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The Street Of The First Shell The Street Of The First Shell

The Street Of The First Shell
"Be of Good Cheer, the Sullen Month will die, And a young Moon requite us by and by: Look how the Old one, meagre, bent, and wan With age and Fast, is fainting from the sky."The room was already dark. The high roofs opposite cut off what little remained of the December daylight. The girl drew her chair nearer the window, and choosing a large needle, threaded it, knotting the thread over her fingers. Then she smoothed the baby garment across her knees, and bending, bit off the thread and drew the smaller needle from where it rested... Short Stories - Post by : brynjar - Date : July 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 1827

The Street Of Our Lady Of The Fields The Street Of Our Lady Of The Fields

The Street Of Our Lady Of The Fields
"Et tout les jours passes dans la tristesse Nous sont comptes comme des jours heureux!" I The street is not fashionable, neither is it shabby. It is a pariah among streets--a street without a Quarter. It is generally understood to lie outside the pale of the aristocratic Avenue de l'Observatoire. The students of the Montparnasse Quarter consider it swell and will have none of it. The Latin Quarter, from the Luxembourg, its northern frontier, sneers at its respectability and regards with disfavour the correctly costumed students who haunt it. Few strangers go into it. At times, however, the Latin Quarter... Short Stories - Post by : Aleyali - Date : July 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 3987

Rue Barree Rue Barree

Rue Barree
"For let Philosopher and Doctor preach Of what they will and what they will not,--each Is but one link in an eternal chain That none can slip nor break nor over-reach." "Crimson nor yellow roses nor The savour of the mounting sea Are worth the perfume I adore That clings to thee. The languid-headed lilies tire, The changeless waters weary me; I ache with passionate desire Of thine and thee. There are but these things in the world-- Thy mouth of fire, Thy breasts, thy hands, thy... Short Stories - Post by : Brian_Pernick - Date : July 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 3217

A Young Man In A Hurry A Young Man In A Hurry

A Young Man In A Hurry
"Soyez tranquilles, mesdames.... Je suis un jeune homme presse.... Mais modeste."--LABICHE. At ten minutes before five in the evening the office doors of the Florida and Key West Railway Company flew open, and a young man emerged in a hurry. Suit-case in one hand, umbrella in the other, he sped along the corridor to the elevator-shaft, arriving in time to catch a glimpse of the lighted roof of the cage sliding into depths below. "Down!" he shouted; but the glimmering cage disappeared, descending until darkness enveloped it. Then the young man jammed his hat on his head, seized... Short Stories - Post by : moneytre - Date : March 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 3730

A Pilgrim A Pilgrim

A Pilgrim
I The servants had gathered in the front hall to inspect the new arrival--cook, kitchen-maid, butler, flanked on the right by parlor-maids, on the left by a footman and a small buttons. The new arrival was a snow-white bull-terrier, alert, ardent, quivering in expectation of a welcome among these strangers, madly wagging his whiplike tail in passionate silence. When the mistress of the house at last came down the great stone stairway, the servants fell back in a semi-circle, leaving her face to face with the white bull-terrier. "So _that_ is the dog!" she said, in faint astonishment. A respectful murmur... Short Stories - Post by : cash5000 - Date : March 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 2697

The Shining Band The Shining Band

The Shining Band
I Before the members of the Sagamore Fish and Game Association had erected their handsome club-house, and before they had begun to purchase those thousands of acres of forest, mountain, and stream which now belonged to them, a speculative lumberman with no capital, named O'Hara, built the white house across the river on a few acres of inherited property, settled himself comfortably with his wife and child, and prepared to acquire all the timber in sight at a few dollars an acre ... on credit. For thus, thought he, is the beginning of all millionaires. So certain was O'Hara of ultimately... Short Stories - Post by : imported_n/a - Date : March 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 1890

One Man In A Million One Man In A Million

One Man In A Million
I "Do you desire me to marry him?" asked Miss Castle, quietly. "Let me finish," said her uncle. "Jane," he added, turning on his sister, "if you could avoid sneezing for a few moments, I should be indebted to you." Miss Jane Garcide, a sallow lady of forty, who suffered with colds all winter and hay-fever all summer, meekly left the room. Miss Castle herself leaned on the piano, tearing the pink petals from a half-withered rose, while her guardian, the Hon. John Garcide, finished what he had to say and pulled out his cigar-case with decision. "I have only to... Short Stories - Post by : xerxes12 - Date : March 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 1878

