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The Sculptor The Sculptor

The Sculptor
The dream fell on him one calm summer night, Stealing amid the waving of the corn, That waited, golden, for the harvest morn--The dream fell on him through the still moonlight.The land lay silent, and the new mown hay Rested upon it like a dreamy sleep; And stealing softly o'er each yellow heap,The night-breeze bore sweet incense-breath away.The dew lay thick upon the unstirr'd leaves; The glow-worm glisten'd brightly as he pass'd; The thrush still chaunted, but the swallows fastHied to their home beneath lone cottage eaves.He had been straying through the land that day,... Poems - Post by : maxfrenzi - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 2545

Orpheus Orpheus

About the land I wander, all forlorn,About the land, with sorrow-quenched eyes;Seeking my love among the silent woods;Seeking her by the fountains and the streams;Calling her name unto lone mountain tops;Sending it flying on the clouds to heaven.I drop my tears amid the dews at morn;I trouble all the night with prayers and sighs,That, like a veil thick set with golden stars,Hideth my woe, but cannot silence it;Yet never more at morning, noon, or night,Cometh there answer back, Eurydice,Thy voice speaks never more, Eurydice;O far, death-stricken, lost Eurydice!Hear'st thou my weary cries, Eurydice?Hearing, but answering not from out the past,Wrapp'd in... Poems - Post by : destiny911 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 2116

Floating Down The River Floating Down The River

Floating Down The River
My little bark glides steadily along, Still and unshaken as a summer dream; And never falls the oar into the stream,For 'tis but morning, and the current strong; So let the ripples bear me as they will;Sweet, sweet is Life, and every sound is song; Sorrow lies sleeping, and Joy sends me still Swift floating down the River.Bright shines the sun athwart the linden-trees; One little cloud alone steals o'er the sky, As o'er... Poems - Post by : musomax - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 3419

O Cloud So Golden, Stealing O'er The Sky (sonnet) O Cloud So Golden, Stealing O'er The Sky (sonnet)

O Cloud So Golden, Stealing O'er The Sky (sonnet)
O Cloud so golden, stealing o'er the sky,Like pensive thought across a virgin mind,Scarce sadder than the sunshine left behind;Would that o'er heaven with thee my soul could fly,Scanning Earth's beauty with a lover's eye,Tracing the waving waters and the woods,Their sleepy shades and silent solitudes,Where all the summer through I long to lie.O Cloud so golden stealing o'er the sky,Sail'd I within thy bosom o'er heaven's main,Methinks that, gazing downward on the glory,The liquid loveliness of sea and plain,Of mountain, isle, and leafy promontory,My soul would melt and fall again in rain.(The end)Walter R. Cassels's poem: O Cloud So Golden,... Poems - Post by : pcmarket - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 1541

A Night Scene A Night Scene

A Night Scene
The lights have faded from the little casement, As though her closing eyes had brought on night; And now she dreams--Ah! dreams supremely bright,While silence reigns around from roof to basement. And slow the moon is mounting up the sky,Drawing Heaven's myriads in her queenly train, Flinging rich largesse, as she passes by,Of beauty freely over hill and plain.Around the lattice creep the pure white roses, And one light bough rests gently on the pane, The diamond pane, through which the angel trainGaze on the sister saint who there reposes; The moonlight silvers softly... Poems - Post by : ebiz96 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 3604

To My Dream-love To My Dream-love

To My Dream-love
Where art thou, oh! my Beautiful? Afar I seek thee sadly, till the day is done, And o'er the splendour of the setting sun,Cold, calm, and silvery, floats the evening star; Where art thou? Ah! where art thou, hid in light That haunts me, yet still wraps thee from my sight?Not wholly--ah! not wholly--still Love's eyes Trace thy dim beauty through the mystic veil, Like the young moon that glimmers faint and pale,At noontide through the sun-web of the skies; But ah! I ope mine arms, and thou art gone, And only Memory... Poems - Post by : morse - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 3009

A Dirge A Dirge

A Dirge
Winds are sighing round the drooping eaves; Sadly float the midnight hours away;Dun and grey athwart the ivy-leaves, Fall the first pale chilly tints of day, Ah me! the weary, weary tints of day.Soon the darkness will be past and gone; Soon the silence spread its noiseless wing;Sleep will strike its tent and hurry on; Life commence its weary wandering, Ah me! its weary, weary wandering.Not the sighing of my lonely heart, Not the heavy grief-clouds hanging o'er,Not its silence can with night depart: Gloom hangs o'er it ever, evermore, Ah me!... Poems - Post by : yahooman - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 3427

