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'george Washington's' Last Duel "george Washington's" Last Duel

'george Washington's' Last Duel
1891 I. Of all the places in the county "The Towers" was the favorite with the young people. There even before Margaret was installed the Major kept open house with his major domo and factotum "George Washington"; and when Margaret came from school, of course it was popular. Only one class of persons was excluded. There were few people in the county who did not know of the Major's antipathy to "old women," as he called them. Years no more entered into his definition of this class than celibacy did into his idea of an "old bachelor." The state of single... Short Stories - Post by : ricco7 - Date : June 2011 - Author : Thomas Nelson Page - Read : 4644

Elsket Elsket

I. "The knife hangs loose in the sheath." --Old Norsk Proverb. I spent a month of the summer of 188- in Norway--"Old Norway"--and a friend of mine, Dr. John Robson, who is as great a fisherman as he is a physician, and knows that I love a stream where the trout and I can meet each other alone, and have it out face to face, uninterrupted by any interlopers, did me a favor to which I was indebted for the experience related below. He had been to Norway two years before, and he let me into the secret of an unexplored... Short Stories - Post by : 44721 - Date : June 2011 - Author : Thomas Nelson Page - Read : 3356

The Christmas Peace The Christmas Peace

The Christmas Peace
I They had lived within a mile of each other for fifty-odd years, old Judge Hampden and old Colonel Drayton; that is, all their lives, for they had been born on adjoining plantations within a month of each other. But though they had thus lived and were accounted generally good men and good neighbors, to each other they had never been neighbors any more than the Levite was neighbor to him who went down to Jericho. Kindly to everyone else and ready to do their part by all other men, the Draytons and the Hampdens, whenever they met each other, always... Short Stories - Post by : globalnorthern - Date : June 2011 - Author : Thomas Nelson Page - Read : 2982

My Cousin Fanny My Cousin Fanny

My Cousin Fanny
We do not keep Christmas now as we used to do in old Hanover. We have not time for it, and it does not seem like the same thing. Christmas, however, always brings up to me my cousin Fanny; I suppose because she always was so foolish about Christmas. My cousin Fanny was an old maid; indeed, to follow St. Paul's turn of phrase, she was an old maid of the old maids. No one who saw her a moment could have doubted it. Old maids have from most people a feeling rather akin to pity--a hard heritage. They very often... Short Stories - Post by : 2dowell - Date : June 2011 - Author : Thomas Nelson Page - Read : 3065

The Burial Of The Guns The Burial Of The Guns

The Burial Of The Guns
Lee surrendered the remnant of his army at Appomattox, April 9, 1865, and yet a couple of days later the old Colonel's battery lay intrenched right in the mountain-pass where it had halted three days before. Two weeks previously it had been detailed with a light division sent to meet and repel a force which it was understood was coming in by way of the southwest valley to strike Lee in the rear of his long line from Richmond to Petersburg. It had done its work. The mountain-pass had been seized and held, and the Federal force had not gotten by... Short Stories - Post by : venturelinks - Date : June 2011 - Author : Thomas Nelson Page - Read : 2705

The Gray Jacket Of 'no. 4' The Gray Jacket Of "no. 4"

The Gray Jacket Of 'no. 4'
My meeting with him was accidental. I came across him passing through "the square". I had seen him once or twice on the street, each time lurching along so drunk that he could scarcely stagger, so that I was surprised to hear what he said about the war. He was talking to someone who evidently had been in the army himself, but on the other side--a gentleman with the loyal-legion button in his coat, and with a beautiful scar, a sabre-cut across his face. He was telling of a charge in some battle or skirmish in which, he declared, his company,... Short Stories - Post by : adrianbye - Date : June 2011 - Author : Thomas Nelson Page - Read : 1707

Miss Dangerlie's Roses Miss Dangerlie's Roses

Miss Dangerlie's Roses
Henry Floyd was a crank, at least so many people said; a few thought he was a wonderful person: these were mostly children, old women, and people not in the directory, and persons not in the directory do not count for much. He was in fact a singular fellow. It was all natural enough to him; he was just like what he believed his father had been, his father of whom his mother used to tell him, and whom he remembered so vaguely except when he had suddenly loomed up in his uniform at the head of his company, when they... Short Stories - Post by : Motsa_Ball - Date : June 2011 - Author : Thomas Nelson Page - Read : 1904

How The Captain Made Christmas How The Captain Made Christmas

How The Captain Made Christmas
It was just a few days before Christmas, and the men around the large fireplace at the club had, not unnaturally, fallen to talking of Christmas. They were all men in the prime of life, and all or nearly all of them were from other parts of the country; men who had come to the great city to make their way in life, and who had, on the whole, made it in one degree or another, achieving sufficient success in different fields to allow of all being called successful men. Yet, as the conversation had proceeded, it had taken a reminiscent... Short Stories - Post by : - Date : June 2011 - Author : Thomas Nelson Page - Read : 3422

Little Darby Little Darby

Little Darby
I The County had been settled as a "frontier" in early colonial days, and when it ceased to be frontier, settlement had taken a jump beyond it, and in a certain sense over it, to the richer lands of the Piedmont. When, later on, steam came, the railway simply cut across it at its narrowest part, and then skirted along just inside its border on the bank of the little river which bounded it on the north, as if it intentionally left it to one side. Thus, modern progress had not greatly interfered with it either for good or bad, and... Short Stories - Post by : Will_Graham - Date : June 2011 - Author : Thomas Nelson Page - Read : 2052

Bred In The Bone Bred In The Bone

Bred In The Bone
I It was the afternoon before the closing day of the spring meeting of the old Jockey Club that so many people know. The next day was to be the greatest ever known on that course; the Spring Meeting was to go out in a blaze of glory. As to this everybody in sight this spring afternoon was agreed; and the motley crowd that a little before sunset stood clustered within the big white-painted gate of the grounds about the Jockey Club race-stables rarely agreed as to anything. From the existence of the Deity to the effect of a blister on... Short Stories - Post by : synaweb - Date : June 2011 - Author : Thomas Nelson Page - Read : 1374