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Life Is Lovely All The Year Life Is Lovely All The Year

Life Is Lovely All The Year
When the buds are blossoming,Smiling welcome to the spring,Lovers choose a wedding day -Life is love in merry May!Spring is green - Fal lal la!Summer's rose - Fal lal la!It is sad when Summer goes,Fal la!Autumn's gold - Fal lal la!Winter's grey - Fal lal la!Winter still is far away -Fal la!Leaves in Autumn fade and fall;Winter is the end of all.Spring and summer teem with glee:Spring and summer, then, for me!Fal la!In the Spring-time seed is sown:In the Summer grass is mown:In the Autumn you may reap:Winter is the time for sleep.Spring is hope - Fal lal la!Summer's joy -... Poems - Post by : commish - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 1019

The Ghosts' High Noon The Ghosts' High Noon

The Ghosts' High Noon
When the night wind howls in the chimney cowls, and the bat in the moonlight flies, And inky clouds, like funeral shrouds, sail over the midnight skies- When the footpads quail at the night-bird's wail, and black dogs bay the moon, Then is the spectres' holiday - then is the ghosts' high noon! As the sob of the breeze sweeps over the trees, and the mists lie low on the fen, From grey tombstones are gathered the bones that once were women and men, And away they go, with a mop and a mow, to the revel that ends too soon,... Poems - Post by : goodoldoug - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 2343

The Mighty Must The Mighty Must

The Mighty Must
Come mighty Must!Inevitable Shall!In thee I trust.Time weaves my coronal!Go mocking Is!Go disappointing Was!That I am thisYe are the cursed cause!Yet humble Second shall be First,I ween;And dead and buried be the curstHas Been!Oh weak Might Be!Oh May, Might, Could, Would, Should!How powerless yeFor evil or for good!In every senseYour moods I cheerless call,Whate'er your tenseYe are Imperfect, all!Ye have deceived the trust I've shownIn ye!Away! The Mighty Must aloneShall be!(The end)W. S. Gilbert's poem: The Mighty Must... Poems - Post by : drscot - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 3150

Solatium Solatium

Comes the broken flower -Comes the cheated maid -Though the tempest lower,Rain and cloud will fade!Take, O maid, these posies:Though thy beauty rareShame the blushing roses,They are passing fair!Wear the flowers till they fade;Happy be thy life, O maid!O'er the season vernal,Time may cast a shade;Sunshine, if eternal,Makes the roses fade:Time may do his duty;Let the thief alone -Winter hath a beautyThat is all his own.Fairest days are sun and shade:Happy be thy life, O maid!(The end)W. S. Gilbert's poem: Solatium... Poems - Post by : sk1442 - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 2744

Blue Blood Blue Blood

Blue Blood
Spurn not the nobly bornWith love affected,Nor treat with virtuous scornThe well connected.High rank involves no shame -We boast an equal claimWith him of humble nameTo be respected!Blue blood! Blue blood!When virtuous love is sought,Thy power is naught,Though dating from the Flood,Blue blood!Spare us the bitter painOf stern denials,Nor with low-born disdainAugment our trials.Hearts just as pure and fairMay beat in Belgrave SquareAs in the lowly airOf Seven Dials!Blue blood! Blue blood!Of what avail art thouTo serve me now?Though dating from the Flood,Blue blood!(The end)W. S. Gilbert's poem: Blue Blood... Poems - Post by : jimmybell - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 1153

Ah Me! Ah Me!

Ah Me!
When maiden loves, she sits and sighs,She wanders to and fro;Unbidden tear-drops fill her eyes,And to all questions she replies,With a sad heigho!'Tis but a little word - "heigho!"So soft, 'tis scarcely heard - "heigho!"An idle breath -Yet life and deathMay hang upon a maid's "heigho!"When maiden loves, she mopes apart,As owl mopes on a tree;Although she keenly feels the smart,She cannot tell what ails her heart,With its sad "Ah me!"'Tis but a foolish sigh - "Ah me!"Born but to droop and die - "Ah me!"Yet all the senseOf eloquenceLies hidden in a maid's "Ah me!"(The end)W. S. Gilbert's poem: Ah... Poems - Post by : vaima - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 3337

The Fickle Breeze The Fickle Breeze

The Fickle Breeze
Sighing softly to the riverComes the loving breeze,Setting nature all a-quiver,Rustling through the trees!And the brook in rippling measureLaughs for very love,While the poplars, in their pleasure,Wave their arms above!River, river, little river,May thy loving prosper ever.Heaven speed thee, poplar tree,May thy wooing happy be!Yet, the breeze is but a rover,When he wings away,Brook and poplar mourn a lover!Sighing well-a-day!Ah, the doing and undoingThat the rogue could tell!When the breeze is out a-wooing,Who can woo so well?Pretty brook, thy dream is over,For thy love is but a rover!Sad the lot of poplar trees,Courted by the fickle breeze!(The end)W. S. Gilbert's poem:... Poems - Post by : kkcat - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 3463

