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The Will To Faith The Will To Faith

The Will To Faith
I wish that the great Shakespeare had not written that "immortal" line: "_The wish is father to the Thought._" It haunts you throughout your life. Like a flaming sign of interrogation it burns upon the Altar of Faith Unquestioning, before which, in your perplexity, Fate forces you--at least once in your life--to bow the head. It makes us wonder if we should believe all the evidences of Immortality we do--were Immortality really a state of Punishment and not of Happiness unspeakable. It is so hard, so very hard, to disentangle our own desires from our own beliefs; so... Essays - Post by : MrTizic - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 4007

Love Of God Love Of God

Love Of God
Yet, it seems to me sometimes that even our ideal of God changes with the fleeting years. When we were young, and because He was thus presented to us by our spiritual pastors and masters, we figured Him as some tragically revengeful elderly gentleman, who appeared to show His love for us by always being exceedingly vindictive. Then when Fate, as it were, thrust us from the confines of our homes into the storm of life alone, we came to think of the God-Ideal in blind anger. We cried that He was dead, or deaf; that He was... Essays - Post by : denny3d - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 4055

Dreams And Reality Dreams And Reality

Dreams And Reality
So many people imagine that their love is returned, that their innermost thoughts are appreciated and understood, when lips meet lips in that kiss which brings oblivion--that kiss which even the lowliest man and woman receive once in their lives as a benediction from Heaven. So many people imagine that they have found the Ideal Friend when they meet someone with an equal admiration for the poems of Robert Browning; or the Russian Ballet, or one who places the music of Debussy above the music of Wagner. But, I fear, they are often disappointed. For the longer I live,... Essays - Post by : silviojm - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 2234

On Reality In People On Reality In People

On Reality In People
My one great grievance against people in the mass is that they are so very seldom real. I don't mean to say, of course, that you can walk through them like ghosts, or that, if they "gave you one straight from the shoulder," you wouldn't get a black eye. But what I mean is, that they are so very rarely their true selves; they so very rarely say what they think--or indeed think anything at all! They are so very rarely content to be merely human beings, and not some kind of walking-waxwork figure with a gramophone record... Essays - Post by : visit_faraz - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 2826

The Things Which Are Not Dreamed Of In Our Philosophy The Things Which Are Not Dreamed Of In Our Philosophy

The Things Which Are Not Dreamed Of In Our Philosophy
The other day I received a most extraordinary spirit picture anonymously through the post. I cannot describe this picture--it is well-nigh indescribable. The effect is wonderful, though the means are of the simplest. Apparently the artist had upset a bottle of ink over a large piece of white cardboard, and then, with the aid of a sharp penknife, cut his way across it in long narrow slashes until the effect is that of rays of light which, seen from a distance, have the effect of luminosity in a most extraordinary degree. In the corner there is the... Essays - Post by : Cletus - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 1908

The Enthralling Out-of-reach The Enthralling Out-of-reach

The Enthralling Out-of-reach
Everybody _knows_ that they could improve human nature. I don't mean, of course, that they could necessarily improve their own, nor that of the lady who lives next door, nor that of Mr. Lloyd George, nor of Miss Marie Lloyd, nor even of Lenin and Trotsky; but human nature as it is found in all of us and as it prevents heaven on this earth lasting much longer than five and twenty minutes! I know--or rather I think--that I could improve it. And I should begin at that unhappy "kink" in all of us which only realises those... Essays - Post by : amy1amy1 - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 2496

Travel (life) Travel (life)

Travel (life)
Do you know those men and women who, to paraphrase Omar Khayyam, "come like treacle and like gall they go"? Well, it seems to me that life is rather like such as they. You may live for something, you may live for someone, but some time, sooner or later, you will be thrown back upon your own garden, the "inner plot" of land which you have cultivated in your own heart, to find what flowers thereon you may. Live for others, yes! but don't live entirely for them. No. For if you live altogether for someone,... Essays - Post by : imported_n/a - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 3401

Life's Great Adventure Life's Great Adventure

Life's Great Adventure
I hope when I am old that Fate will give me a garden and a view of the sea. I should hate to decay in a suburban row and be carried away at the end of all my mostly fruitless longings in a hearse; the seven minutes' wonder of the small children of the street, who will cry, "Oo-er" when my coffin is borne out by poor men whose names I can't ever know! Not that it really matters, I suppose; and yet, we all of us hope to satisfy our artistic sense, especially when we're helpless to help... Essays - Post by : 8918155 - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 2874

The Inane And Unimaginative The Inane And Unimaginative

The Inane And Unimaginative
In every mixed crowd there always seems such a large percentage of the unimaginative and the inane that I am never surprised that the silliest superstitions still flourish, "the Thing" is rampant, and that, in every progress towards real civilisation, the very longest way round is taken with the very feeblest results. It is not that this percentage is wicked, nor is it strikingly good, neither is it necessarily feeble-minded, but it shows itself so entirely unimaginative and inane that it is no wonder that the charlatan in religion, politics, and education rampages over the world through a perfect maelstrom... Essays - Post by : Voasi - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 2179

Mysticism And The Practical Man Mysticism And The Practical Man

Mysticism And The Practical Man
I wish the Mystics and the Practical Men could meet, fraternise, and still not yearn to murder one another. It would be of immense benefit to you and me and the rest of us who make up the "hum-drum" world. For the Practical Man who is not something of a mystic is at best a commonplace nuisance, and at his worst a clog on the wheels of progress. And the mystic who is only mystical is even less good to anyone, since his Ideals and his Theories, and often his personal example, fade away in the smoke of... Essays - Post by : Myles2go - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 3720

