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The Epilogue Of The Dreaming Women The Epilogue Of The Dreaming Women

The Epilogue Of The Dreaming Women
Take back this armour. Give us broideries. Against the Five sad Wounds inveterateIn our dim sense, can that defend, or these? In veils mysterious and delicateClothe us again, in beautiful broideries.Take back this justice. Give us thuribles. While ye do loudly in the battle-dust,We feed the gods with spice and canticles. To our strange hearts, as theirs, just and unjustAre idle words. Give graven thuribles.Keep orb and sceptre. Give us up your souls That our long fingers wake them verilyLike dulcimers... Poems - Post by : bnthroop - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 1359

The Ways Of Love The Ways Of Love

The Ways Of Love
Hail the implacable Iconoclast Whose images of ivory and goldMake proud the dust that his enthusiast In her dark trance may very God behold.From the clear music of his delicate Peripheries and porches of delightHe draws her down through cruel gate on gate, Through immemorial, blind, implacable riteThat strips her of her dream-branched veils of youth, And naked, agonised like trodden grapes,Drags her before the imperishable Truth, The flaming Ecstacy wherefrom he shapesReal myth and doctrine. Therefore... Poems - Post by : Samuel - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 1894

The New Love The New Love

The New Love
Ah! what if thy last canticle be said, Bright Archer of illusion adored of old,Thou dream-fast Love in raiment burning-red, Wreathed with white doves, quivered with burning gold?Pass with thy Triumph of Lovers, Aucassin, Tristram, and Pharamond, and Lancelot,Dante, and Rudel, all thy haughty kin, Princes in that high heaven, as we are not.--With some gilt couchant sphinx both casqued and crowned, All mailed in amethyst the new god comes,Whose brooding beautiful eyes at last have found... Poems - Post by : shady - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 2205

Reservations Reservations

Though cold clear cruelties like diamond Burthen this silken text of dim surmise,Surely thou knowest I am pity's bond If one but look at me with stricken eyes.If like a herald I have blazoned Pride, I am Humility's own renegade.For fruits of good and evil have I sighed? If Love forbid them, Love shall be obeyed.Though the wroth soul may excommunicate Her body, yet I see the flagrant strifeOf earthy and heavenly elements create Colour, change, music.... Poems - Post by : cardoso - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 1833

In Vain In Vain

In Vain
I said: "Confession's bitter cautery Shall fierily search my soul, destroy her ill."Natheless, the wounded wasting malady Is her unexorcised sad sovran still.Oh! that alembic fever of interwed Desire and dream and sense, rapture and rue!As soon as my sincerest words are said And heard they seem apostate and untrue.For only speech more richly dubious Than shoaling water, or a ringdove's breast,Than lighted incense more miraculous With fumes of strange remembrance, could attestThe morbid beauty of that... Poems - Post by : sylcz2000 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 3193

The Ironist The Ironist

The Ironist
Among high gods the absolute ironist Is Love. Therefore, when some cleft lightning mocksThine arrogant rapture, sad idealist, Admire the wild play of his paradox.Great satires of reversal have astounded His bigots: proud fine dreamers confidentBefore an idol in their image are hounded Through comedies of disillusionment.Not heavenly Plato, not the Florentine, Not any mage of EpipsychidionCan the true nature of the god divine. Heresiarchs like Heine and like Donne,Bitter and sweet, and hot and cold, know... Poems - Post by : blackdigerati - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 3422

The Soul To The Body The Soul To The Body

The Soul To The Body
I know thou hast a secret of thine own Which I desire. But once I broke with theeAnd walked among the asphodel alone: Therefore thou wilt reserve this reverie,Like sumptuous flame closed up in alabaster. They half betray, these curious magian hands:Faint music of thy breast has throbbed the faster, If I have touched it with my charming-wands.And yet,--the wonder any woman knows Thou dost deny the proud Soul that has fedAmong the lilies of the White Eros.--... Poems - Post by : skunkmark - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 1422

Treasure Treasure

Not mine the silver ride of the redeemer, Not mine the secret vision of the saint,Not mine the martyrdoms of Truth's dark dreamer Nor bitter beatitudes of Art. O quaintUndoing of youth's horoscope! No splendours Nor laurels, nor wisdom in a myrrhine bowl!Here is the treasure that the past surrenders, A spoil of roses coffered in the soul,--Much like another woman's! Rare perfumes And cleaving thorns, faded pathetic storeOf kisses and sighs, would those heroic dooms I... Poems - Post by : workforprofit - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 1512

After Many Years After Many Years

After Many Years
By mute communions and by salt sad kisses, By Pity's webs that still with fiery strandsWove us together, by the unplumbed abysses Where we have gazed and never loosened hands,By holy water we have given each other At Beauty's blessed doors, and by the heartsOf sweet Delight and Agony her brother, By bright new marriages in all great arts,By the rare wisdom like miraculous amber Won by the desolate grey sound of tears,By wedding-music of the flute and tambour... Poems - Post by : Dstyles - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 1615

The Revolt The Revolt

The Revolt
Not so, my Soul? Rather for thee the fate Of those hieratic Carthaginian queensWho needs must vanish through the gods' own gate, Even holy Flame, with music and great threnesIdolatrous, as on soft gorgeous wings, If Time's least kiss had subtly disallowedTheir beauty's sacred unisons?--Fair things Desire their revel-raiment be their shroud.Yet, fierce insurgent, cease vain wars to wage! Art thou so pure as to decline, forsooth,These penitential usages of age That expiate proud cruelties of youth,And... Poems - Post by : kskrob02 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 1087

