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How We Kept The Day How We Kept The Day

How We Kept The Day
I.The great procession came up the street,With clatter of hoofs and tramp of feet;There was General Jones to guide the van,And Corporal Jinks, his right-hand man;And each was riding his high horse,And each had epaulettes, of course;And each had a sash of the bloodiest red,And each had a shako on his head;And each had a sword by his left side,And each had his mustache newly dyed;And that was the wayWe kept the day,The great, the grand, the glorious day,That gave us--Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!(With a battle or two, the histories say,)Our National Independence!II.The great procession came up the street,With loud da capo,... Poems - Post by : OysteinLund - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 3742

Up The Line Up The Line

Up The Line
Through blinding storm and clouds of night,We swiftly pushed our restless flight;With thundering hoof and warning neigh,We urged our steed upon his wayUp the line.Afar the lofty head-light gleamed;Afar the whistle shrieked and screamed;And glistening bright, and rising high,Our flakes of fire bestrewed the sky,Up the line.Adown the long, complaining track,Our wheels a message hurried back;And quivering through the rails ahead,Went news of our resistless tread,Up the line.The trees gave back our din and shout,And flung their shadow arms about;And shivering in their coats of gray,They heard us roaring far away,Up the line.The wailing storm came on apace,And dashed its tears... Poems - Post by : rcflyerbob - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 1439

Death-doomed Death-doomed

They're taking me to the gallows, mother--they mean to hang me high;They're going to gather round me there, and watch me till I die;All earthly joy has vanished now, and gone each mortal hope,--They'll draw a cap across my eyes, and round my neck a rope;The crazy mob will shout and groan--the priest will read a prayer,The drop will fall beneath my feet and leave me in the air.They think I murdered Allen Bayne; for so the Judge has said,And they'll hang me to the gallows, mother--hang me till I'm dead!The grass that grows in yonder meadow, the lambs that skip... Poems - Post by : rrainwater - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 2000

Autumn Days Autumn Days

Autumn Days
Yellow, mellow, ripened days,Sheltered in a golden coating;O'er the dreamy, listless haze,White and dainty cloudlets floating;Winking at the blushing trees,And the sombre, furrowed fallow;Smiling at the airy easeOf the southward-flying swallow.Sweet and smiling are thy ways,Beauteous, golden, Autumn days!Shivering, quivering, tearful days,Fretfully and sadly weeping;Dreading still, with anxious gaze,Icy fetters round thee creeping;O'er the cheerless, withered plain,Woefully and hoarsely calling;Pelting hail and drenching rainOn thy scanty vestments falling.Sad and mournful are thy ways,Grieving, wailing, Autumn days!(The end)Will Carleton's poem: Autumn Days... Poems - Post by : Greg124 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 2897

The Fading Flower The Fading Flower

The Fading Flower
There is a chillness in the air--A coldness in the smile of day;And e'en the sunbeam's crimson glareSeems shaded with a tinge of gray.Weary of journeys to and fro,The sun low creeps adown the sky;And on the shivering earth below,The long, cold shadows grimly lie.But there will fall a deeper shade,More chilling than the Autumn's breath:There is a flower that yet must fade,And yield its sweetness up to death.She sits upon the window-seat,Musing in mournful silence there,While on her brow the sunbeams meet,And dally with her golden hair.She gazes on the sea of lightThat overflows the western skies,Till her great soul... Poems - Post by : lechoad - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 2343

One And Two One And Two

One And Two
I.If you to me be cold,Or I be false to you,The world will go on, I think,Just as it used to do;The clouds will flirt with the moon,The sun will kiss the sea,The wind to the trees will whisper,And laugh at you and me;But the sun will not shine so bright,The clouds will not seem so white,To one, as they will to two;So I think you had better be kind,And I had best be true,And let the old love go on,Just as it used to do.II.If the whole of a page be read,If a book be finished through,Still the world may... Poems - Post by : winter - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 3717

Apples Growing Apples Growing

Apples Growing
Underneath an apple-treeSat a dame of comely seeming,With her work upon her knee,And her great eyes idly dreaming.O'er the harvest-acres bright,Came her husband's din of reaping;Near to her, an infant wightThrough the tangled grass was creeping.On the branches long and high,And the great green apples growing,Rested she her wandering eye,With a retrospective knowing."This," she said, "the shelter is,Where, when gay and raven-headed,I consented to be his,And our willing hearts were wedded."Laughing words and peals of mirth,Long are changed to grave endeavor;Sorrow's winds have swept to earthMany a blossomed hope forever.Thunder-heads have hovered o'er--Storms my path have chilled and shaded;Of the bloom... Poems - Post by : clickzone - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 1723

