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The First Act Of King Argimenes And The Unknown Warrior The First Act Of King Argimenes And The Unknown Warrior

The First Act Of King Argimenes And The Unknown Warrior
King ArgimenesZarb (a slave born of slaves)An Old Slave Slaves of King DarniakA Young SlaveSlavesKing DarniakThe King's OverseerA ProphetThe Idol-GuardThe Servant of the King's DogQueen OtharliaQueen OxaraQueen Cahafra Queens of King DarniakQueen ThragolindGuards and AttendantsACT I Time: A long time ago. SCENE: The dinner-hour on the slave-fields of King Darniak. (The Curtain rises upon King Argimenes, sitting upon the ground, bowed, ragged, and dirty,... Plays - Post by : russo_mr - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 1830

A Miracle A Miracle

A Miracle
There is a road in Rome that runs through an ancient temple that once the gods had loved; it runs along the top of a great wall, and the floor of the temple lies far down beneath it, of marble, pink and white. Upon the temple floor I counted to the number of thirteen hungry cats. 'Sometimes,' they said among themselves, 'it was the gods that lived here, sometimes it was men, and now it's cats. So let us enjoy the sun on the hot marble before another people comes.' For it was at that hour of a warm afternoon when... Short Stories - Post by : sfinco67 - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 2398

The Castle Of Time The Castle Of Time

The Castle Of Time
Presently there was a stir in one of the houses, and a bat flew out of the door into the daylight, and three mice came running out of the doorway down the step, an old stone cracked in two and held together by moss; and there followed an old man bending on a stick with a white beard coming to the ground, wearing clothes that were glossed with use, and presently there came others out of the other houses, all of them as old, and all hobbling on sticks. These were the oldest people that the King had ever beheld, and... Short Stories - Post by : Tamra - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 3635

The Queen's Enemies The Queen's Enemies

The Queen's Enemies
Dramatis PersonaeThe QueenAckazarpses (her handmaid)Prince RhadamandaspesPrince ZophernesThe Priest of HorusThe King of the Four CountriesThe Twin Dukes of EthiopiaTharni, Tharrabas, Harlee (Slaves)Slaves. Scene: An underground temple in Egypt. Time: The Sixth Dynasty. (The Curtain rises on darkness in both parts of the stage. Two Slaves appear with tapers on the steps. As they go down the steps, they light the torches that are clamped against the wall, with their tapers. Afterwards when they come to the temple they light the torches there till they are all lit. The two Slaves are Tharni and Tharrabas.) THARRABAS. Is it much further, Tharni? THARNI. I... Plays - Post by : Matthew_Moyer - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 2554

A Night At An Inn A Night At An Inn

A Night At An Inn
Dramatis Personae A. E. Scott-Fortescue (the Toff, dilapidated gentleman)William Jones (Bill)Albert ThomasJacob Smith (Sniggers) (All Merchant Sailors.)1st Priest of Klesh2nd Priest of Klesh3rd Priest of KleshKlesh Scene(The Curtain rises on a room in an inn.) (Sniggers and Bill are talking. The Toff is reading a paper. Albert sits a little apart.) SNIGGERS. What's his idea, I wonder? BILL. I don't know. SNIGGERS. And how much longer will he keep us here? BILL. We've been here three days. SNIGGERS.And 'aven't seen a soul. BILL.And a pretty penny it cost us when he rented the pub. SNIGGERS. 'Ow long did 'e... Plays - Post by : Kevin_P - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 1901

The Compromise Of The King Of The Golden Isles The Compromise Of The King Of The Golden Isles

The Compromise Of The King Of The Golden Isles
DRAMATIS PERSONAE THE KING OF THE GOLDEN ISLES: KING HAMARAN.THE KING'S POLITICIAN.THE AMBASSADOR OF THE EMPEROR.THE EMPEROR'S SEEKER.TWO PRIESTS OF THE ORDER OF THE SUN.THE KING'S QUESTIONERS.THE AMBASSADOR'S NUBIAN.THE HERALD OF THE AMBASSADOR.THE EMPEROR'S DWARF.THE DEPUTY CUP-BEARER.THE KING'S DOOM-BEARER. THE KING'S POLITICIAN. A man has fled from the Emperor, and has taken refuge in your Majesty's Court in that part of it called holy. THE KING. We must give him up to the Emperor. POLITICIAN. To-day a spearsman came running from Eng-Bathai seeking the man who fled. He carries the barbed spear of one of the Emperor's seekers. KING. We must... Plays - Post by : greenrob - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 2871

