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Guglielmo Marconi Guglielmo Marconi

Guglielmo Marconi
I like Marconi best to see Beneath a Macaroni tree Playing that Nocturne in F Sharp By Chopin, on a Wireless Harp.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Guglielmo Marconi... Poems - Post by : zional81 - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 1267

Gilbert K. Chesterton Gilbert K. Chesterton

Gilbert K. Chesterton
Unless I'm very much misled, Chesterton's easier done than said. I have not seen him, but his looks I can imagine from his books.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Gilbert K. Chesterton... Poems - Post by : paulanto - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 3258

J. Pierpont Morgan J. Pierpont Morgan

J. Pierpont Morgan
In Rome, when Morgan came to town, They nailed the Colosseum down. A great Collector! Once his Fad Was Coins, but when in time he had Collected all the coin in sight, To Europe's Art his thoughts took flight. But let not Europe palpitate For fear of an Art Syndicate. There are more Rembrandts, strange to say, Than... Poems - Post by : custom - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 1075

Charles W. Eliot Charles W. Eliot

Charles W. Eliot
And now comes Dr. Eliot stating That Hell won't bear investigating. It looks like Charlie's out to bust The Great Hell-Fire Insurance Trust.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Charles W. Eliot... Poems - Post by : MilesBaker - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 3423

Daniel Frohman Daniel Frohman

Daniel Frohman
I love to picture Daniel Frohman In costume of a noble Roman. For Dan has just the style of hair, That Julius Caesar used to wear.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Daniel Frohman... Poems - Post by : DonPaul - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 1104

Ignace Jan Paderewski Ignace Jan Paderewski

Ignace Jan Paderewski
When Paderewski is forgot, Our children's children, like as not, Will worship in the Hall of Fame, Some great piano-maker's name.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Ignace Jan Paderewski... Poems - Post by : richdan - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 801

Rudyard Kipling Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling
I seem to see a Shining One, With eyes that gleam, now fierce, now tender, Through Goggles that reflect the Sun "With more than Oriental Splendor"; I see him sitting on a chest Heavy with padlocks, bolts, and cording, Where Untold Treasures hidden rest, Treasures of Untold Yarns he's hoarding. Oh, Rudyard, please unlock that chest! With hope deferred we're growing hoary; Or was it all an empty jest... Poems - Post by : scar2004 - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 2625

Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt
The ways of Providence are odd. If THEODORE means "The Gift of God," Let us give thanks, at any rate, The Gift was not a duplicate. Aside (To T. R) Dear Theodore, should it give you pain To read this Rhyme, let me explain. If we 'exchanged' you on Earth Could we find one of Equal worth? O. H.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Theodore Roosevelt... Poems - Post by : Hakim - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 3054

The Dog (from 'a Child's Primer Of Natural History') The Dog (from "a Child's Primer Of Natural History")

The Dog (from 'a Child's Primer Of Natural History')
HERE is the Dog. Since time be-gan, The Dog has been the friend of MAN, The Dog loves MAN be-cause he shears His coat and clips his tail and ears. MAN loves the Dog be-cause he'll stay And lis-ten to his talk all day, And wag his tail and show de-light At all his jokes, how-ev-er trite. His bark is far worse than his bite, So peo-ple say. They may be right; Yet if to make a choice I had, I'd choose his bark, how-ev-er bad.(The end)Oliver Herford's... Poems - Post by : Joshua_Ditty - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 1016

A Penguin A Penguin

A Penguin
THE Pen-guin sits up-on the shore And loves the lit-tle fish to bore; He has one en-er-vat-ing joke That would a very Saint pro-voke: "The Pen-guin's might-i-er than the Sword-fish"; He tells this dai-ly to the bored fish, Un-til they are so weak, they float With-out re-sis-tance down his throat.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Penguin... Poems - Post by : glad_tidings - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 2959

The Chimpanzee The Chimpanzee

The Chimpanzee
CHIL-DREN, be-hold the Chim-pan-zee: He sits on the an-ces-tral tree From which we sprang in ag-es gone. I'm glad we sprang: had we held on, We might, for aught that I can say, Be hor-rid Chim-pan-zees to-day.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Chimpanzee... Poems - Post by : vinnet - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 2865

