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The Names Of Jesus The Names Of Jesus

The Names Of Jesus
(Footnote: This poem is designed to form a part of a volume of strictly religious poetry, which the Author has in course of preparation; and is inserted here in deference to the expressed wish of a large number of friends. Its appearance here will not, however, prevent its appearing in its appropriate connection.) I SING the NAMES of JESUS!--matchless names!Highest and holiest Earth or Heaven claims!By which alone we may approach to HimBefore whose faintest ray the sun grows dim,And all the brightest glory of the skiesLike twilight's feeble glimmer fades and dies. MESSIAH, CHRIST!--God's high, Anointed One!The Eternal... Poems - Post by : thunder - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 2614

The Drunkard's Child The Drunkard's Child

The Drunkard's Child
A little child stood moaning At the hour of midnight lone,And no human ear was list'ning To the feebly wailing tone;The cold, keen blast of winter With funeral wail swept by,And the blinding snow fell darkly Through the murky, wintry sky.Ah! desolate and wretched Was the drunkard's outcast child,Driven forth; amidst the horrors Of that night of tempests wild.The babe so fondly cherished Once 'neath a parent's eye,Now laid her down in anguish Midst the drifting snows to die!"Papa!--papa!"--she murmured, "The night is cold and drear,And I'm freezing!--Oh, I'm freezing! In... Poems - Post by : 36161 - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 2730

Bright Thoughts For A Dark Day Bright Thoughts For A Dark Day

Bright Thoughts For A Dark Day
Will the shadows be lifted to-morrow?-- Will the sunshine come ever again?--Will the clouds, that are weeping in sorrow, Their glorious beauty regain?Will the forest stand forth in its greenness?-- The meadows smile sweet as before?--And the sky, in its placid sereneness, Bend lovingly o'er us once more?Will the birds sing again as we heard them, Ere the tempest their gentle notes hushed?--Will the breeze float again in its freedom, Where lately its melody gushed?Will the beautiful angel of sunset Drape the heavens in crimson and gold,As the day-king serenely retireth, 'Mid grandeur... Poems - Post by : jimmyboyd - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 2549

'i Laid Me Down And Slept' "i Laid Me Down And Slept"

'i Laid Me Down And Slept'
(Ps. 3 5.) Dark was the midnight hour,And wild with storm. Nor moon nor pitying starGleamed through the inky darkness from afar;And Earth seemed reeling blindly to her doom,As reels some stout ship thro' the midnight gloom,What time the tempest and the waves have power. I stood alone that night,And stretched my chill hands tow'rd the rayless sky,And heard the wrathful winds go shrieking by,And thought of... Poems - Post by : colin62 - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 2008

Sanzas Sanzas

"Whom have I in heaven but thee?"'Twere nought to me, yon glorious arch of night, Decked with the gorgeous blazonry of heaven,If, to my faith, amid its splendors bright, No vision of the Eternal One were given;I could but view a dreary, soulless waste-- A vast expanse of solitude unknown;--More cheerless for the splendors o'er it cast, For all its grandeur more intensely lone.'Twere nought to me, this ever-changing scene Of earthly beauty, sunshine, and delight--The wood's deep shadows and the valley's green, Morn's tender glow, and sunset's splendors bright--Nought, if my Father smiled not... Poems - Post by : Arun_Pal_Singh - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 3810

Johanna (hiawatha Measure) Johanna (hiawatha Measure)

Johanna (hiawatha Measure)
'Twas a balmy day in Autumn,In the drowsy, dreamy Autumn,When from out the quiet woodlandSounds of rustling leaves came only--Leaves that floated softly earthward--And the streamlets had a murmurSuch as wanders through our visionsIn the hushed and starry midnight--Low, soft murmur, full of music.With the small hand of her darlingClasped in her's, there came a motherTo an Artist--fondly askingFor the picture of her pet-lamb--Winsome pet-lamb full of child-life,Full of merry, ringing laughter--Laughter that went up unceasingLike the happy chime of streamletsSinging thro' some mountain valley,--Like the bird-song in the forestIn the time of early roses,--Like the tinkle of sweet watersDripping o'er... Poems - Post by : stablesuk - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 3837

Gone Before (in Memory Of A Pupil) Gone Before (in Memory Of A Pupil)

