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The Compulsory Diversion--an Old Baron's Yarn The Compulsory Diversion--an Old Baron's Yarn

The Compulsory Diversion--an Old Baron's Yarn
I wonder, my dear fellows, if any of you know the Countess Stephen Repey, the younger one I mean, not the old lady, that little Creole princess--my little black-eyed cobold, as I call her? Mine indeed, pish! I don't mean that, of course. That is only a façon de parler. All of us, my dear fellows, as you very well know, have sighed after her enough, at some time or other, but none of you have had, like me, the luck to travel at night with her in the same coach. Well, naturally, her maid was there too. Still it was... Short Stories - Post by : cliffsbiz - Date : November 2011 - Author : Maurus Jokai - Read : 3693

The Celestial Slingers The Celestial Slingers

The Celestial Slingers
In the days when Kuczuk was the Pasha of Grosswardein, the good city of Debreczen had a very bad time of it. This whimsical Turk, whenever some little trifle had put him out of humour with the citizens of Debreczen, would threaten to ravage the town from end to end with fire and sword, cut the men to mincemeat, carry off all the women into captivity, pack up all the treasures of the town in sacks, and sow with salt the place where once it had stood. At first the prudent and pacific magistrates of Debreczen used to soothe the heavy... Short Stories - Post by : maclin - Date : November 2011 - Author : Maurus Jokai - Read : 2161

Thirteen At Table Thirteen At Table

Thirteen At Table
We are far amidst the snow-clad mountains of Transylvania. The scenery is magnificent. In clear weather, the plains of Hungary as far as the Rez promontory may be seen from the summit of the mountains. Groups of hills rise one above the other, covered with thick forest, which, at the period when our tale commences, had just begun to assume the first light green of spring. Toward sunset, a slight purple mist overspread the farther pinnacles, leaving their ridges still tinged with gold. On the side of one of these hills the white turrets of an ancient family... Short Stories - Post by : Webminer - Date : February 2011 - Author : Maurus Jokai - Read : 1957

In Love With The Czarina In Love With The Czarina

In Love With The Czarina
In the time of the Czar Peter III. a secret society existed at St. Petersburg which bore the title of "The Nameless." Its members used to assemble in the house of a Russian nobleman, Jelagin by name, who alone knew the personality of each visitor, they being, for the most part, unknown to one another. Distinguished men, princes, ladies of the court, officers of the Guard, Cossack soldiers, young commercial men, musicians, street-singers, actors and actresses, scientific men, clergymen and statesmen, used to meet here. Beauty and talent were alone qualifications for entry into the Society, the members of which were... Short Stories - Post by : Janie - Date : November 2009 - Author : Maurus Jokai - Read : 1872