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Al Gore's New Program Post by :pandoracon Category :Funny Stories Author :Unknown Date :April 2012 Read :2666

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Al Gore's New Program

Out of curiosity, Joe asked ''AL, I see you're a beer drinker, I am too! you see, we DO have something in common''

With a condescending voice, Al quipped, '' yes, of course we do Joe''

Joe then asked '' Al, why the 5 empty cans and all that cash''

Al gladly told Joe about his new program. '' Joe, since last month, I have decided to turn a new leaf and become a more accountable person, while at the same time rewarding myself for my efforts. Whenever I tell a lie, I drink a beer and put the can in this box''

''That's really impressive'', Joe replied, ''only 5 beer cans in a whole month, but tell me, where did all that cash come from''?

Without missing a beat, Al responded, ''Whenever the box gets full of beer cans, I take it down to the recycling center, you know how concerned I am about environmental issues'

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