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My Grave My Grave

My Grave
Shall they bury me in the deep,Where wind-forgetting waters sleep?Shall they dig a grave for me,Under the green-wood tree?Or on the wild heath,Where the wilder breathOf the storm doth blow?Oh, no! oh, no!Shall they bury me in the Palace Tombs,Or under the shade of Cathedral domes?Sweet 'twere to lie on Italy's shore;Yet not there--nor in Greece, though I love it more,In the wolf or the vulture my grave shall I find?Shall my ashes career on the world-seeing wind?Shall they fling my corpse in the battle mound,Where coffinless thousands lie under the ground?Just as they fall they are buried so--Oh, no! oh,... Poems - Post by : James_Jackson - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 1688

The Right Road The Right Road

The Right Road
I.Let the feeble-hearted pine,Let the sickly spirit whine,But work and win be thine, While you've life.God smiles upon the bold--So, when your flag's unrolled,Bear it bravely till you're cold In the strife.II.If to rank or fame you soar,Out your spirit frankly pour--Men will serve you and adore, Like a king.Woo your girl with honest pride,Till you've won her for your bride--Then to her, through time and tide, Ever cling.III.Never under wrongs despair;Labour long, and everywhere,Link your countrymen, prepare, And strike home.Thus have great men ever wrought,Thus... Poems - Post by : Morgankane - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 2019

My Land My Land

My Land
I.She is a rich and rare land;Oh! she's a fresh and fair land;She is a dear and rare land-- This native land of mine.II.No men than her's are braver--Her women's hearts ne'er waver;I'd freely die to save her, And think my lot divine.III.She's not a dull or cold land;No! she's a warm and bold land;Oh! she's a true and old land-- This native land of mine.IV.Could beauty ever guard her,And virtue still reward her,No foe would cross her border-- No friend within it pine!V.Oh! she's a fresh and fair... Poems - Post by : wcgmarke - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 3249

Love And War Love And War

Love And War
I.How soft is the moon on Glengariff, The rocks seem to melt with the light:Oh! would I were there with dear Fanny, To tell her that love is as bright;And nobly the sun of July O'er the waters of Adragoole shines--Oh! would that I saw the green banner Blaze there over conquering lines.II.Oh! love is more fair than the moonlight, And glory more grand than the sun:And there is no rest for a brave heart, Till its bride and its laurels are won;But next to the burst of our banner, And the smile of... Poems - Post by : matrix_mlm - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 2800

The Boatman Of Kinsale The Boatman Of Kinsale

The Boatman Of Kinsale
AIR--An Cota Caol.I.His kiss is sweet, his word is kind, His love is rich to me;I could not in a palace find A truer heart than he.The eagle shelters not his nest From hurricane and hail,More bravely than he guards my breast-- The Boatman of Kinsale.II.The wind that round the Fastnet sweeps Is not a whit more pure--The goat that down Cnoc Sheehy leaps Has not a foot more sure.No firmer hand nor freer eye E'er faced an autumn gale--De Courcy's heart is not so high-- The Boatman of Kinsale.III.The brawling squires may... Poems - Post by : adidas14 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 3371

Oh! The Marriage Oh! The Marriage

Oh! The Marriage
AIR--The Swaggering Jig.I.Oh! the marriage, the marriage, With love and mo bhuachaill for me,The ladies that ride in a carriage Might envy my marriage to me;For Eoghan(84) is straight as a tower, And tender, and loving, and true;He told me more love in an hour Than the Squires of the county could do. Then, Oh! the marriage, etc.II.His hair is a shower of soft gold, His eye is as clear as the day,His conscience and vote were unsold When others were carried away;His word is as good as an oath,... Poems - Post by : Allnewe - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 2976

Blind Mary Blind Mary

Blind Mary
AIR--Blind Mary.I.There flows from her spirit such love and delight,That the face of Blind Mary is radiant with light--As the gleam from a homestead through darkness will showOr the moon glimmer soft through the fast falling snow.II.Yet there's a keen sorrow comes o'er her at times,As an Indian might feel in our northerly climes!And she talks of the sunset, like parting of friends,And the starlight, as love, that not changes nor ends.III.Ah! grieve not, sweet maiden, for star or for sun,For the mountains that tower or the rivers that run--For beauty and grandeur, and glory, and light,Are seen by the spirit,... Poems - Post by : Shamir_Rele - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 1946