Apple-blossoms Apple-blossoms

Underneath an apple-treeSat a maiden and her lover;And the thoughts within her heYearned, in silence, to discover.Round them danced the sunbeams bright,Green the grass-lawn stretched before them;While the apple-blossoms whiteHung in rich profusion o'er them.Naught within her eyes he readThat would tell her mind unto him;Though their light, he after said,Quivered swiftly through and through him;Till at last his heart burst freeFrom the prayer with which 'twas laden,And he said, "When wilt thou beMine for evermore, fair maiden?""When," said she, "the breeze of MayWith white flakes our heads shall cover,I will be thy brideling gay--Thou shall be my husband-lover.""How," said he,... Poems - Post by : abbyco - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 3244

Our Army Of The Dead Our Army Of The Dead

Our Army Of The Dead
By the edge of the Atlantic the waves of Freedom roar,And the breezes of the ocean chant a requiem to the shore,On the Nation's eastern hill-tops its corner-stone was laid,On the mountains of New England our fathers toiled and prayed,Mid old Key-stone's rugged riches, which the miner's hand await,Mid the never-ceasing commerce of the busy Empire State,With the country's love and honor on each brave, devoted head,Is a band of noble heroes--is our Army of the Dead.On the lake-encircled homestead of the thriving Wolverine,On the beauteous Western prairies, with their carpeting of green,By the sweeping Mississippi, long our... Poems - Post by : fsamoggia - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 3751

The House Where We Were Wed The House Where We Were Wed

The House Where We Were Wed
I've been to the old farm-house, good-wife,Where you and I were wed;Where the love was born to our two heartsThat now lies cold and dead.Where a long-kept secret to you I told,In the yellow beams of the moon,And we forged our vows out of love's own gold,To be broken so soon, so soon!I passed through all the old rooms, good-wife;I wandered on and on;I followed the steps of a flitting ghost,The ghost of a love that is gone.And he led me out to the arbor, wife,Where with myrtles I twined your hair;And he seated me down on the old stone step,And... Poems - Post by : cw3849 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 3334

The Editor's Guests The Editor's Guests

The Editor's Guests
The Editor sat in his sanctum, his countenance furrowed with care,His mind at the bottom of business, his feet at the top of a chair,His chair-arm an elbow supporting, his right hand upholding his head,His eyes on his dusty old table, with different documents spread:There were thirty long pages from Howler, with underlined capitals topped,And a short disquisition from Growler, requesting his newspaper stopped;There were lyrics from Gusher, the poet, concerning sweet flow'rets and zephyrs,And a stray gem from Plodder, the farmer, describing a couple of heifers;There were billets from beautiful maidens, and bills from a grocer or two,And his best... Poems - Post by : sgplace - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 2608

The New Church Organ The New Church Organ

The New Church Organ
They 've got a brand-new organ, Sue,For all their fuss and search;They've done just as they said they'd do,And fetched it into church.They're bound the critter shall be seen,And on the preacher's rightThey've hoisted up their new machine,In every body's sight.They've got a chorister and choir,Ag'in' my voice and vote;For it was never my desire,To praise the Lord by note!I've been a sister good an' trueFor five-an'-thirty year;I've done what seemed my part to do,An' prayed my duty clear;I've sung the hymns both slow and quick,Just as the preacher read,And twice, when Deacon Tubbs was sick,I took the fork an' led!And... Poems - Post by : goodthng - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 1138

Out O' The Fire Out O' The Fire

Out O' The Fire
(As Told in 1880.)Year of '71, children, middle of the fall,On one fearful night, children, we well-nigh lost our all.True, it wa'n't no great sum we had to lose that night,But when a little's all you've got, it comes to a blessed sight.I was a mighty worker, in them 'ere difficult days,For work is a good investment, and almost always pays;But when ten years' hard labor went smokin' into the air.I doubted all o' the maxims, an' felt that it wasn't fair.Up from the East we had traveled, with all of our household wares,Where we had long been workin' a piece... Poems - Post by : Stanley - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 2390

Goin' Home To-day Goin' Home To-day

Goin' Home To-day
My business on the jury's done--the quibblin' all is through--I've watched the lawyers right and left, and give my verdict true;I stuck so long unto my chair, I thought I would grow in;And if I do not know myself, they'll get me there ag'in;But now the court's adjourned for good, and I have got my pay;I'm loose at last, and thank the Lord, I'm going home to-day.I've somehow felt uneasy like, since first day I come down;It is an awkward game to play the gentleman in town;And this 'ere Sunday suit of mine on Sunday rightly sets;But when I wear the... Poems - Post by : John_Pawlett - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 3021