The Flight Of The Queen The Flight Of The Queen

The Flight Of The Queen
DRAMATIS PERSONAE THE PRINCE OF ZOON.PRINCE MELIFLOR.QUEEN ZOOMZOOMARMA.LADY OOZIZI.OOMUZ, a Common Soldier.THE GLORY OF XIMENUNG.THE OVERLORD OF MOOMOOMON.PRINCE HUZ.SCENE I (Time: June. Scene: In the Palace of Zoorm; the Hall of the Hundred Princes. The Princes sit at plain oaken tables with pewter mugs before them. They wear bright grass-green cloaks of silk; they might wear circlets of narrow silver with one large hyacinth petal rising from it at intervals of an inch. OOMUZ, a Common Soldier, huge and squat, with brown skin and dense black beard, stands just inside the doorway, holding a pike, guarding the golden treasure.... Plays - Post by : tony53 - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 1993

Cheezo Cheezo

DRAMATIS PERSONAE SLADDER, a successful man.SPLURGE, his secretary and publicity agent.THE REV. CHARLES HIPPANTHIGH.BUTLER.MRS. SLADDER.ERMYNTRUDE SLADDER. SCENE (The big house that SLADDER has bought in the country. SLADDER'S study. Large French window opening on to a lawn. Time: Now. SLADDER'S daughter is seated in an armchair tapping on the arm of it a little impatiently. The door opens very cautiously, and the head of MRS. SLADDER is put round it.) MRS. SLADDER. O, Ermyntrude. Whatever are you doing here? ERMYNTRUDE. I wanted to speak to father, mother. MRS. SLADDER. But you mustn't come in here. We mustn't disturb father. ERMYNTRUDE.... Plays - Post by : chuckd - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 3966

A Good Bargain A Good Bargain

A Good Bargain
DRAMATIS PERSONAE BROTHER ANTONINUS.BROTHER LUCULLUS SEVERUS.BROTHER GREGORIUS PEDRO.SATAN.SMOGGS.SCENE (A Crypt of a Monastery. BROTHER GREGORIUS PEDRO is seated on a stone bench reading. Behind him is a window. Enter BROTHER LUCULLUS SEVERUS.) LUCULLUS SEVERUS. Brother, we may doubt no longer. GREGORIUS PEDRO. Well? LUCULLUS SEVERUS. It is certain. Certain. GREGORIUS PEDRO. I too had thought so. LUCULLUS SEVERUS. It is clear now, clear as ... It is certain. GREGORIUS PEDRO. Well, why not? After all, why not? LUCULLUS SEVERUS. You mean...? GREGORIUS PEDRO. 'Tis but a miracle. LUCULLUS SEVERUS. Yes, but ... GREGORIUS PEDRO. But you did not... Plays - Post by : jgartha - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 4265

If Shakespeare Lived To-day If Shakespeare Lived To-day

If Shakespeare Lived To-day
DRAMATIS PERSONAE SIR WEBLEY WOOTHERY-JURNIP, Members of the Olympus.MR. NEEKS, Members of the Olympus.JERGINS, an old waiter.MR. TRUNDLEBEN, Secretary of the Club.MR. GLEEK, Editor of the "Banner and Evening Gazette" and member of the Olympus . SCENE (A room in the Olympus Club. Time: After luncheon. SIR WEBLEY WOOTHERY-JURNIP and MR. NEEKS sit by a small table. Further away sits MR. GLEEK, the Editor of the "Banner and Evening Gazette." SIR WEBLEY JURNIP rises and rings the bell by the fire-place. He returns to his seat.) MR. NEEKS. I see there's a man called Mr. William Shakespeare putting up for... Plays - Post by : Brad_Karthauser - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 3354

Fame And The Poet Fame And The Poet

Fame And The Poet
DRAMATIS PERSONAE HARRY DE REVES, a Poet. (This name, though of course of French origin, has become anglicised and is pronounced DE REEVS.) DICK PRATTLE, a Lieutenant-Major of the Royal Horse Marines. FAME.  SCENE The Poet's rooms in London. Windows in back. A high screen in a corner. Time: February 30th. The POET is sitting at a table writing. Enter DICK PRATTLE. PRATTLE. Hullo, Harry. DE REVES. Hullo, Dick. Good Lord are you from? PRATTLE (_casually_): The ends of the earth. DE REVES. Well, I'm damned! PRATTLE. Thought I'd drop in and see how you were getting on. DE REVES.... Plays - Post by : DavidParton - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 1850

The Journey Of The King The Journey Of The King

The Journey Of The King
I One day the King turned to the women that danced and said to them: "Dance no more," and those that bore the wine in jewelled cups he sent away. The palace of King Ebalon was emptied of sound of song and there rose the voices of heralds crying in the streets to find the prophets of the land. Then went the dancers, the cupbearer and the singers down into the hard streets among the houses, Pattering Leaves, Silvern Fountain and Summer Lightning, the dancers whose feet the gods had not devised for stony ways, which had only danced for princes.... Short Stories - Post by : waytogo-store - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 2882