At Eventide At Eventide

At Eventide
The day fades fast;And backward ebbs the tide of lightFrom the far hills in billows bright, Scattering foam, as they sweep past,O'er the low clouds that bank the sky,And barrier day off solemnly. Above the landGrey shadows stretch out, still and cold,Flinging o'er water, wood, and wold, Mysterious shapes, whose ghastly hand Presses down sorrow on the heart,And silence on the lips that part. The dew-mist broodsHeavy and low o'er field and fen,Like gloom above the souls of men; And through the forest solitudesThe fitful night-wind rustles by,Breathing many a wailing... Poems - Post by : capjoe - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 1939

Guy Of Warwick Guy Of Warwick

Guy Of Warwick
AN EPISODE.Autumn went faintly flying o'er the land,Trailing her golden hair along the West,Weeping to find her waving fields despoil'd,Her yellow leaves all floating on the wind:And Winter grim came stalking from the North.Around the coast rough blasts began to blow,And toss the seas about in giant sport,Lurking without to catch unwary sails,And snap their bellying seams against the mast.So Guy lay idly waiting in the port,Gazing out eastward through the stormy mist,Gazing out eastward morn and closing eve,Seeking some break amid the hurtling clouds.But many days the same wind strongly blew,Keeping his bark close moor'd within the bay,Jerking the cable,... Poems - Post by : nursebizowner - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 2130

The Days Are Past, The Days Are Past (song) The Days Are Past, The Days Are Past (song)

The Days Are Past, The Days Are Past (song)
The days are past, the days are past, When we did meet, my love and I;And youthful joys are fading fast, Like radiant angels up the sky;But still with every dawning day Come back the blessed thoughts of old,Like sunshine in a morn of May, To keep the heart from growing cold.The flowers are gone, the leaves are shed, That waved about us as we stray'd;And many a bird for aye has fled, That chaunted to us from the glade;Yet every leaf and flower that springs In beauty round the ripening year,And every summer... Poems - Post by : petermb - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 2314

Vulcan Vulcan

From the darksome earth-mine lifted, From the clay and from the rock Loosen'd out with many a shock;Slowly from the clay-dross sifted, Molten in the fire bright-burning, Ever purer, whiter turning--Ho! the anvil, cool and steady,For the soften'd rod make ready!Blow, thou wind, upon the flame, Raise it ever higher, hotter, Till, like clay before the potter,Soft become the iron frame, Bending at the worker's will, All his purpose to fulfil--Ho! the fire-purged rod is readyFor the anvil, cool and steady!At each stroke the sparks fly brightly Upward from the glowing mass;... Poems - Post by : DGrasser - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 1940

Years Ago Years Ago

Years Ago
This day it was--Ah! years ago,Long years ago, when first we met;When first her voice thrill'd through my heart,Aeolian-sweet, thrill'd through my heart; And glances from her soft brown eyes, Like gleamings out of Paradise,Shone on my heart, and made it brightWith fulness of celestial light;This day it seems--this day--and yet, Ah! years ago--long years ago. This day it was--Ah! years ago,Long years ago, when first I knewHow all her beauty fill'd my soul,With mystic glory fill'd my soul; And every word and smile she gave, Like motions of a sunlit wave,Rock'd me with divine... Poems - Post by : kathy_franklin - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 3298

The Golden Water The Golden Water

The Golden Water
(It is scarcely necessary to say that the following fragment is founded upon the beautiful, and well-known tale in the "Arabian Nights," entitled, "The two Sisters who were jealous of their younger Sister;" and the reader need only be reminded that the two brothers of Perizade, Bahman and Perviz, had previously gone in search of the treasures described by the Devotee, and had perished in the attempt,--the fate of the latter having just been intimated to her at the commencement of this episode, by the fixture of the pearls in the magic chaplet, which Perviz had left her for that purpose.)... Poems - Post by : fhucks - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 3680