Tom Was Goin' For A Poet Tom Was Goin' For A Poet

Tom Was Goin' For A Poet
The Farmer Discourses of his Son.Tom was goin' for a poet, an' said he'd a poet be;One of these long-haired fellers a feller hates to see;One of these chaps forever fixin' things cute and clever;Makin' the world in gen'ral step 'long to tune an' time,An' cuttin' the earth into slices an' saltin' it down into rhyme.Poets are good for somethin', so long as they stand at the head:But poetry's worth whatever it fetches in butter an' bread.An' many a time I've said it: it don't do a fellow credit,To starve with a hole in his elbow, an' be considered a fool,So... Poems - Post by : BEEMAN - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 3065

Uncle Sammy Uncle Sammy

Uncle Sammy
Some men were born for great things,Some were born for small;Some--it is not recordedWhy they were born at all;But Uncle Sammy was certain he had a legitimate call.Some were born with a talent,Some with scrip and land;Some with a spoon of silver,And some with a different brand;But Uncle Sammy came holding an argument in each hand.Arguments sprouted within him,And twinked in his little eye;He lay and calmly debatedWhen average babies cry,And seemed to be pondering gravely whether to live or to die.But prejudiced on that questionHe grew from day to day,And finally he concluded'Twas better for him to stay;And so into... Poems - Post by : pietmolenaar - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 2512

Over The Hill From The Poor-house Over The Hill From The Poor-house

Over The Hill From The Poor-house
I, who was always counted, they say,Rather a bad stick any way,Splintered all over with dodges and tricks,Known as "the worst of the Deacon's six;"I, the truant, saucy and bold,The one black sheep in my father's fold,"Once on a time," as the stories say,Went over the hill on a winter's day--Over the hill to the poor-house.Tom could save what twenty could earn;But givin' was somethin' he ne'er would learn;Isaac could half o' the Scriptur's speak--Committed a hundred verses a week;Never forgot, an' never slipped;But "Honor thy father and mother" he skipped;So over the hill to the poor-house.As for Susan, her heart... Poems - Post by : dartman - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 2423

Over The Hill To The Poor-house Over The Hill To The Poor-house

Over The Hill To The Poor-house
"OVER THE HILL TO THE POOR-HOUSE, I'M TRUDGIN' MY WEARY WAY."I, a woman of seventy, and only a trifle gray--I, who am smart an' chipper, for all the years I've told,As many another woman that's only half as old.Over the hill to the poor-house--I can't quite make it clear!Over the hill to the poor-house--it seems so horrid queer!Many a step I've taken a-toilin' to and fro,But this is a sort of journey I never thought to go.What is the use of heapin' on me a pauper's shame?Am I lazy or crazy? am I blind or lame?True, I am not so supple,... Poems - Post by : Mandane - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 5220

Out Of The Old House, Nancy Out Of The Old House, Nancy

Out Of The Old House, Nancy
Out of the old house, Nancy--moved up into the new;All the hurry and worry is just as good as through.Only a bounden duty remains for you and I--And that's to stand on the door-step, here, and bid theold house good-bye."AND BID THE OLD HOUSE GOOD-BYE."What a shell we've lived in, these nineteen or twenty years!Wonder it hadn't smashed in, and tumbled about our ears;Wonder it's stuck together, and answered till to-day;But every individual log was put up here to stay.Things looked rather new, though, when this old house was built;And things that blossomed you would've made some women wilt;And every other... Poems - Post by : professional-sh - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 2274

Johnny Rich Johnny Rich

Johnny Rich
Raise the light a little, Jim,For it's getting rather dim,And, with such a storm a-howlin', 'twill not do to douse the glim.Hustle down the curtains, Lu;Poke the fire a little, Su;This is somethin' of a flurry, mother, somethin' of a--whew!Goodness gracious, how it pours!How it beats ag'in the doors!You will have a hard one, Jimmy, when you go to do the chores!Do not overfeed the gray;Give a plenty to the bay;And be careful with your lantern when you go among the hay.See the horses have a bedWhen you've got 'em fairly fed;Feed the cows that's in the stable, and the sheep... Poems - Post by : henrymarty - Date : November 2011 - Author : Will Carleton - Read : 3847