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Funny Boxing Quotes Post by :guydavis Category :Funny Stories Author :Unknown Date :April 2012 Read :7403

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Funny Boxing Quotes

Willie Pep, talking to an old opponent years after each retired. "Do you recognize me?" the old opponent asked. Willie looked hard and considered before finally replying "Lie down so I can recognize you."

Mark Kaylor: "I'm concentrating so much I don't know what I'm doing half the time."

Willie Pastrano, when asked by the ring doctor if he knew where he was: "You're damn right I do. I'm in Madison Square Garden getting the sh*t knocked out of me."

Henry Cooper, replying to boxing abolitionist, Baroness Edith Summerskill, about the brutalities of his sport.
Baroness: "Mr. Cooper, have you looked in the mirror lately and seen the state of your nose?"
Cooper: "Well madam, have you looked in the mirror and seen the state of your nose? Boxing is my excuse. What's yours?"

Eddie Shaw, referring to Herol "Bomber" Graham : "He has turned defensive boxing into a poetic art. Trouble is, nobody ever knocked anybody out with a poem."

Mike Tyson, on writer Wallace Matthews: "(He) called me a 'rapist' and a 'recluse'. I'm not a recluse."

Harry Carpenter: "It's not one of Bruno's fastest wins... but it's one of them."

Mark Kaylor: "I've only ever seen Errol Christie fight once before and that was the best I've ever seen him fight."

Lou Duva, Veteran boxing trainer, on the spartan training regimen of heavyweight Andrew Golota: "He's a guy who gets up at six o'clock in the morning regardless of what time it is."

Randall "Tex" Cobb: "When I got up I stuck to my plan -- stumbling forward and getting hit in the face."

Blackie Sherrod, talking about a heavyweight contender: "He has everything a boxer needs except speed, stamina, a punch, and ability to take punishment. In other words, he owns a pair of shorts."

Max Barr, on Joe Louis: "He hit me 18 times while I was in the act of falling."

Harry Kabakoff, on Chango Cruz: "The bum was up and down so many times I thought he was an Otis elevator."

Terry Lawless: "He's standing there making a sitting target of himself."

Mike Tyson, to the Nevada State Athletic Commission: "I'm not Mother Teresa. But I'm also not Charles Manson."

Nick Wilshire: "I can only see it going one way, that's my way. How it's actually going to go I can't really say."

Tommy Farr: "Every time I hear the name Joe Louis my nose starts to bleed."

Dan Duva, on Mike Tyson hooking up again with promoter Don King: " Why would anyone expect him to come out smarter? He went to prison for three years, not Princeton."

Alan Massengale, after Don Zimmer got knocked down by Pedro Martinez in the playoffs and Evander Holyfield lost to James Toney.: "I felt sorry for Zimmer this weekend. Next time, if he wants to rumble, maybe he should pick on someone a little closer to his age. Evander Holyfield might be available."

Harry Carpenter: "Marvelous oriental pace he's got, just like a Buddhist statue."

Tex Cobb, responding to a reporter who said Cobb was a fat, cocaine snorting , drunk. Cobb replied: "I'm not fat.

Dan Duva, referring to whether or not he thought Mike Tyson would learn anything in prison: "He went to prison for three years, not Princeton."

Max Baer, when asked for his definition of fear: "Standing across the ring from Joe Louis and knowing he wants to go home early."

George Foreman: "The referee is the most important man in the ring besides the two fighters."

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Funny Boxing Quotes 2 Funny Boxing Quotes 2

Funny Boxing Quotes 2
Frank Bruno: "I was in a no-win situation, so I'm glad that I won rather than lost. " Marlon Starling: "I'll fight Lloyd Honeyghan for nothing if the price is right" Dennis Pennis: Have you ever thought of writing your autobiography? Chris Eubank: On what? Don King, on boxing's rating system: "When we started, it was based on lies. It's changing now. There are no secrets in the business. You've got to come with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It's becoming very confusing." Buddy McGirt, when he was asked by Gil Clancy who would win the up-coming fight

Muhammad Ali Quotes Muhammad Ali Quotes

Muhammad Ali Quotes
 "There's nothing wrong with getting knocked down, as long as you get right back up." When asked about his golf game: "I'm the best. I just haven't played yet."  "Howard Cosell was gonna be a boxer when he was a kid—only they couldn't find a mouthpiece big enough."  "I'm so mean I make medicine sick."  "It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up."  "At home I am a nice guy—but I don't want the world to know. Humble people, I've found, don't get very far."  "It's hard to be humble, when you're as great as I am."  "If they can