A Man Who Would Woo A Fair Maid A Man Who Would Woo A Fair Maid

A Man Who Would Woo A Fair Maid
A man who would woo a fair maid,Should 'prentice himself to the trade;And study all day,In methodical way,How to flatter, cajole, and persuade.He should 'prentice himself at fourteenAnd practise from morning to e'en;And when he's of age,If he will, I'll engage,He may capture the heart of a queen!It is purely a matter of skill,Which all may attain if they will:But every JackHe must study the knackIf he wants to make sure of his Jill!If he's made the best use of his time,His twig he'll so carefully limeThat every birdWill come down at his word.Whatever its plumage and clime.He must learn that... Poems - Post by : academy - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 1784

The Susceptible Chancellor The Susceptible Chancellor

The Susceptible Chancellor
The law is the true embodimentOf everything that's excellent.It has no kind of fault or flaw,And I, my lords, embody the Law.The constitutional guardian IOf pretty young Wards in Chancery,All very agreeable girls - and noneIs over the age of twenty-one.A pleasant occupation forA rather susceptible Chancellor!But though the compliment impliedInflates me with legitimate pride,It nevertheless can't be deniedThat it has its inconvenient side.For I'm not so old, and not so plain,And I'm quite prepared to marry again,But there'd be the deuce to pay in the LordsIf I fell in love with one of my Wards:Which rather tries my temper, forI'm... Poems - Post by : mylife - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 3323

The Merryman And His Maid The Merryman And His Maid

The Merryman And His Maid
(HE) I have a song to sing, O!(SHE) Sing me your song, O!(HE) It is sung to the moonBy a love-lorn loon,Who fled from the mocking throng, O!It's the song of a merryman, moping mum,Whose soul was sad, whose glance was glum,Who sipped no sup, and who craved no crumb,As he sighed for the love of a ladye.Heighdy! heighdy!Misery me - lackadaydee!He sipped no sup, and he craved no crumb,As he sighed for the love of a ladye!(SHE) I have a song to sing, O!(HE) Sing me your song, O!(SHE) It is sung with the... Poems - Post by : sharyn - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 2166

The Duke And The Duchess The Duke And The Duchess

The Duke And The Duchess
(THE DUKE.)Small titles and ordersFor Mayors and RecordersI get - and they're highly delighted.M.P.s baronetted,Sham Colonels gazetted,And second-rate Aldermen knighted.Foundation-stone layingI find very paying,It adds a large sum to my makings.At charity dinnersThe best of speech-spinners,I get ten per cent on the takings!(THE DUCHESS.)I present any ladyWhose conduct is shadyOr smacking of doubtful propriety;When Virtue would quash herI take and whitewash herAnd launch her in first-rate society.I recommend acresOf clumsy dressmakers -Their fit and their finishing touches;A sum in additionThey pay for permissionTo say that they make for the Duchess!(THE DUKE.)Those pressing prevailers,The ready-made tailors,Quote me as their great double-barrel;I allow... Poems - Post by : Stuart - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 723

The Fairy Queen's Song The Fairy Queen's Song

The Fairy Queen's Song
Oh, foolish fay,Think you becauseMan's brave arrayMy bosom thawsI'd disobeyOur fairy laws?Because I flyIn realms above,In tendencyTo fall in loveResemble IThe amorous dove?Oh, amorous dove!Type of Ovidius Naso!This heart of mineIs soft as thine,Although I dare not say so!On fire that glowsWith heat intenseI turn the hoseOf Common Sense,And out it goesAt small expense!We must maintainOur fairy law;That is the mainOn which to draw -In that we gainA Captain Shaw.Oh, Captain Shaw!Type of true love kept under!Could thy BrigadeWith cold cascadeQuench my great love, I wonder!(The end)W. S. Gilbert's poem: The Fairy Queen's Song... Poems - Post by : webstuff2u03 - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 2991

Angela, An Inverted Love Story Angela, An Inverted Love Story

Angela, An Inverted Love Story
(The Century Magazine, September 1890) I am a poor paralysed fellow who, for many years past, has been confined to a bed or a sofa. For the last six years I have occupied a small room, giving on to one of the side canals of Venice, and having no one about me but a deaf old woman, who makes my bed and attends to my food; and there I eke out a poor income of about thirty pounds a year by making water-colour drawings of flowers and fruit (they are the cheapest models in Venice), and these I send to a... Short Stories - Post by : jasoncox - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 3425

Etiquette Etiquette

The Ballyshannon foundered off the coast of Cariboo,And down in fathoms many went the captain and the crew;Down went the owners--greedy men whom hope of gain allured:Oh, dry the starting tear, for they were heavily insured.Besides the captain and the mate, the owners and the crew,The passengers were also drowned excepting only two:Young PETER GRAY, who tasted teas for BAKER, CROOP, AND CO.,And SOMERS, who from Eastern shores imported indigo.These passengers, by reason of their clinging to a mast,Upon a desert island were eventually cast.They hunted for their meals, as ALEXANDER SELKIRK used,But they couldn't chat together--they had not been introduced.For... Poems - Post by : worldmo - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 2907

Hongree And Mahry. A Recollection Of A Surrey Melodrama Hongree And Mahry. A Recollection Of A Surrey Melodrama