The Dreams Of The Prophet The Dreams Of The Prophet

The Dreams Of The Prophet
I When the gods drave me forth to toil and assailed me with thirst and beat me down with hunger, then I prayed to the gods. When the gods smote the cities wherein I dwelt, and when Their anger scorched me and Their eyes burned, then did I praise the gods and offer sacrifice. But when I came again to my green land and found that all was gone, and the old mysterious haunts wherein I prayed as a child were gone, and when the gods tore up the dust and even the spider's web from the last remembered nook, then... Short Stories - Post by : tontonlefou - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 3414

The Jest Of The Gods The Jest Of The Gods

The Jest Of The Gods
Once the Older gods had need of laughter. Therefore They made the soul of a king, and set in it ambitions greater than kings should have, and lust for territories beyond the lust of other kings, and in this soul They set strength beyond the strength of others and fierce desire for power and a strong pride. Then the gods pointed earthward and sent that soul into the fields of men to live in the body of a slave. And the slave grew, and the pride and lust for power began to arise in his heart, and he wore shackles on... Short Stories - Post by : georgey - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 3601

The Relenting Of Sarnidac The Relenting Of Sarnidac

The Relenting Of Sarnidac
The lame boy Sarnidac tended sheep on a hill to the southward of the city. Sarnidac was a dwarf and greatly derided in the city. For the women said: "It is very funny that Sarnidac is a dwarf," and they would point their fingers at him saying:--"This is Sarnidac, he is a dwarf; also he is very lame." Once the doors of all the temples in the world swung open to the morning, and Sarnidac with his sheep upon the hill saw strange figures going down the white road, always southwards. All the morning he saw the dust rising above the... Short Stories - Post by : webpro100 - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 3523

In The Land Of Time In The Land Of Time

In The Land Of Time
Thus Karnith, King of Alatta, spake to his eldest son: "I bequeath to thee my city of Zoon, with its golden eaves under hum the bees. And I bequeath to thee also the land of Alatta, and all such other lands as thou art worthy to possess, for my three strong armies which I leave thee may well take Zindara and over-run Istahn, and drive back Onin from his frontier, and leaguer the walls of Yan, and beyond that spread conquest over the lesser lands of Hebith, Ebnon, and Karida. Only lead not thine armies against Zeenar, nor ever cross the... Short Stories - Post by : yaniksilver - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 4475

The South Wind The South Wind

The South Wind
Two players sat down to play a game together to while eternity away,and they chose the gods as pieces wherewith to play their game, and fortheir board of playing they chose the sky from rim to rim on laya little dust; and every speck of dust was a world upon the board ofplaying. And the players were robed and their faces veiled, and therobes and veils were alike, and their names were Fate and Chance. Andas they played their game and moved the gods hither and thither aboutthe board, the dust arose, and shone in the light from the players'eyes that... Short Stories - Post by : All4hits - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 4799

The Secret Of The Gods The Secret Of The Gods

The Secret Of The Gods
Zyni Moe, the small snake, saw the cool river gleaming before him afar off and set out over the burning sand to reach it. Uldoon, the prophet, came out of the desert and followed up the bank of the river towards his old home. Thirty years since Uldoon had left the city he was born, to live his life in a silent place where he might search for the secret of the gods. The name of his home was the City by the River, and in that city many prophets taught concerning many gods, and men made many secrets for... Short Stories - Post by : nancy_jayne - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 2211

Mlideen Mlideen

Upon an evening of the forgotten years the gods were seated upon Mowrah Nawut above Mlideen holding the avalanche in leash. All in the Middle City stood the Temples of the city's priests, and hither came all the people of Mlideen to bring them gifts, and there it was the wont of the City's priests to carve them gods for Mlideen. For in a room apart in the Temple of Eld in the midst of the temples that stood in the Middle City of Mlideen there lay a book called the Book of Beautiful Devices, writ in a language that no... Short Stories - Post by : newhello - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 2557

Usury Usury

The men of Zonu hold that Yahn is God, who sits as a usurer behind a heap of little lustrous gems and ever clutches at them with both his arms. Scarce larger than a drop of water are the gleaming jewels that lie under the grasping talons of Yahn, and every jewel is a life. Men tell in Zonu that the earth was empty when Yahn devised his plan, and on it no life stirred. Then Yahn lured to him shadows whose home was beyond the Rim, who knew little of joys and nought of any sorrow, whose place was beyond... Short Stories - Post by : janetoney - Date : August 2011 - Author : Lord Dunsany - Read : 3705