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Hymns Of The Marshes - IV - The Marshes of Glynn Hymns Of The Marshes - IV - The Marshes of Glynn

Hymns Of The Marshes - IV - The Marshes of Glynn
IV - The Marshes of GlynnGlooms of the live-oaks, beautiful-braided and wovenWith intricate shades of the vines that myriad-cloven Clamber the forks of the multiform boughs, -- Emerald twilights, -- Virginal shy lights,Wrought of the leaves to allure to the whisper of vows,When lovers pace timidly down through the green colonnadesOf the dim sweet woods, of the dear dark woods, Of the heavenly woods and glades,That run to the radiant marginal sand-beach within The wide sea-marshes... Poems - Post by : khoggart - Date : July 2011 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 2040

Hymns Of The Marshes - III - Marsh Song Hymns Of The Marshes - III - Marsh Song

Hymns Of The Marshes - III - Marsh Song
III - Marsh SongOver the monstrous shambling sea, Over the Caliban sea,Bright Ariel-cloud, thou lingerest:Oh wait, oh wait, in the warm red West, -- Thy Prospero I'll be.Over the humped and fishy sea, Over the Caliban seaO cloud in the West, like a thought in the heartOf pardon, loose thy wing, and start, And do a grace for me.Over the huge and huddling sea, Over the Caliban sea,Bring hither my brother Antonio, -- Man, --My injurer: night breaks the ban; Brother, I pardon thee.____Baltimore, 1879-80.Content of III -... Poems - Post by : Anthony_Roush - Date : July 2011 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 2958

Hymns Of The Marshes - II - Individuality Hymns Of The Marshes - II - Individuality

Hymns Of The Marshes - II - Individuality
II - IndividualitySail on, sail on, fair cousin Cloud:Oh loiter hither from the sea. Still-eyed and shadow-brow'd,Steal off from yon far-drifting crowd,And come and brood upon the marsh with me.Yon laboring low horizon-smoke,Yon stringent sail, toil not for thee Nor me; did heaven's strokeThe whole deep with drown'd commerce choke,No pitiless tease of risk or bottomryWould to thy rainy office closeThy will, or lock mine eyes from tears, Part wept for traders'-woes,Part for that ventures mean as thoseIn issue bind such sovereign hopes and fears.-- Lo, Cloud, thy downward countenance staresBlank on the blank-faced marsh,... Poems - Post by : donndarcy - Date : July 2011 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 2903

Hymns Of The Marshes - I - Sunrise Hymns Of The Marshes - I - Sunrise

Hymns Of The Marshes - I - Sunrise
SunriseIn my sleep I was fain of their fellowship, fain Of the live-oak, the marsh, and the main.The little green leaves would not let me alone in my sleep;Up-breathed from the marshes, a message of range and of sweep,Interwoven with waftures of wild sea-liberties, drifting, Came through the lapped leaves sifting, sifting, Came to the gates of sleep.Then my thoughts, in the dark of the dungeon-keepOf the Castle of Captives hid in the City of Sleep,Upstarted, by twos and by threes assembling: The gates of sleep fell a-tremblingLike as the lips of a lady that forth falter `Yes,'... Poems - Post by : alanbuck - Date : July 2011 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 1871

Clover Clover

(Inscribed to the Memory of John Keats.)Dear uplands, Chester's favorable fields,My large unjealous Loves, many yet one --A grave good-morrow to your Graces, all,Fair tilth and fruitful seasons! Lo, how still!The midmorn empties you of men, save me;Speak to your lover, meadows! None can hear.I lie as lies yon placid Brandywine,Holding the hills and heavens in my heartFor contemplation.... Poems - Post by : Scott_Logan - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 3077

The Waving Of The Corn The Waving Of The Corn

The Waving Of The Corn
Ploughman, whose gnarly hand yet kindly wheeledThy plough to ring this solitary tree With clover, whose round plat, reserved a-field,In cool green radius twice my length may be -- Scanting the corn thy furrows else might yield,To pleasure August, bees, fair thoughts, and me, That here come oft together -- daily I, Stretched prone in summer's mortal ecstasy,Do stir with thanks to thee, as stirs this morn With waving of the corn. Unseen, the farmer's boy from round the hillWhistles a snatch that seeks his soul... Poems - Post by : adrianbye - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 1308