Work In The East-end Work In The East-end

Work In The East-end
It seems to me that the poor need a friend more urgently than they need a pastor, or, if they must have a pastor--then the pastor must be completely disguised as a friend. I always wonder why it is the popular fallacy that the poor need religion more than the wealthy. My own experience is that you will find more real Christianity in Shoreditch than you will ever find in Mayfair--even though the "revealers" of it may drink and swear and otherwise lead outwardly debased lives. Well, the surroundings, the "atmosphere" in which they have been forced to... Essays - Post by : Rizel - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 3334

Their Failure Their Failure

Their Failure
It is so difficult for men and women, as it were, to really help the East-end while living in West-end comfort. It is so difficult for religious people to realise that the finest prayer of all is to "play the game." But the poor understand the wonder of that prayer full well; it is, indeed, I rather fancy, the only prayer that they really do understand, the only one which really and truly touches them and helps them on their way. And, when I see among the very poor the simply magnificent human material which is allowed to... Essays - Post by : Nick_Klein - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 1756

Clergymen Clergymen

I always feel so sorry for clergymen--the clergymen who are inspired to their calling, not, of course the "professional" variety who are clergymen because they preferred the Church to the Stock Exchange. They carry with them wherever they go the mark of the professional servant of God, and it creates a prejudice, between them and those who really need their succour, which is almost unsurmountable. Many clergymen, I know, adore the trimmings of their profession--the pomps and vestments, the admiration of spinster ladies, and opportunity to shake the friendly finger at Mrs. Gubbins and regret that she hasn't been... Essays - Post by : naphets66 - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 3266

Always The Personal Note Always The Personal Note

Always The Personal Note
The longer I live the more clearly I perceive the extreme difficulty reformers have to interest people in philanthropic schemes which do not place their religion, their brand of politics, or they themselves in prominent positions on the propaganda. It seems to be very much the fashion among those who desire to help others that they do so in the belief that they will thereby be themselves saved. So few, so very few, help the less fortunate on their way without cramming their own religion, or their own politics, or their own munificence down their throats at the same... Essays - Post by : LarryY - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 3279

The 'glorious Dead' The "glorious Dead"

The 'glorious Dead'
For a long time past people have been--and, I suppose, for a long time hence people will be--dusting their imaginations in order to discover the most fitting tribute their and other people's money can erect to the memory of the sailors and soldiers who died so that they and their children might live. And yet it seems to me that in most of these tributes the wishes of the "Glorious Dead," or what might easily be regarded as their wishes, have rarely been consulted. The wishes of the living have prevailed almost every time. Thus the "Glorious Dead"... Essays - Post by : Jan_Jensen - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 2621

One Of The Minor Tragedies One Of The Minor Tragedies

One Of The Minor Tragedies
One of the minor tragedies of life (or is it one of the _major_?) is the way we grow out of things--often against our will, sometimes against our better judgment. I don't mean only that we grow out of clothes--that, after all, is nothing very serious, unless you have no younger brother to whom to hand them on; but we also grow out of desires, out of books, out of pictures, out of places, friendships, even love itself--oh, yes, most often out of love itself. You never seem to be able to say to yourself and the world: "There!... Essays - Post by : pearsonbrown - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 1759

Wives Wives

The wife of a poor man really can be a helpmate, but the wife of a rich man is so often only asked to be a mistress who can bear her husband legitimate children. Everything which a woman can do, a rich woman pays other women to do for her, while she graces the results of their labour with a studied charm which receives its triumph in the envy of her husband's male friends. No wonder there are so many wild and discontented wives among the middle and upper classes. Where a man or a woman has no... Essays - Post by : our4profit - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 3740

Love 'mush' Love "mush"

Love 'mush'
I was standing outside a music shop the other day, gazing through the windows at the songs "everybody is singing." Their titles amused me. Not a single one promised very much real sense. They were all what I will call love "mush"--"If you were a flowering rose," and "Come to my garden of love," were two typical examples. The remainder of the verses--with which the suburban sopranos will doubtless break the serenity of the suburban nights this summer--were of a "sloppy" sentimentality combined with a kind of hypersexual idiocy unparalleled except in an English ballad of the popular... Essays - Post by : seongbae - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 2478

The Great And The Really Great The Great And The Really Great

The Great And The Really Great
I always think that one of the most amusing things (to watch), in all life, is what I term the "Kaiser-spirit" in individuals. Nearly everyone mistakes the trimmings of greatness for the real article, and most people would sooner expire than not be able to flaunt these wrappings, or the rags or them, before somebody's eyes. And this spirit exists in individuals in almost every grade of society; until you get to the rock bottom of existence, when the immediate problems of life are so menacing that men and women dare not play about with the gilded imitations.... Essays - Post by : wealthget - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 3540

The Few The Few

The Few
But just a few people seem to be enabled to see beneath the surface of things. Around them they seem to shed an extraordinary kind of understanding sympathy. They are not entirely the "people in trouble" who appeal to them; rather they seem able to perceive the misery of a "state of life"--something which obtains no sympathy because people either condemn it or fail to realise the steps which led up to it--in the long, long ago. To them, everybody unfortunate--whether it be by their own fault or by the economic, moral, or social laws of the country--arouses... Essays - Post by : Slic47 - Date : July 2011 - Author : Richard King - Read : 3700