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Doctor, Doctor! Post by :48896 Category :Funny Stories Author :Unknown Date :April 2012 Read :4107

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Doctor, Doctor!

Doctor! Doctor! I think I'm shrinking!!
Now, now, now, settle down.....You'll just have to be a little patient.

Doctor, Doctor my son has swallowed my pen, what should I do?
Use a pencil until I get there

Doctor, Doctor I think I'm a bell?
Take these and if it doesn't help give me a ring!

Doctor, Doctor I think I'm suffering from Deja Vu!
Didn't I see you yesterday?

Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a pack of cards.
I'll deal with you later.

Doctor, Doctor Have you got something for a bad headache?
Of course. Just take this hammer and hit yourself in the head. Then you'll have a bad headache.

Doctor, Doctor I keep thinking there is two of me
One at a time please

Doctor, Doctor will this ointment clear up my spots?
I never make rash promises!

Doctor, Doctor I keep thinking I�m invisible
Who said that?

Doctor Doctor I feel like a racehorse.
Take one of these every 4 laps!

Doctor, Doctor I think I'm a dog.
How long have you felt like this?
Ever since I was a puppy!

Doctor, Doctor When I press with my finger here... it hurts, and here... it hurts, and here... and here... What do you think is wrong with me?
You have a broken finger!

Doctor Doctor I feel like biscuits!
What, you mean those square ones?
The ones you put butter on?
Oh, You're Crackers!

Doctor, Doctor I feel like a pair of curtains
Well pull yourself together then

Doctor, Doctor I snore so loud I keep myself awake
Sleep in another room then!

Doctor, doctor my baby's swallowed a bullet
Well don't point him at anyone until I get there!

Doctor, Doctor I'm becoming invisible.
Yes I can see you're not all there!

Doctor, Doctor I keep thinking I'm a frog
What's wrong with that
I think I'm going to croak

Doctor, Doctor I keep thinking I'm a vampire.
Necks please!

Doctor, Doctor my sister thinks she is a lift!
Well tell her to come in
I can't she doesn't stop at this floor!

Doctor, Doctor, everyone keeps ignoring me.
Next please!

Doctor, Doctor I keep thinking I'm a dog.
Sit on the couch and we will talk about it.
But I'm not allowed up on the couch!

Doctor, Doctor I'm a burglar!
Have you taken anything for it?

Doctor, Doctor I've lost my memory!
When did this happen?
When did what happen?

Doctor, Doctor I feel like a dog!

Doctor, Doctor I feel like a needle.
I see your point!

Doctor, Doctor You've got to help me - I just can't stop my hands shaking
Do you drink a lot?
Not really - I spill most of it!

Doctor, Doctor I think I'm a bridge
What's come over you?
Oh, two cars, a large truck and a coach.

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