The Fire-warden The Fire-warden

The Fire-warden
I "And of course what I buy is my own," continued Burleson, patiently. "No man here will question that, I suppose?" For a moment there was silence in the cross-roads store; then a lank, mud-splashed native arose from behind the stove, shoving his scarred hands deep into the ragged pockets of his trousers. "Young man," he said, harshly, "there's a few things you can't buy; you may think you can buy 'em--you may pay for 'em, too--but they can't be bought an' sold. You thought you bought Grier's tract; you thought you bought a lot o' deer an' birds an' fish,... Short Stories - Post by : Joshua_Rose - Date : March 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 2177

The Market-hunter The Market-hunter

The Market-hunter
A warm October was followed by a muggy, wet November. The elm leaves turned yellow but did not fall; the ash-trees lighted up the woods like gigantic lanterns set in amber; single branches among the maples slowly crimsoned. As yet the dropping of acorns rarely broke the forest silence in Sagamore County, although the blue-jays screamed in the alders and crows were already gathering for their annual caucus. Because there had been as yet no frost the partridges still lurked deep in the swamps, and the woodcock skulked, shunning the white birches until the ice-storms in the north should set their... Short Stories - Post by : maurypb - Date : March 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 3310

The Path-master The Path-master

The Path-master
"The bankrupt can always pay one debt, but neither God nor man can credit him with the payment."I When Dingman, the fate game-warden, came panting over the mountain from Spencers to confer with young Byram, road-master at Foxville, he found that youthful official reshingling his barn. The two men observed each other warily for a moment; Byram jingled the shingle-nails in his apron-pocket; Dingman, the game-warden, took a brief but intelligent survey of the premises, which included an unpainted house, a hen-yard, and the newly shingled barn. "Hello, Byram," he said, at length. "Is that you?" replied... Short Stories - Post by : Paddy - Date : March 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 2483

In Nauvoo In Nauvoo

In Nauvoo
The long drought ended with a cloud-burst in the western mountains, which tore a new slide down the flank of Lynx Peak and scarred the Gilded Dome from summit to base. Then storm followed storm, bursting through the mountain-notch and sweeping the river into the meadows the haycocks were already afloat, and the gaunt mountain cattle floundered bellowing. The stage from White Lake arrived at noon with the mail, and the driver walked into the post-office and slammed the soaking mail-sack on the floor. "Gracious!" said the little postmistress. "Yes'm," said the stage-driver, irrelevantly; "them letters is wetter an' I'm... Short Stories - Post by : Donna_Maher - Date : March 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 3288

Marlitt's Shoes Marlitt's Shoes

Marlitt's Shoes
I Through the open window the spring sunshine fell on Calvert's broad back. Tennant faced the window, smoking reflectively. "I should like to ask a favor," he said; "may I?" "Certainly you may," replied Calvert; "everybody else asks favors three hundred and sixty-five times a year." Tennant, smoking peacefully, gazed at an open window across the narrow court-yard , in the sunshine, a young girl sat sewing. "The favor," he said, "is this: there is a vacancy on the staff, and I wish you'd give Marlitt another chance." "Marlitt!" exclaimed Calvert. "Why Marlitt?" "Because," said Tennant, "I understand that I am... Short Stories - Post by : magichearts - Date : March 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 3239

Pasque Florida Pasque Florida

Pasque Florida
The steady flicker of lightning in the southwest continued; the wind freshened, blowing in cooler streaks across acres of rattling rushes and dead marsh-grass. A dull light grew through the scudding clouds, then faded as the mid-day sun went out in the smother, leaving an ominous red smear overhead. Gun in hand, Haltren stood up among the reeds and inspected the landscape. Already the fish-crows and egrets were flying inland, the pelicans had left the sandbar, the eagles were gone from beach and dune. High in the thickening sky wild ducks passed over Flyover Point and dropped into the sheltered marshes... Short Stories - Post by : Carmen - Date : March 2011 - Author : Robert W. Chambers - Read : 2882