Hypnerotomachia Hypnerotomachia

Ah! Pride and Wrath and Mirth and Pain and Pity, Some amethystine day at last will be,When your bright guard and Phantasy's hill-city Shall be like wonders on a tapestry;And we shall touch between tired orisons The symbolism of those freaked crowns and wings,--Then gaze across the falling Avalons, The resignations of autumnal things,And see among the pointed cypresses The one god left, the smiling perverse god,The Love that will not leave the loverless, Contending with the... Poems - Post by : jtl456 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 3527

The Soul Of Age The Soul Of Age

The Soul Of Age
I have seen delicate aged women wrought Most tenderly by Time, their passionate pastBy the wise vigils of forgiving thought Amerced of pain, mere beauty at the last.So may my soul be chaste, serene, enriched Like an Etruscan mirror one has foundIn kind oblivions, graciously bewitched With precious patinas, a various roundOf milky opal, or turkis, or emerald, Glistered with rubies faint and smoky pearls,Where swirls of incised pattern have enthralled Figures of sweet archaic gods and... Poems - Post by : mmcbee - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 1819

At The End At The End

At The End
The fiery permutations of the soul Are infinite, but how to be revealed?On what impassive matter must the whole Inveterate coil of good and ill be sealed!How much too simple all the tale of deeds To pattern out these labyrinthine things,These knots of bright unreason, ghostly bredes Veiled weavers weave, moving with silver wingsWithin the duskling sense. Most diverse visions Their visionaries darkly reconcileAt one sad end. Fate's delicate derisions Through the same hell of penance may... Poems - Post by : itmask - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 3505

The Change The Change

The Change
I spun my soul about with soft cocoons Of pleasure golden-pale. For me, for meWere precious things put forth by crescent moons, Of pearl and milky jade and ivory.Grave players on ethereal harpsichords, My senses wrought a music exquisiteAs patterned roses, all my life's accords Were richer, ghostlier than peacocks white.So in my paradise reserved and fair I grew as dreamlike as the Elysian dead;Until a passing Wizard smote me there, And suddenly my soul inheritedSome gorgeous... Poems - Post by : colinjin - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 4077

Comfort (2) Comfort (2)

Comfort (2)
And that is marvellous comfort;--and yet poor To what mere woman-mystery can give,The strange simplicity that will endure The pangs of death, most resolute to live.This God of riddles that shaped a thing so frail For his worst torment hid mysterious powersWithin her breast who can like lilies prevail Through rains of doom that conquer brassy towers.Her heart lies broken; when some trivial chord Of sweetness chimes reveille through the sense,--A rose, a song, a smile, a courtly word.... Poems - Post by : simplyme - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 2675

Comfort (1) Comfort (1)

Comfort (1)
II sang the Dolorous Stroke of Disillusion, Yet never have I broken faith with Joy:Flame-broidered trance and starless cold confusion Of slain and flying dreams shall not destroyThe radiant oath to that bright Suzerain Whose lightning-lovely succour ambushed liesEven in the most impossible strait of pain. Mystical paradox, divine surpriseOf rapture! By intensities alone Their spirits enter in to exultationFor whom the burning winds of their sad zone Bear down the Dove of the Imagination,Who suffer superbly,... Poems - Post by : smajor - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 2909

The Inventory, To Her Friend The Inventory, To Her Friend

The Inventory, To Her Friend
I love all sumptuous things and delicate, Ethereal matters richly paradisedIn Art's proud certitudes. I love the great Greek vases, carven ivory, subtilisedArras of roses, Magians dyed on glass, Graven chalcedony and sardonyx,Nocturnes that through the nerves like fever pass, Arthurian kings, Love on the crucifix,All sweet mysterious verse, the Byzantine Gold chambers of Crivelli, marble that flowersIn shy adoring angels, patterned vine And lotos, and emblazoned Books of Hours,--And you, whose smiling eyes to ironiesReduce both... Poems - Post by : helloworld - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 1386

Women Of Tanagra Women Of Tanagra

Women Of Tanagra
Have these forgotten they are toys of Death That in his sad aphelions of desireThey still regret the joy that perisheth, And Spring's great reveries that exceed and tire,--Faintly accusing Love's unmercied yokes With almost wanton grace, the craft and artOf precious frailty that with subtle strokes Of sweetness finds the core of Passion's heart?They carry fans and mirrors, or make fast The mournful flute-like cadence of a veil.Slight fans that winnowed souls, mirrors that glassed The... Poems - Post by : tgodell - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 2777

The Conquest Of Immortality The Conquest Of Immortality

The Conquest Of Immortality
Ah! not in earthy dull durations I Mine heirdom of Eternity implore.Give one star-drunken moment ere I die, Then doom me dreadless to the implacable Door.That mystical Assumption shall disown Time's haughtiest lieges. Grey mortalityWill disenchant the jewel-breded throne Of Cassiopeia when more burninglyMy deed exults with angels. I will borrow From continuity no larva-lease:Through sworded crises and great compts of sorrow I seek the splendour that shall never ceaseThough Death coin from my soul through endless... Poems - Post by : vonryan - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 1680

The Night Obscure Of The Soul The Night Obscure Of The Soul

The Night Obscure Of The Soul
When the Soul travails in her Night Obscure, The nadir of her desperate defeat,What heavenly dream shall help her to endure, What flaming Wisdom be her Paraclete?No curious Metaphysic can withhold The heart from that mandragora she craves:--Unreasonable, old as Earth is old, The blind ecstatic miracle that saves.Far off the pagan trumpeters of Pride Call to the blood.--Love moans.--Some fiery fashionOf rapture like the anguish of the bride Leaps from the dark perfection of the Passion,Crying:... Poems - Post by : gene3849 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Rachel Annand Taylor - Read : 3091