The Song Of The Chattahoochee The Song Of The Chattahoochee

The Song Of The Chattahoochee
Out of the hills of Habersham, Down the valleys of Hall,I hurry amain to reach the plain,Run the rapid and leap the fall,Split at the rock and together again,Accept my bed, or narrow or wide,And flee from folly on every sideWith a lover's pain to attain the plain Far from the hills of Habersham, Far from the valleys of Hall. All down the hills of Habersham, All through the valleys of Hall,The rushes cried `Abide, abide,'The willful waterweeds held me thrall,The laving laurel turned my tide,The ferns and the fondling grass... Poems - Post by : PitCrew - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 2247

From The Flats From The Flats

From The Flats
What heartache -- ne'er a hill!Inexorable, vapid, vague and chillThe drear sand-levels drain my spirit low.With one poor word they tell me all they know;Whereat their stupid tongues, to tease my pain,Do drawl it o'er again and o'er again.They hurt my heart with griefs I cannot name: Always the same, the same. Nature hath no surprise,No ambuscade of beauty 'gainst mine eyesFrom brake or lurking dell or deep defile;No humors, frolic forms -- this mile, that mile;No rich reserves or happy-valley hopesBeyond the bend of roads, the distant slopes.Her fancy fails, her wild is all run tame:... Poems - Post by : Rodney_Rushing - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 2495

The Mocking-bird The Mocking-bird

The Mocking-bird
Superb and sole, upon a plumed sprayThat o'er the general leafage boldly grew,He summ'd the woods in song; or typic drewThe watch of hungry hawks, the lone dismayOf languid doves when long their lovers stray,And all birds' passion-plays that sprinkle dewAt morn in brake or bosky avenue.Whate'er birds did or dreamed, this bird could say.Then down he shot, bounced airily alongThe sward, twitched in a grasshopper, made songMidflight, perched, prinked, and to his art again.Sweet Science, this large riddle read me plain:How may the death of that dull insect beThe life of yon trim Shakespeare on the tree? (1) Note 1:... Poems - Post by : dglenn - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 2444

Tampa Robins Tampa Robins

Tampa Robins
The robin laughed in the orange-tree:"Ho, windy North, a fig for thee:While breasts are red and wings are boldAnd green trees wave us globes of gold, Time's scythe shall reap but bliss for me -- Sunlight, song, and the orange-tree.Burn, golden globes in leafy sky,My orange-planets: crimson IWill shine and shoot among the spheres(Blithe meteor that no mortal fears) And thrid the heavenly orange-tree With orbits bright of minstrelsy.If that I hate wild winter's spite --The gibbet trees, the world in white,The sky but gray wind over a grave --Why should I ache, the season's slave? I'll sing from the... Poems - Post by : JackieC - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 3088

The Crystal The Crystal

The Crystal
At midnight, death's and truth's unlocking time,When far within the spirit's hearing rollsThe great soft rumble of the course of things --A bulk of silence in a mask of sound, --When darkness clears our vision that by dayIs sun-blind, and the soul's a ravening owlFor truth and flitteth here and there aboutLow-lying woody tracts of time and oftIs minded for to sit upon a bough,Dry-dead and sharp, of some long-stricken treeAnd muse in that gaunt place, -- 'twas then my heart,Deep in the meditative dark, cried out:"Ye companies of governor-spirits grave,Bards, and old bringers-down of flaming newsFrom steep-wall'd heavens, holy malcontents,Sweet... Poems - Post by : Chillin - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 2088

The Revenge Of Hamish The Revenge Of Hamish

The Revenge Of Hamish
It was three slim does and a ten-tined buck in the bracken lay; And all of a sudden the sinister smell of a man, Awaft on a wind-shift, wavered and ranDown the hill-side and sifted along through the bracken and passed that way.Then Nan got a-tremble at nostril; she was the daintiest doe; In the print of her velvet flank on the velvet fern She reared, and rounded her ears in turn.Then the buck leapt up, and his head as a king's to a crown did goFull high in the breeze, and he stood as if Death had the form of... Poems - Post by : ksloan - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 2176

To Bayard Taylor To Bayard Taylor

To Bayard Taylor
To range, deep-wrapt, along a heavenly height, O'erseeing all that man but undersees;To loiter down lone alleys of delight, And hear the beating of the hearts of trees,And think the thoughts that lilies speak in white By greenwood pools and pleasant passages;With healthy dreams a-dream in flesh and soul, To pace, in mighty meditations drawn,From out the forest to the open knoll Where much thyme is, whence blissful leagues of lawnBetwixt the fringing woods to southward roll By tender inclinations; mad with dawn,Ablaze with fires that flame in silver dew When each small globe doth glass the morning-star,Long ere the sun,... Poems - Post by : rlpublic - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 3638