Orion Orion

"A hunter of shadows, himself a shade."--HOMER.Oh! weary sleeper by the lone sea-shore, Where billows toil for ever 'mid the rocks, Scourged on by winds in stormy equinox,Rise! rise in haste, or slumber evermore! The stern Earth calls thee, and the Ocean mocks; Roll thy poor sightless orbs about the sky, Through tears of blind and powerless agony;Rise! rise in haste, or slumber evermore!Ay! blind I stand beside the lone sea-shore; Hearing the mighty murmur of the waves, Shaking with giant arms earth's architraves,Scaling the riven cloud-crags bald and boar, Surging hoarse secrets... Poems - Post by : EquityChampions - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 2404

Father And Son Father And Son

Father And Son
The King call'd forth his first-born, and took him by the hand,"Come! boy, and see the people you must soon command:A bold and stalwart nation, dauntless in the fight,Strong as an iron buckler to guard their monarch's right."Then the trumpets sounded, and his vassals came,Gather'd round his banner, loudly rang his name;Clash'd their burnish'd targets, waved their flashing steelA goodly gath'ring look'd they, arm'd from head to heel."Child! my heart beats proudly, now I feel a king,As I look around me on this martial ring;There I see the sinews that support a state,There I see the strength that makes a monarch... Poems - Post by : gregburton - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 2188

The Olden Time The Olden Time

The Olden Time
O! well I mind the olden time, The sweet, sweet olden time;When I did long for eve all day, And watch'd upon the new-mown grass The shadows slowly eastward pass,And o'er the meadows glide away, Till I could steal, with heart elate, Unto the little cottage-gate,In the sweet, sweet olden time.O! well I mind the olden time, The sweet, sweet olden time;How all the night I long'd for morn, And bless'd the thrush whose early note The silver chords of silence smoteWith greetings to the day new-born; For then again, with heart... Poems - Post by : keywordguru - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 2001

The Land's End The Land's End

The Land's End
I stood on the Land's End, alone and still. Man might have been unmade, for no frail trace Of mortal labour startled the wild place,And only sea-mews with their wailing shrill, Circled beneath me over the dark sea,Flashing the waves with pinions snowy white,That glimmer'd faintly in the gloomy light Betwixt the foaming furrows constantly.It was a mighty cape, that proudly rose Above the world of waters, high and steep, With many a scar and fissure fathoms deep,Upon whose ledges lodged the endless snows; A noble brow to a firm-founded world, That at... Poems - Post by : Deftone - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 1920

A Conceit A Conceit

A Conceit
The Grey-beard Winter sat alone and still, Locking his treasures in the flinty earth;And like a miser comfortless and chill, Frown'd upon pleasure and rejected mirth;But Spring came, gentle Spring, the young, the fair, And with her smiles subdued his frosty heart,So that for very joy to see her there, His soul, relenting, play'd the lover's part;And nought could bring too lovely or too sweet, To lavish on the bright Evangel's head;No flowers too radiant for her tender feet; No joys too blissful o'er her life to shed.And thus the land became a Paradise,... Poems - Post by : DRWhaley - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 1792

Memnon Memnon

Hot blows the wild simoom across the waste, The desert waste, amid the dreary sand, With fiery breath swift burning up the land,O'er the scared pilgrim, speeding on in haste, Hurling fierce death-drifts with broad-scorching hand.O weary Wilderness! No shady tree To spread its arms around the fainting soul; No spring to sparkle in the parched bowl;No refuge in the drear immensity,Where lies the Past, wreck'd 'neath a sandy sea, Where o'er its glories blighting billows roll.Ho! Sea, yield up thy buried dead again; Heave back thy waves, and let the Past arise;... Poems - Post by : xpress - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 3840

The Passage-birds The Passage-birds

The Passage-birds
Far, far away, over land and sea,When Winter comes with his cold, cold breath,And chills the flowers to the sleep of death, Far, far away over land and sea,Like a band of spirits the Passage-birds flee.Round the old grey spire in the evening calm, No more they circle in sportive glee,Hearing the hum of the vesper psalm,And the swell of the organ so far below; But far, far away, over land and sea,In the still mid-air the swift Passage-birds go. Over the earth that is scarcely seen Through the curtain of vapour that waves between,O'er city... Poems - Post by : feministchick76 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Walter R. Cassels - Read : 4018