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A Pagan Prayer A Pagan Prayer

A Pagan Prayer
Lord of all Life! When my hours are done, Take me and make me anew--And give me back to the earth and the sun, And the sky's unlimited blue.The nightingale sings in an ecstasy To the moonlit April night,But my songs are locked in the heart of me, Like birds that may not take flight.The little purple-winged swallows that fly Through waves of the upper air,Have a sweeter liberty, Lord, than I, Who may not follow them there.Pavilions of sunshine--tents of the rain, For these, the wild and the free;And for us walled... Poems - Post by : Versa - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 3157

In Egypt In Egypt

In Egypt
It was the Angel Azrael the Lord God sent below At midnight, into every house in Egypt, long ago-- 0 long, and long ago.All day the wife of Pharaoh had paced the palace hall Or the long white pillared court that was open to the sky;A passion of wild restlessness ensnared her in its thrall While she fought a fear within her--a thing that would not die.She had sent away her maidens--their weeping vexed her ears-- Their pallid faces filled her with impatient pitying scorn;--But she kept one time-worn woman, who long had outgrown... Poems - Post by : geoall28 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 2458

Jean De Breboeuf Jean De Breboeuf

Jean De Breboeuf
Jean de Breboeuf, a priest of the Jesuit Order, came to Canada as a missionary to the Indians about the year 1625. He belonged to an old and honourable French family that had given many sons to the army, and was a man of great physical strength, one who possessed an iron will, that was yet combined with sweetness and gentleness of temper. He lived with the Indians for many years, and spoke the dialects of different tribes, though his mission was chiefly to the Hurons. By them he was much beloved. At the time of the uprising of the... Poems - Post by : Hammie - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 2921

Sir Henry Irving Sir Henry Irving

Sir Henry Irving
"Thou trumpet made for Shakespeare's lips to blow!"No more for thee the music and the lights, Thy magic may no more win smile nor frown;For thee, 0 dear interpreter of dreams, The curtain hath rung down.No more the sea of faces, turned to thine, Swayed by impassioned word and breathless pause;No more the triumph of thine art--no more The thunder of applause.No more for thee the maddening, mystic bells, The haunting horror--and the falling snow;No more of Shylock's fury, and no more The Prince of Denmark's woe.Not once again the fret of heart and soul,... Poems - Post by : SiteHunt - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 1778

Heaven Heaven

Not with the haloed saints would Heaven be For such as I;Who have not reached to their serenity So sweet and high.Not with the martyrs washed by holy flame Could I find place,For they are victors who through glory came To see God's face.Not with the perfect souls that enter there Could mine abide,For clouded eyes from eyes all cloudless fair 'Twere best to hide.And not for me the wondrous streets of gold Or crystal sea--I only know the brown earth, worn and old, Where sinners be.Unless I found those who to me... Poems - Post by : hearthstyle - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 3139

Don Cupid Don Cupid

Don Cupid
Oh! little pink and white god of love, With your tender smiling mouth,And eyes as blue as the blue above, Afar in the sunny south.No army e'er laid so many low Or wounded so many hearts,No mighty gunner e'er wrought such woe As you with your feathered darts.(The end)Virna Sheard's poem: Don Cupid... Poems - Post by : happyroy - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 1756

The Common-wealth The Common-wealth

The Common-wealth
Give thanks, my soul, for the things that are free!The blue of the sky, the shade of a tree,And the unowned leagues of the shining sea.Be grateful, my heart, for everyman's gold;By road-way and river and hill unfoldSun-coloured blossoms that never are sold.For the little joys sometimes say a grace;The scent of a rose, the frost's fairy lace,Or the sound of the rain in a quiet place.Be glad of what cannot be bought or beguiled;The trust of the tameless, the fearless, the wild,The song of a bird and the faith of a child.For prairie and mountain, windswept and high,For betiding beauty... Poems - Post by : wildflower_fan - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 1501

At Dawn At Dawn

At Dawn
Turn to thy window in the silver hour That day comes stepping down the hills of night,Infolded as the leaves infold a flower By all her rose-leaf robes of misty light.Then, like a joy born out of blackest sorrow, The miracle of morning seems to say,"There is no night without its dear to-morrow, No lonely dark that does not find the day."(The end)Virna Sheard's poem: At Dawn... Poems - Post by : Harald - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 3639

The Sea-shell The Sea-shell

The Sea-shell
Oh, fairy palace of pink and pearlFrescoed with filigree silver-white, Down in the silence beneath the sea God by Himself must have fashioned theeJust for His own delight!But no!--For a dumb and shapeless thingStirring in darkness its little hour, Thy walls were built with infinite care, Thou sea-scented home, so fine and fair,Perfect--and like a flower!(The end)Virna Sheard's poem: Sea-Shell... Poems - Post by : Dr.Mike - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 3303

The Toast The Toast

The Toast
A toast to thee, 0 dear old year, While the last moments fly,A toast to thy sweet memory-- We'll lift the glasses high,And bid to thee a fond farewell As thou art passing by!A toast to those who reaped success In this good year of grace;A toast to every one of them-- Come! Give the victors place!Come, wish them well with right good will-- The winners in the race!And one toast more! To those who failed Wherever they may be;--With faces white they fought the fight, But missed the victory;So here's... Poems - Post by : shudek - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 3512

