)
Hark! There comes her lover with his infernal serenade! Hark!


Good night! Good night, beloved!
I come to watch o'er thee!
To be near thee,--to be near thee,
Alone is peace for me.

Thine eyes are stars of morning,
Thy lips are crimson flowers!
Good night! Good night beloved,
While I count the weary hours.

CRUZADO. They are not coming this way.

BARTOLOME. Wait, they begin again.

SONG (coming nearer).

Ah! thou moon that shinest
Argent-clear above!
All night long enlighten
My sweet lady-love!
Moon that shinest,
All night long enlighten!

BARTOLOME. Woe be to him, if he comes this way!

CRUZADO. Be quiet, they are passing down the street.

SONG (dying away).

The nuns in the cloister
Sang to each other;
For so many sisters
Is there not one brother!
Ay, for the partridge, mother!
The cat has run away with the partridge!
Puss! puss! puss!

BARTOLOME. Follow that! follow that!
Come with me. Puss! puss!

(Exeunt. On the opposite side enter the COUNT OF LARA and
gentlemen, with FRANCISCO.)

The gate is fast. Over the wall, Francisco,
And draw the bolt. There, so, and so, and over.
Now, gentlemen, come in, and help me scale
Yon balcony. How now? Her light still burns.
Move warily. Make fast the gate, Francisco.

(Exeunt. Re-enter CRUZADO and BARTOLOME.)

BARTOLOME. They went in at the gate. Hark! I hear them in the
garden. (Tries the gate.) Bolted again! Vive Cristo! Follow me
over the wall.

(They climb the wall.)

Content of ACT II: SCENE X (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's play/drama: The Spanish Student)

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