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On The Eve: A Novel - Chapter 21 Post by :dannyboy Category :Long Stories Author :Ivan Turgenev Date :May 2012 Read :2916

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On The Eve: A Novel - Chapter 21

Chapter XXI

Elena's first sensation on awakening was one of happy consternation.
'Is it possible? Is it possible?' she asked herself, and her heart
grew faint with happiness. Recollections came rushing on her... she was
overwhelmed by them. Then again she was enfolded by the blissful peace
of triumph. But in the course of the morning, Elena gradually became
possessed by a spirit of unrest, and for the remainder of the day she
felt listless and weary. It was true she knew now what she wanted, but
that made it no easier for her. That never-to-be forgotten meeting had
cast her for ever out of the old groove; she was no longer at the same
standpoint, she was far away, and yet everything went on about her
in its accustomed order, everything pursued its own course as though
nothing were changed; the old life moved on its old way, reckoning on
Elena's interest and co-operation as of old. She tried to begin a letter
to Insarov, but that too was a failure; the words came on to paper
either lifeless or false. Her diary she had put an end to by drawing a
thick stroke under the last line. That was the past, and every thought,
all her soul, was turned now to the future. Her heart was heavy. To sit
with her mother who suspected nothing, to listen to her, answer her and
talk to her, seemed to Elena something wicked; she felt the presence of
a kind of falseness in her, she suffered though she had nothing to blush
for; more than once an almost irresistible desire sprang up in her
heart to tell everything without reserve, whatever might come of it
afterwards. 'Why,' she thought, 'did not Dmitri take me away then, from
that little chapel, wherever he wanted to go? Didn't he tell me I was
his wife before God? What am I here for?' She suddenly began to feel shy
of every one, even of Uvar Ivanovitch, who was flourishing his fingers
in more perplexity than ever. Now everything about her seemed neither
sweet nor friendly, nor even a dream, but, like a nightmare, lay,
an immovable dead load, on her heart; seeming to reproach her and be
indignant with her, and not to care to know about her....'You are ours
in spite of everything,' she seemed to hear. Even her poor pets, her
ill-used birds and animals looked at her--so at least she fancied--with
suspicion and hostility. She felt conscience-stricken and ashamed of
her feelings. 'This is my home after all,' she thought, 'my family, my
country.'... 'No, it's no longer your country, nor your family,' another
voice affirmed within her. Terror was overmastering her, and she was
vexed with her own feebleness. The trial was only beginning and she was
losing patience already... Was this what she had promised?

She did not soon gain control of herself. But a week passed and then
another.... Elena became a little calmer, and grew used to her new
position. She wrote two little notes to Insarov, and carried them
herself to the post: she could not for anything--through shame and
through pride--have brought herself to confide in a maid. She was
already beginning to expect him in person.... But instead of Insarov,
one fine morning Nikolai Artemyevitch made his appearance.

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