The Platypus The Platypus

The Platypus
MY child, the Duck-billed Plat-y-pus A sad ex-am-ple sets for us: From him we learn how In-de-ci-sion Of char-ac-ter pro-vokes De-ri-sion. This vac-il-lat-ing Thing, you see, Could not de-cide which he would be, Fish, Flesh, or Fowl, and chose all three. The sci-en-tists were sore-ly vexed To clas-si-fy him; so per-plexed Their brains that they, with Rage at bay, Called him a hor-rid name one day,-- A name that baf-fles, frights, and shocks us,-- Or-ni-tho-rhyn-chus Par-a-dox-us.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Platypus... Poems - Post by : imported_n/a - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 1853

The Mongoos The Mongoos

The Mongoos
THIS, Chil-dren, is the famed Mon-goos. He has an ap-pe-tite ab-struse; Strange to re-late, this crea-ture takes A cu-ri-ous joy in eat-ing snakes-- All kinds, though, it must be con-fessed, He likes the poi-son-ous ones the best. From him we learn how ve-ry small A thing can bring a-bout a Fall. Oh, Mon-goos were you that day When Mis-tress Eve was led a-stray? If you'd but seen the ser-pent first, Our Parents would not have been cursed, And so there would be no ex-cuse For MIL-TON, but... Poems - Post by : business - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 2578

An Ostrich An Ostrich

An Ostrich
THIS is an Os-trich. See him stand: His head is bur-ied in the sand. It is not that he seeks for food, Nor is he shy, nor is he rude; But he is sen-si-tive, and shrinks And hides his head when-e'er he thinks How, on the Gains-bor-ough hat some day Of some fine la-dy at the play, His fea-thers may ob-struct the view Of all the stage from me or you.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Ostrich... Poems - Post by : carryon - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 2738

An Arctic Hare An Arctic Hare

An Arctic Hare
AN Arc-tic Hare we now be-hold. The hair, you will ob-serve, is white; But if you think the Hare is old, You will be ver-y far from right. The Hare is young, and yet the hair Grew white in but a sin-gle night. Why, then it must have been a scare That turned this Hare. No; 't was not fright (Al-though such cases are well known); I fear that once a-gain you're wrong. Know then, that in the Arc-tic Zone... Poems - Post by : natryan97 - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 1746

The Ant The Ant

The Ant
MY child, ob-serve the use-ful Ant, How hard she works each day. She works as hard as ad-a-mant (That's very hard, they say). She has no time to gal-li-vant; She has no time to play. Let Fido chase his tail all day; Let Kitty play at tag: She has no time to throw a-way, She has no tail to wag. She scurries round from morn till night; She ne-ver, ne-ver sleeps; She seiz-es ev-ery-thing in sight, And drags it home with all her might, And all she... Poems - Post by : dottystorer - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 3335

Some Geese Some Geese

Some Geese
EV-ER-Y child who has the use Of his sen-ses knows a goose. See them un-der-neath the tree Gath-er round the goose-girl's knee, While she reads them by the hour From the works of Scho-pen-hau-er. How pa-tient-ly the geese at-tend! But do they re-al-ly com-pre-hend What Scho-pen-hau-er's driv-ing at? Oh, not at all; but what of that? Nei-ther do I; nei-ther does she; And, for that mat-ter, nor does he.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Some Geese... Poems - Post by : Bill4444 - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 1740

The Pig-pen The Pig-pen

The Pig-pen
OH, turn not from the hum-ble Pig, My child, or think him in-fra dig. We oft hear lit-er-a-ry men Boast of the in-flu-ence of the Pen; Yet when we read in His-to-ry's Page Of Hu-man Pigs in ev-er-y age, From Cr(oe)-sus to the pres-ent day, Is it, my child, so hard to say (De-spite the Scribes' vain-glo-ri-ous boast) What Pen has in-flu-enced Man the most?(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Pig-Pen... Poems - Post by : frankkern - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 3652

The Sloth The Sloth

The Sloth
THE Sloth en-joys a life of Ease; He hangs in-vert-ed from the trees, And views life up-side down. If you, my child, are noth-ing loath To live in In-dol-ence and Sloth, Un-heed-ing the World's frown, You, too, un-vexed by Toil and Strife, May take a hu-mor-ous view of life.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Sloth... Poems - Post by : mozart - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 3876

The Leopard The Leopard

The Leopard
THIS is the Le-o-pard, my child; His tem-per's any-thing but mild. The Le-o-pard can't change his spots, And that--so say the Hot-ten-tots-- Is why he is so wild. Year in, year out, he may not change, No mat-ter how the wea-ther range, From cold to hot. No won-der, child, We hear the Le-o-pard is wild.(The end)Oliver Herford's poem: Leopard... Poems - Post by : sherita - Date : August 2011 - Author : Oliver Herford - Read : 3118