The Request The Request

The Request
(To E. M.)Sing me a song--a song to ease old sorrows, And dull the edge of care--A song of Hope to ring through all the morrows That be my share.Unlock the doors where joy hath been in hiding, Though barred they be and strong,And send black grief far down the wind a-riding-- Sing me a song.Sing thou thy sky-lark song of sweetest daring, And April ecstasy,That I may follow it and go a-faring To Arcady.Charm sleep from out the shadows with thy singing, And when the light turns grey,Leave me bright dreams until the... Poems - Post by : Peter_Schaible - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 4286

Gulls Gulls

When the mist drives past and the wind blows high, And the harbour lights are dim--See where they circle, and dip and fly,The grey free-lances of wind and sky, To the water's distant rim!Like spirits possessed of a fierce delight, A courage that cannot fail,They face the breakers--they face the night--The mad storm-horses are silvery white, They ride through the bitter gale!They seem like the souls of the long, long lost, Who breasted the ocean-main--Vikings whose vessels were tempest-tossed,Voyagers who sailed, whatever the cost, And never came home again.Or stranger and wilder fancy--it seems... Poems - Post by : stacyperez - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 1138

The Harp The Harp

The Harp
Across the wind-swept spaces of the skyThe harp of all the world is hung on high,And through its shining strings the swallows fly.The little silver fingers of the rainOft touch it softly to a low refrain,That all day long comes o'er and o'er again.And when the storms of God above it roll,The mighty wind awakes its sleeping soulTo songs of wild delight or bitter dole.And through the quiet night, as faint and farAs melody down-drifted from a star,Trembles strange music where those harp-strings are.But only flying words of joy and woe,Caught from the restless earth-bound souls below,Over the vibrant wires ebb... Poems - Post by : BlueLark - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 1928

Paeans Paeans

Oh! I will hold fast to Joy! I will not let him depart--He shall close his beautiful rainbow wings And sing his song in my heart.And I will live with Delight! I will know what the children knowWhen they dance along with the April wind To find where the catkins grow!I will dream the old, old dreams, And look for pixie and fayIn shadowy woods--and out on the hills-- As we did but yesterday.Love I will keep in my soul-- Ay! even by lock and key!There is nothing to fear in all of the... Poems - Post by : skynote - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 2072

April April

April! April! April! With a mist of green on the trees--And a scent of the warm brown broken earth On every wandering breeze;What, though thou be changeful, Though thy gold turns to grey again,There's a robin out yonder singing, Singing in the rain. April! April! April! 'Tis the Northland hath longed for thee,She hath gazed toward the South with aching eyes Full long and patiently.Come now--tell us, sweeting, Thou laggard so lovely and late,Dost know there's no joy like the joy that comes When hearts have learned to wait?(The end)Virna... Poems - Post by : Jeremiah - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 1524

The Lilacs The Lilacs

The Lilacs
In lonely gardens deserted--unseen-- Oh! lovely lilacs of purple and white,You are dipping down through a mist of green; For the morning sun's delight.And the velvet bee, all belted with black, Drinks deep of the wine which your flagons hold,Clings close to your plumes while he fills his pack With a load of burnished gold.You hide the fences with blossoms of snow, And sweeten the shade of castle towers;Over low, grey gables you brightly blow, Like amethysts turned to flowers.The tramp on the highway--ragged and bold-- Wears you close to his heart with jaunty... Poems - Post by : sam0010 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 3609

November November

How like a hooded friar, bent and grey,Whose pensive lips speak only when they prayDoth sad November pass upon his way.Through forest aisles while the wind chanteth low--In God's cathedral where the great trees grow,Now all day long he paceth to and fro.When shadows gather and the night-mists rise,Up to the hills he lifts his sombre eyesTo where the last red rose of sunset lies.A little smile he weareth, wise and cold,The smile of one to whom all things are old,And life is weary, as a tale twice told."Come see," he seems to say--"where joy has fled--The leaves that burned but... Poems - Post by : stacy - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 2621

Saints Saints

The Saints of Thy great Church, 0 Christ, How vast their numbers be--On holy page and ancient scroll Their blessed names we see,And from the painted window panes They smile eternally.Rope-girdled monk, and pallid maid, And men who for Thy crossFought with the Saracen of old, Counting their lives no loss--Martyrs who rose through golden flames, Free of the body's dross.Yet there be Saints uncanonised, Unrecognised, unknown--Here on the common roads of earth, Oft times they walk alone;Saints whom no soul hath ever praised, Saints whom no Church doth own.Men who against... Poems - Post by : braveheart - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 2349

The Vision The Vision

The Vision
Long had she knelt at the Madonna's shrine, With the empty chapel, cold and grey,Telling her beads, while grief with marring line And bitter tear stole all her youth away.Outcast was she from what Life holdeth dear; Banished from joy that other souls might win;And from the dark beyond she turned with fear, Being so branded by the mark of sin.Yet when at last she raised her troubled face, Haunted by sorrow, whitened by alarms,Mary leaned down from out the pictured place, And laid the little Christ within her arms.Rosy and warm she held Him... Poems - Post by : zone79 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 3941

The Daisy The Daisy

The Daisy
An angel found a daisy where it lay On Heaven's highroad of transparent gold,And, turning to one near, he said, "I pray, Tell me what manner of strange bloom I hold.You came a long, long way--perchance you knowIn what far country such fair flowers blow?"Then spoke the other: "Turn thy radiant faceAnd gaze with me down purple depth of space.See the stars lie spilled upon the night,Like amber beads that hold a yellow light.Note one that burns with faint yet steady glow;It is the Earth--and there these blossoms grow.Some little child from that dear, distant landHath borne this... Poems - Post by : dp1795 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Virna Sheard - Read : 4013