Hongree And Mahry. A Recollection Of A Surrey Melodrama
The sun was setting in its wonted west,When HONGREE, Sub-Lieutenant of Chassoores,Met MAHRY DAUBIGNY, the Village Rose,Under the Wizard's Oak--old trysting-placeOf those who loved in rosy Aquitaine.They thought themselves unwatched, but they were not;For HONGREE, Sub-Lieutenant of Chassoores,Found in LIEUTENANT-COLONEL JOOLES DUBOSCA rival, envious and unscrupulous,Who thought it not foul scorn to dodge his steps,And listen, unperceived, to all that passedBetween the simple little Village RoseAnd HONGREE, Sub-Lieutenant of Chassoores.A clumsy barrack-bully was DUBOSC,Quite unfamiliar with the well-bred tactThat animates a proper gentlemanIn dealing with a girl of humble rank.You'll understand his coarseness when I sayHe would have married MAHRY DAUBIGNY,And... Poems - Post by : EazyNetBiz - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 2217

The Way Of Wooing The Way Of Wooing

The Way Of Wooing
A maiden sat at her window wide,Pretty enough for a Prince's bride,Yet nobody came to claim her.She sat like a beautiful picture there,With pretty bluebells and roses fair,And jasmine-leaves to frame her.And why she sat there nobody knows;But this she sang as she plucked a rose,The leaves around her strewing:"I've time to lose and power to choose;'T is not so much the gallant who woos,But the gallant's WAY of wooing!"A lover came riding by awhile,A wealthy lover was he, whose smileSome maids would value greatly--A formal lover, who bowed and bent,With many a high-flown compliment,And cold demeanour stately,"You've still," said she... Poems - Post by : jdavis - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 2462

The Fairy Curate The Fairy Curate

The Fairy Curate
Once a fairyLight and airyMarried with a mortal;Men, however,Never, neverPass the fairy portal.Slyly stealing,She to EalingMade a daily journey;There she found him,Clients round him(He was an attorney).Long they tarried,Then they married.When the ceremonyOnce was ended,Off they wendedOn their moon of honey.Twelvemonth, maybe,Saw a baby(Friends performed an orgie).Much they prized him,And baptized himBy the name of GEORGIE,GEORGIE grew up;Then he flew upTo his fairy mother.Happy meeting--Pleasant greeting--Kissing one another."Choose a callingMost enthralling,I sincerely urge ye.""Mother," said he(Rev'rence made he),"I would join the clergy."Give permissionIn addition--Pa will let me do it:There's a livingIn his giving--He'll appoint me to it.Dreams of coff'ring,Easter off'ring,Tithe and... Poems - Post by : TonyNorton - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 861

Phrenology Phrenology

"Come, collar this bad man--Around the throat he knotted meTill I to choke began--In point of fact, garotted me!"So spake SIR HERBERT WRITETo JAMES, Policeman Thirty-two--All ruffled with his fightSIR HERBERT was, and dirty too.Policeman nothing said(Though he had much to say on it),But from the bad man's headHe took the cap that lay on it."No, great SIR HERBERT WHITE--Impossible to take him up.This man is honest quite--Wherever did you rake him up?"For Burglars, Thieves, and Co.,Indeed, I'm no apologist,But I, some years ago,Assisted a Phrenologist."Observe his various bumps,His head as I uncover it:His morals lie in lumpsAll round about and... Poems - Post by : charmaine - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 3254

The Cunning Woman The Cunning Woman

The Cunning Woman
On all Arcadia's sunny plain,On all Arcadia's hill,None were so blithe as BILL and JANE,So blithe as JANE and BILL.No social earthquake e'er occurredTo rack their common mind:To them a Panic was a word--A Crisis, empty wind.No Stock Exchange disturbed the ladWith overwhelming shocks--BILL ploughed with all the shares he had,JANE planted all her stocks.And learn in what a simple wayTheir pleasures they enhanced--JANE danced like any lamb all day,BILL piped as well as danced.Surrounded by a twittling crew,Of linnet, lark, and thrush,BILL treated his young lady toThis sentimental gush:"Oh, JANE, how true I am to you!How true you are to... Poems - Post by : joshuanoel - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 3305

The Mystic Selvagee The Mystic Selvagee

The Mystic Selvagee
Perhaps already you may knowSIR BLENNERHASSET PORTICO?A Captain in the Navy, he--A Baronet and K.C.B.You do? I thought so!It was that Captain's favourite whim(A notion not confined to him)That RODNEY was the greatest tarWho ever wielded capstan-bar.He had been taught so."BENBOW! CORNWALLIS! HOOD!--Belay!Compared with RODNEY"--he would say--"No other tar is worth a rap!The great LORD RODNEY was the chapThe French to polish! "Though, mind you, I respect LORD HOOD;CORNWALLIS, too, was rather good;BENBOW could enemies repel,LORD NELSON, too, was pretty well--That is, tol-lol-ish!"SIR BLENNERHASSET spent his daysIn learning RODNEY'S little ways,And closely imitated, too,His mode of talking to... Poems - Post by : paulhkhsu - Date : September 2011 - Author : W. S. Gilbert - Read : 3496