The Girl Of Dunbwy The Girl Of Dunbwy

The Girl Of Dunbwy
I.'Tis pretty to see the girl of DunbwyStepping the mountain statelily--Though ragged her gown, and naked her feet,No lady in Ireland to match her is meet.II.Poor is her diet, and hardly she lies--Yet a monarch might kneel for a glance of her eyes.The child of a peasant--yet England's proud QueenHas less rank in her heart, and less grace in her mien.III.Her brow 'neath her raven hair gleams, just as ifA breaker spread white 'neath a shadowy cliff--And love, and devotion, and energy speakFrom her beauty-proud eye, and her passion-pale cheek.IV.But, pale as her cheek is, there's fruit on her lip,And her... Poems - Post by : CBpro - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 4066

The Lost Path The Lost Path

The Lost Path
AIR--Grádh mo chroidhe.I.Sweet thoughts, bright dreams, my comfort be, All comfort else has flown;For every hope was false to me, And here I am, alone.What thoughts were mine in early youth! Like some old Irish song,Brimful of love, and life, and truth, My spirit gushed along.II.I hoped to right my native isle, I hoped a soldier's fame,I hoped to rest in woman's smile And win a minstrel's name--Oh! little have I served my land, No laurels press my brow,I have no woman's heart or hand, Nor minstrel honours now.III.But fancy has a magic... Poems - Post by : swopnet - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 1588

Orange And Green Will Carry The Day Orange And Green Will Carry The Day

Orange And Green Will Carry The Day
AIR--The Protestant Boys.I.Ireland! rejoice, and England! deplore-- Faction and feud are passing away.'Twas a low voice, but 'tis a loud roar, "Orange and Green will carry the day." Orange! Orange! Green and Orange! Pitted together in many a fray-- Lions in fight! And linked in their might, Orange and Green will carry the day. Orange! Orange! Green and Orange! Wave them together o'er mountain and bay.... Poems - Post by : Lance_Williams - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 2753

Celts And Saxons Celts And Saxons

Celts And Saxons
Celts and Saxons.(83)I.We hate the Saxon and the Dane, We hate the Norman men--We cursed their greed for blood and gain, We curse them now again.Yet start not, Irish-born man! If you're to Ireland true,We heed not blood, nor creed, nor clan-- We have no curse for you.II.We have no curse for you or yours, But Friendship's ready grasp,And Faith to stand by you and yours Unto our latest gasp--To stand by you against all foes, Howe'er, or whence they come,With traitor arts, or bribes, or blows, From England, France, or Rome.III.What matter... Poems - Post by : kathy_franklin - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 1675

Our Own Again Our Own Again

Our Own Again
I.Let the coward shrink aside, We'll have our own again;Let the brawling slave deride-- Here's for our own again!Let the tyrant bribe and lie,March, threaten, fortify,Loose his lawyer and his spy-- Yet we'll have our own again!Let him soothe in silken tone,Scold from a foreign throne:Let him come with bugles blown-- We shall have our own again!Let us to our purpose bide, We'll have our own again!Let the game be fairly tried, We'll have our own again!II.Send the cry throughout the land,... Poems - Post by : netslogans - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 4118

A Song For The Irish Militia A Song For The Irish Militia

A Song For The Irish Militia
AIR--The Peacock.I.The tribune's tongue and poet's penMay sow the seed in prostrate men;But 'tis the soldier's sword aloneCan reap the crop so bravely sown!No more I'll sing nor idly pine,But train my soul to lead a line--A soldier's life's the life for me--A soldier's death, so Ireland's free!II.No foe would fear your thunder words,If 'twere not for your lightning swords--If tyrants yield when millions pray,'Tis less they link in war array;Nor peace itself is safe, but whenThe sword is sheathed by fighting men--A soldier's life's the life for me--A soldier's death, so Ireland's free!III.The rifle brown and sabre brightCan freely speak... Poems - Post by : imported_n/a - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 2986

The West's Asleep The West's Asleep

The West's Asleep
AIR--The Brink of the White Rocks.I.When all beside a vigil keep,The West's asleep, the West's asleep--Alas! and well may Erin weep,When Connaught lies in slumber deep.There lake and plain smile fair and free,'Mid rocks--their guardian chivalry--Sing oh! let man learn libertyFrom crashing wind and lashing sea.II.That chainless wave and lovely landFreedom and Nationhood demand--Be sure, the great God never planned,For slumbering slaves, a home so grand.And, long, a brave and haughty raceHonoured and sentinelled the place--Sing oh! not even their sons' disgraceCan quite destroy their glory's trace.III.For often, in O'Connor's van,To triumph dashed each Connaught clan--And fleet as deer the Normans... Poems - Post by : dogears - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 1282

