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A Florentine Tragedy - A Fragment A Florentine Tragedy - A Fragment

A Florentine Tragedy - A Fragment
CHARACTERS:GUIDO BARDI, A Florentine princeSIMONE, a merchantBIANCA, his wifeThe action takes place at Florence in the early sixteenth century.(The door opens, they separate guiltily, and the husband enters.)SIMONE . My good wife, you come slowly; were it not betterTo run to meet your lord? Here, take my cloak.Take this pack first. 'Tis heavy. I have sold nothing:Save a furred robe unto the Cardinal's son,Who hopes to wear it when his father dies,And hopes that will be soon.But who is this?Why you have here some friend. Some kinsman doubtless,Newly returned from foreign lands and fallenUpon a house... Plays - Post by : Eric_Hall - Date : April 2010 - Author : Oscar Wilde - Read : 2176

The Hour Glass The Hour Glass

The Hour Glass
THE HOUR-GLASSA MORALITYBY W. B. YEATS DRAMATIS PERSONAEA WISE MANA FOOLSOME PUPILSAN ANGELTHE WISE MAN'S WIFE AND TWO CHILDRENSCENE: A large room with a door at the back and another at the side opening to an inner room. A desk and a chair in the middle. An hour-glass on a bracket near the door. A creepy stool near it. Some benches. The WISE MAN sitting at his desk.WISE MAN (turning over the pages of a book). Where is that passage I am to explain to my pupils to-day? Here it is, and the book says that it was written by a beggar... Plays - Post by : Starburst - Date : January 2010 - Author : William Butler Yeats - Read : 1282

The Land Of Heart's Desire The Land Of Heart's Desire

The Land Of Heart's Desire
O Rose, thou art sick. WILLIAM BLAKE MAURTEEN BRUINBRIDGET BRUINSHAWN BRUINMARY BRUINFATHER HARTA FAERY CHILD The Scene is laid in the Barony of Kilmacowen, in the County of Sligo, and at a remote time. THE LAND OF HEART'S DESIRESCENE.--A room with a hearth on the floor in the middle of a deep alcove to the Right. There are benches in the alcove and a table; and a crucifix on the wall. The alcove is full of a glow of light... Plays - Post by : iowaebooks - Date : January 2010 - Author : William Butler Yeats - Read : 3582

O'flaherty V.c.: A Recruiting Pamphlet O'flaherty V.c.: A Recruiting Pamphlet

O'flaherty V.c.: A Recruiting Pamphlet
It may surprise some people to learn that in 1915 this little play was a recruiting poster in disguise. The British officer seldom likes Irish soldiers; but he always tries to have a certain proportion of them in his battalion, because, partly from a want of common sense which leads them to value their lives less than Englishmen do (lives are really less worth living in a poor country), and partly because even the most cowardly Irishman feels obliged to outdo an Englishman in bravery if possible, and at least to set a perilous pace for him, Irish soldiers give impetus... Plays - Post by : jen0147 - Date : November 2009 - Author : George Bernard Shaw - Read : 1478

Sound And Fury Sound And Fury

Sound And Fury
(O. Henry wrote this for Ainslee's Magazine it appeared in March, 1903.)PERSONS OF THE DRAMAMr. PENNE. . . . . . An AuthorMiss LORE. . . . . . An AmanuensisSCENE--Workroom of Mr. Penne's popular novel factory.MR. PENNE--Good morning, Miss Lore. Glad to see you so prompt. We should finish that June installment for the Epoch to-day. Leverett is crowding me for it. Are you quite ready? We will resume where we left off yesterday. (Dictates.) "Kate,... Plays - Post by : vishal - Date : November 2009 - Author : O Henry - Read : 1123

Scenes From 'politian' - An Unpublished Drama Scenes From "politian" - An Unpublished Drama

Scenes From 'politian' - An Unpublished Drama
Scenes from "Politian" - An Unpublished DramaIRome - A Hall in a Palace - Alessandra and Castiglione.ALESSANDRA.Thou art sad, Castiglione. CASTIGLIONE.Sad! -- not I.Oh, I'm the happiest, happiest man in Rome!A few days more, thou knowest, my Alessandra,Will make thee mine. Oh, I am very happy! ALESSANDRA. Methinks thou hast a singular way of showingThy happiness! -- what ails thee, cousin of mine?Why didst thou sigh so deeply? CASTIGLIONE. Did I sign?I was not conscious of it. It is a fashion,A silly -- a most silly fashion I haveWhen I am _very_ happy. Did... Plays - Post by : Dave_Espino - Date : October 2009 - Author : Edgar Allan Poe - Read : 3330

Press Cuttings Press Cuttings

Press Cuttings
The forenoon of the first of April, 1911.General Mitchener is at his writing table in the War Office, opening letters. On his left is the fireplace, with a fire burning. On his right, against the opposite wall is a standing desk with an office stool. The door is in the wall behind him, half way between the table and the desk. The table is not quite in the middle of the room: it is nearer to the hearthrug than to the desk. There is a chair at each end of it for persons having business with the general. There is... Plays - Post by : mst207 - Date : October 2009 - Author : George Bernard Shaw - Read : 2025

An Encounter With An Interviewer An Encounter With An Interviewer

An Encounter With An Interviewer
The nervous, dapper, "peart" young man took the chair I offered him, and said he was connected with the Daily Thunderstorm, and added:"Hoping it's no harm, I've come to interview you.""Come to what?""Interview you.""Ah! I see. Yes--yes. Um! Yes--yes."I was not feeling bright that morning. Indeed, my powers seemed a bit under a cloud. However, I went to the bookcase, and when I had been looking six or seven minutes I found I was obliged to refer to the young man. I said:"How do you spell it?""Spell what?""Interview.""Oh, my goodness! what do you want... Plays - Post by : viraltools.com - Date : October 2009 - Author : Mark Twain - Read : 3186