Gone Before (in Memory Of A Pupil)
Thou art but gone before-- Gone to that unknown shoreToward which _my_ feet are journeying swiftly on Thou hast but laid thy head _First_ with the dreamless dead,I, too, shall come, and share thy rest anon. Methinks 'twas sweet to die, Ere childhood's purityHad been polluted by sin's withering breath; Ere Care's pale, haggard mien Thy laughing eye had seen,Or thou hadst wept beside the bed... Poems - Post by : JerryW - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 2925

The White Stone Canoe The White Stone Canoe

The White Stone Canoe
AN INDIAN TRADITION; VERSIFIED FROM SCHOOLCRAFTIt was a day of festive-mirth, And bright the Indian wigwams shone,For 'twas a chieftain's bridal-day, And gladness dwelt in every tone;But ere the glow of sunset hours Upon the western hills was shed,Deep sadness rested on those bowers-- The bride was numbered with the dead.Days passed; and still beside her tomb The stricken lover bowed his head;And-nightly, through the forest's gloom The stars beheld him with his dead.In vain did grey-haired chieftains urge The youthful hunter to the chase;--He heard, yet heeded not their words, For grief... Poems - Post by : Marklouw - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 4383

Under The Rod Under The Rod

Under The Rod
"Be Still, and know that I am God!"Be silent, Soul!--though dark thy path and dreary, And wild with storm, yet what is that to thee?Though thou art faint, and desolate, and weary, Thy God hath willed thus,--so let it be!Murmurs the mountain oak when storms assail it, And warring tempests wildly shake its form?Firmer within the earth its root it striketh, And gathers strength and vigor from the storm.Be silent, Soul!--the hand of God is on thee! And, as a skillful gard'ner, from the vineDoth lop away each worthless branch and barren, So He would... Poems - Post by : Tom_Brownsword - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 2710

'to Our Parents' (written By Request, For A Golden Wedding) "to Our Parents" (written By Request, For A Golden Wedding)

'to Our Parents' (written By Request, For A Golden Wedding)
Full fifty years together-- Father and mother dear--Through pleasant summer weather, Or wintry tempests drear,--Thro' sunshine and thro' shadow, Oft travel sore and tried,Yet strong to aid each other, You've journeyed side by sideA few brief years of climbing,-- One glad, exultant glanceAt the sun bright world around you, At the smiling heaven's expanse,--And then, the slow descending Into the vale below,Where the light with shade is blending, And the deamy waters flowFull fifty years of travel-- Then, on your worn staves rest,And welcome home your children, And many an honored... Poems - Post by : imalwaysawinner - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 3285

Broken Broken

I. Broken! It's only a ring--a plain, old ring, Worn down to a thread almost-- Fling it away--the useless thing! What value now can it boast?-- Fling it away! Yet stay!--oh stay Ere you cast it away! There's a tale of the vanished years That ever will cling,... Poems - Post by : tmueller - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 4087

Honor To Labor Honor To Labor

Honor To Labor
HONOR TO LABOR!--it giveth health;Honor to labor!--it bringeth wealth;Honor to labor!--our glorious landDisplayeth its triumphs on every hand.It has smoothed the plains, laid the forests low,And brightened the vales with the harvest's glow,--Reared cities vast with their marts of trade,Where erst undisturbed lay the woodland shade,--Brought up from the depths of the teeming mine,Its treasured stores in the light to shine,--Sent Commerce forth on his tireless wingsIn search of all precious and goodly things--Forth to the ice-bound Northern seas,And to bright isles fanned by the Southern breeze,Where the Orange deepens its sunset dyes,And the Cocoa ripens 'neath glowing skies,--To the sunny... Poems - Post by : cbuddy - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 1288

The Voice Of Spring The Voice Of Spring

The Voice Of Spring
I heard a voice--twas the voice of Spring,Up from the rivulets murmuring,Singing of freedom,--thus the layOn the breezes floated away-- "Joy! joy!--the chains that bound us Now disappear, Sunlight pours its treasures round us, Warm, warm and clear, Onward, speeding onward To the bright main, Chainless, free, unfettered, Are we again!"I heard a voice--'twas the voice of Spring,Out from the hill sides whispering,And a tender strain from the woodland... Poems - Post by : imported_n/a - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 1786

From The Old To The New - Lines For The New Year From The Old To The New - Lines For The New Year

From The Old To The New - Lines For The New Year
I hear the beat of the unresting tide On either shore as swiftly on I glide With eager haste the narrow channel o'er, Which links the floods behind with those before. I hear behind me as I onward glide, Faint, farewell voices blending with the tide, While from beyond, now near, now far away, Come stronger voices chiding each delay; And drowning, oft, with wild, discordant burst, The melancholy minor of the first"Farewell! farewell!--ye leave us far behind you!"-- Tis thus the bright-winged Hours sigh from the Past--"Ye leave us, and... Poems - Post by : tab426 - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 2383