Tipperary Tipperary

I.Let Britain boast her British hosts, About them all right little care we;Not British seas nor British coasts Can match the Man of Tipperary!II.Tall is his form, his heart is warm, His spirit light as any fairy--His wrath is fearful as the storm That sweeps the Hills of Tipperary!III.Lead him to fight for native land, His is no courage cold and wary;The troops live not on earth would stand The headlong charge of Tipperary!IV.Yet meet him in his cabin rude, Or dancing with his dark-haired Mary,You'd swear they knew no other mood But... Poems - Post by : geyer - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 1725

The Vow Of Tipperary The Vow Of Tipperary

The Vow Of Tipperary
I.From Carrick streets to Shannon shore, From Slievenamon to Ballindeary,From Longford Pass to Gaillte Mór, Come hear The Vow of Tipperary.II.Too long we fought for Britain's cause, And of our blood were never chary;She paid us back with tyrant laws, And thinned The Homes of Tipperary.III.Too long with rash and single arm, The peasant strove to guard his eyrie,Till Irish blood bedewed each farm, And Ireland wept for Tipperary.IV.But never more we'll lift a hand-- We swear by God and Virgin Mary!Except in war for Native Land, And that's The Vow of Tipperary!(The... Poems - Post by : winfordg - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 2180

The Green Above The Red The Green Above The Red

The Green Above The Red
AIR--Irish Molly O!I.Full often when our fathers saw the Red above the Green,They rose in rude but fierce array, with sabre, pike and scian,And over many a noble town, and many a field of dead,They proudly set the Irish Green above the English Red.II.But in the end throughout the land, the shameful sight was seen--The English Red in triumph high above the Irish Green;But well they died in breach and field, who, as their spirits fled,Still saw the Green maintain its place above the English Red.III.And they who saw, in after times, the Red above the GreenWere withered as the grass... Poems - Post by : antjlit - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 3201

O'connell's Statue O'connell's Statue

O'connell's Statue
LINES TO HOGAN.Chisel the likeness of The Chief,Not in gaiety, nor grief;Change not by your art to stone,Ireland's laugh, or Ireland's moan.Dark her tale, and none can tellIts fearful chronicle so well.Her frame is bent--her wounds are deep--Who, like him, her woes can weep?He can be gentle as a bride,While none can rule with kinglier pride;Calm to hear, and wise to prove,Yet gay as lark in soaring love.Well it were, posterityShould have some image of his glee;That easy humour, blossomingLike the thousand flowers of spring!Glorious the marble which could showHis bursting sympathy for woe:Could catch the pathos, flowing wild,Like mother's milk... Poems - Post by : Deena - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 1385

We Must Not Fail We Must Not Fail

We Must Not Fail
I.We must not fail, we must not fail,However fraud or force assail;By honour, pride, and policy,By Heaven itself!--we must be free.II.Time had already thinned our chain,Time would have dulled our sense of pain;By service long, and suppliance vile,We might have won our owner's smile.III.We spurned the thought, our prison burst,And dared the despot to the worst;Renewed the strife of centuries,And flung our banner to the breeze.IV.We called the ends of earth to viewThe gallant deeds we swore to do;They knew us wronged, they knew us brave,And all we asked they freely gave.V.We took the starving peasant's miteTo aid in winning back... Poems - Post by : vlutz - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 4073

The Burial The Burial

The Burial
The Burial.(82)Why rings the knell of the funeral bell from a hundred village shrines?Through broad Fingall hasten all those long and ordered lines?With tear and sigh they're passing by--the matron and the maid--Has a hero died--is a nation's pride in that cold coffin laid?With frown and curse, behind the hearse, dark men go tramping on--Has a tyrant died, that they cannot hide their wrath till the rites are done?THE CHANT."Ululu! ululu! high on the wind,There's a home for the slave where no fetters can bind.Woe, woe to his slayers!"--comes wildly along,With the trampling of feet and the funeral song.... Poems - Post by : mudbug - Date : November 2011 - Author : Thomas Davis - Read : 3578