A Dedication. To Charlotte Cushman A Dedication. To Charlotte Cushman

A Dedication. To Charlotte Cushman
As Love will carve dear names upon a tree,Symbol of gravure on his heart to be,So thought I thine with loving text to setIn the growth and substance of my canzonet;But, writing it, my tears begin to fall --This wild-rose stem for thy large name's too small!Nay, still my trembling hands are fain, are fainCut the good letters though they lap again;Perchance such folk as mark the blur and stainWill say, `It was the beating of the rain;'Or, haply these o'er-woundings of the stemMay loose some little balm, to plead for them.____1876.The EndSidney Lanier's poem: A Dedication. To Charlotte Cushman... Poems - Post by : alinz - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 1839

To Charlotte Cushman To Charlotte Cushman

To Charlotte Cushman
Look where a three-point star shall weave his beamInto the slumb'rous tissue of some stream,Till his bright self o'er his bright copy seemFulfillment dropping on a come-true dream;So in this night of art thy soul doth showHer excellent double in the steadfast flowOf wishing love that through men's hearts doth go:At once thou shin'st above and shin'st below.E'en when thou strivest there within Art's sky(Each star must o'er a strenuous orbit fly),Full calm thine image in our love doth lie,A Motion glassed in a Tranquillity.So triple-rayed, thou mov'st, yet stay'st, serene --Art's artist, Love's dear woman, Fame's good queen!____Baltimore, 1875.The EndSidney... Poems - Post by : smaniam8 - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 2298

The Stirrup-cup The Stirrup-cup

The Stirrup-cup
Death, thou'rt a cordial old and rare:Look how compounded, with what care!Time got his wrinkles reaping theeSweet herbs from all antiquity.David to thy distillage went,Keats, and Gotama excellent,Omar Khayyam, and Chaucer bright,And Shakespeare for a king-delight.Then, Time, let not a drop be spilt:Hand me the cup whene'er thou wilt;'Tis thy rich stirrup-cup to me;I'll drink it down right smilingly.____Tampa, Florida, 1877.The EndSidney Lanier's poem: The Stirrup-Cup... Poems - Post by : realiconmedia - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 1347

A Song Of Eternity In Time A Song Of Eternity In Time

A Song Of Eternity In Time
Once, at night, in the manor wood My Love and I long silent stood, Amazed that any heavens couldDecree to part us, bitterly repining. My Love, in aimless love and grief, Reached forth and drew aside a leaf That just above us played the thiefAnd stole our starlight that for us was shining. A star that had remarked her pain Shone straightway down that leafy lane, And wrought his image, mirror-plain,Within a tear that on her lash hung gleaming. "Thus Time," I cried,... Poems - Post by : Rob_Jean - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 1958

Owl Against Robin Owl Against Robin

Owl Against Robin
Frowning, the owl in the oak complained himSore, that the song of the robin restrained himWrongly of slumber, rudely of rest."From the north, from the east, from the south and the west,Woodland, wheat-field, corn-field, clover,Over and over and over and over,Five o'clock, ten o'clock, twelve, or seven,Nothing but robin-songs heard under heaven: How can we sleep?`Peep!' you whistle, and `cheep! cheep! cheep!'Oh, peep, if you will, and buy, if 'tis cheap,And have done; for an owl must sleep.Are ye singing for fame, and who shall be first?Each day's the same, yet the last is worst,And the summer is... Poems - Post by : jgvteam - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 2477

A Song Of The Future A Song Of The Future

A Song Of The Future
Sail fast, sail fast, Ark of my hopes, Ark of my dreams; Sweep lordly o'er the drowned Past, Fly glittering through the sun's strange beams; Sail fast, sail fast.Breaths of new buds from off some drying leaWith news about the Future scent the sea:My brain is beating like the heart of Haste:I'll loose me a bird upon this Present waste; Go, trembling song, And stay not long; oh, stay not long: Thou'rt... Poems - Post by : ebiz4u - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 2499

Opposition Opposition

Of fret, of dark, of thorn, of chill, Complain no more; for these, O heart,Direct the random of the will As rhymes direct the rage of art.The lute's fixt fret, that runs athwart The strain and purpose of the string,For governance and nice consort Doth bar his wilful wavering.The dark hath many dear avails; The dark distils divinest dews;The dark is rich with nightingales, With dreams, and with the heavenly Muse.Bleeding with thorns of petty strife, I'll ease (as lovers do) my smartWith sonnets to my lady Life Writ red in issues from the heart.What grace may lie within the chill... Poems - Post by : peacemonkey - Date : April 2010 - Author : Sidney Lanier - Read : 3759