Time For Bed Time For Bed

Time For Bed
"Time for bed!"--the weary dayWith its toils has passed awaySol has wrapped his forehead brightIn the curtains of the night,And his glorious lamp againLowered behind the western mainLeaving all heaven's pure expanseRadiant with his parting glance Just a few, faint stars are seenRanged around the midnight queen--A select and glorious bandWho alone may waiting standHound the monarch of the night,Bearing up their urns of light,Her majestic path to cheerTill the shadows disappear. "Time for bed!" the folded flowersHang their heads in forest bowers;Nestled in each downy nestDay's sweet songsters calmly rest;And the night-bird's plaintive hymnEchoes through the forest dim;Dew-drops... Poems - Post by : nbdesign - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 2418

Stay, Mother, Stay! Stay, Mother, Stay!

Stay, Mother, Stay!
"Stay, mother, stay, for the storm is abroad,And the tempest is very wild;It's a fearful night with no ray of light,Oh stay with your little child!" "Hush darling!" the mother, with white lips said--"Lie still till I come again,God's angels blest will watch o'er thy restWhile I am abroad in the rain! Thy father, child?--oh, I quake with fearWhen I think where he may be,And I dare not stay till the dawn of day--I must hasten forth to see!" Then the young child buried her tangled curlsIn the ragged counterpane,While the half-clad mother went forth aloneIn the blinding... Poems - Post by : sherman - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 2565

The Stray Lamb - A Grandmother's Story The Stray Lamb - A Grandmother's Story

The Stray Lamb - A Grandmother's Story
We had finished our pitiful morsel, And both sat in silence a while;At length we looked up at each other. And I said, with the ghost of a smile,--"Only two little potatoes And a very small crust of bread--And then?"--"God will care for us, Lucy!" John, quietly answering, said."Yes, God _will_ provide for us, Lucy!" He said, after musing a while--I'd been quietly watching his features With a feeble attempt at a smile--"For, '_trust in the Lord, and do good_,' Our Father in Heaven has said,'_So shalt thou dwell in the land, And... Poems - Post by : RobHite - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 2205

No Solitude No Solitude

No Solitude
"Whither shall I go from thy Spirit?"I stood where ocean lashed the sounding shoreWith his unresting waves, and gazed far outUpon the billowy strife. I saw the deepLifting his watery arms to grasp the clouds,While the black clouds stooped from the sable archOf the storm-darkened heavens, and deep to deepAnswered responsive in the ceaseless roarOf thunders and of floods. "Here, then, I am alone,And this is solitude, "I murmured low,As in the presence of the... Poems - Post by : prbureau - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 1366

The Bird And The Storm-cloud The Bird And The Storm-cloud

The Bird And The Storm-cloud
Little bird, is that thy sphere,Yonder threat'ning cloud so near?Sunbeams blaze along its brow,Yet what darkness reigns below!There the sullen thunder mutt'ring,Wrathful sounds is sternly utt'ring;--There the red-eyed lightning gleameth,Where no more the sunlight beameth,And the strong wind, fiercely waking,Wings of fearful might is taking;--Creature of the calmer air,Wherefore art thou soaring there? Wert thou weary of the vale,With its blossom-scented gale?--Weary of thy breezy bowers?--Weary of thy wild-wood flowers?--Weary of thy wind-rocked nestIn the bright, green willow's breast?--Didst thou sigh, on daring wing,Up in heaven's blue depths to sing?--Claim with storms companionship,And in clouds thy free wings dip?--And... Poems - Post by : Chloe_Brooks - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 3393

Chlodine Chlodine

We met one fresh June-morn, Chlodine, Where two roads came together;I'd travelled far through storm and rain, And you, through pleasant weather.I loved you for the light, Chlodine, Of summer all around you,--I loved you foil the sweet June-flowers, Whose dewy garlands bound you!You loved me not, Chlodine, because The storms had beat upon me;Because there was no breath of flowers, No summer sunshine on me;--You could not see, Chlodine, that deep Within my soul were growingFresh flowers that evermore would keep The fragrance of their blowing.And so we parted--you and I--... Poems - Post by : blancelin - Date : July 2011 - Author : Mrs. J. C. Yule - Read : 1852