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After Three Days After Three Days

After Three Days
I stood within the gate Of a great temple, 'mid the living stream Of worshipers that thronged its regal state Fair-pictured in my dream. Jewels and gold were there; And floors of marble lent a crystal sheen To body forth, as in a lower air, The wonders of the scene. Such wild and lavish grace Had whispers in it of a coming doom; As richest flowers lie strown about the face... Poems - Post by : Kevin_Scott - Date : November 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 3507

The Sailor's Wife The Sailor's Wife

The Sailor's Wife
See! There are tears upon her face-- Tears newly shed, and scarcely dried: Close, in an agonised embrace, She clasps the infant at her side. Peace dwells in those soft-lidded eyes, Those parted lips that faintly smile-- Peace, the foretaste of Paradise, In heart too young for care or guile. No peace that mother's features wear; But quivering lip, and knotted brow, And broken mutterings, all declare The fearful dream that haunts her now. The storm-wind, rushing... Poems - Post by : eLogo - Date : November 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 1251

Only A Woman's Hair Only A Woman's Hair

Only A Woman's Hair
'Only a woman's hair'! Fling it aside! A bubble on Life's mighty stream: Heed it not, man, but watch the broadening tide Bright with the western beam. Nay! In those words there rings from other years The echo of a long low cry, Where a proud spirit wrestles with its tears In loneliest agony. And, as I touch that lock, strange visions throng Upon my soul with dreamy grace-- Of woman's hair, the... Poems - Post by : Rob_Jean - Date : November 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 3143

The Willow-tree The Willow-tree

The Willow-tree
The morn was bright, the steeds were light, The wedding guests were gay: Young Ellen stood within the wood And watched them pass away. She scarcely saw the gallant train: The tear-drop dimmed her ee: Unheard the maiden did complain Beneath the Willow-Tree. "Oh Robin, thou didst love me well, Till, on a bitter day, She came, the Lady Isabel, And stole thy heart away.... Poems - Post by : jinzer - Date : November 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 1103

Stolen Waters Stolen Waters

Stolen Waters
The light was faint, and soft the air That breathed around the place; And she was lithe, and tall, and fair, And with a wayward grace Her queenly head she bare. With glowing cheek, with gleaming eye, She met me on the way: My spirit owned the witchery Within her smile that lay: I followed her, I knew not why. The... Poems - Post by : candy - Date : November 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 1855

Beatrice Beatrice

In her eyes is the living light Of a wanderer to earth From a far celestial height: Summers five are all the span-- Summers five since Time began To veil in mists of human night A shining angel-birth. Does an angel look from her eyes? Will she suddenly spring away, And soar to her home in the skies? Beatrice! Blessing and blessed to be! Beatrice! Still, as I... Poems - Post by : upena - Date : November 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 2433

Far Away Far Away

Far Away
He stept so lightly to the land, All in his manly pride: He kissed her cheek, he clasped her hand; Yet still she glanced aside. "Too gay he seems," she darkly dreams, "Too gallant and too gay, To think of me--poor simple me-- When he is far away!" "I bring my Love this goodly pearl Across the seas," he said: "A gem to deck the dearest girl... Poems - Post by : Norman - Date : November 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 1701

Solitude Solitude

I love the stillness of the wood: I love the music of the rill: I love to couch in pensive mood Upon some silent hill. Scarce heard, beneath yon arching trees, The silver-crested ripples pass; And, like a mimic brook, the breeze Whispers among the grass. Here from the world I win release, Nor scorn of men, nor footstep rude, Break in to mar the holy peace... Poems - Post by : Sue_M - Date : November 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 1515

The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
Hark, said the dying man, and sighed, To that complaining tone-- Like sprite condemned, each eventide, To walk the world alone. At sunset, when the air is still, I hear it creep from yonder hill: It breathes upon me, dead and chill, A moment, and is gone. My son, it minds me of a day Left half a life behind, That I have prayed to put away For ever from... Poems - Post by : houseguy65 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 3121

The Path Of Roses The Path Of Roses

The Path Of Roses
In the dark silence of an ancient room, Whose one tall window fronted to the West, Where, through laced tendrils of a hanging vine, The sunset-glow was fading into night, Sat a pale Lady, resting weary hands Upon a great clasped volume, and her face Within her hands. Not as in rest she bowed, But large hot tears were coursing down her cheek, And her low-panted sobs broke awefully Upon the sleeping echoes of the night. Soon she unclasp'd the volume once again, And read the words in... Poems - Post by : Joe_Banana - Date : November 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 3464

Three Sunsets Three Sunsets

Three Sunsets
He saw her once, and in the glance, A moment's glance of meeting eyes, His heart stood still in sudden trance: He trembled with a sweet surprise-- All in the waning light she stood, The star of perfect womanhood. That summer-eve his heart was light: With lighter step he trod the ground: And life was fairer in his sight, And music was in every sound: He blessed the world where there could be So beautiful a thing as she. There once... Poems - Post by : George_Ahrens - Date : November 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 2115

Alice's Adventures Under Ground Alice's Adventures Under Ground

Alice's Adventures Under Ground
ALICE'S ADVENTURES UNDER GROUND BEING A FACSIMILE OF THE ORIGINAL MS. BOOK _AFTERWARDS DEVELOPED... Short Stories - Post by : S3rp3nt - Date : January 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 2590

Fame's Penny-trumpet Fame's Penny-trumpet

Fame's Penny-trumpet
(Affectionately dedicated to all "original researchers" who pant for "endowment.")Blow, blow your trumpets till they crack,Ye little men of little souls!And bid them huddle at your back -Gold-sucking leeches, shoals on shoals!Fill all the air with hungry wails -"Reward us, ere we think or write!Without your Gold mere Knowledge failsTo sate the swinish appetite!"And great Plato paced serene,Or Newton paused with wistful eye,Rush to the chace with hoofs uncleanAnd Babel-clamour of the styBe yours the pay: be theirs the praise:We will not rob them of their due,Nor vex the ghosts of other daysBy naming them along with you.They sought and... Poems - Post by : divmark - Date : January 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 2709

Four Riddles Four Riddles

Four Riddles
(These consist of two Double Acrostics and two Charades.No. I. was written at the request of some young friends, who had gone to a ball at an Oxford Commemoration--and also as a specimen of what might be done by making the Double Acrostic A CONNECTED POEM instead of what it has hitherto been, a string of disjointed stanzas, on every conceivable subject, and about as interesting to read straight through as a page of a Cyclopaedia. The first two stanzas describe the two main words, and each subsequent stanza one of the cross "lights."No. II. was written after seeing Miss Ellen... Poems - Post by : 1WebDiva - Date : January 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 1049

The Lang Coortin' The Lang Coortin'

The Lang Coortin'
The ladye she stood at her lattice high,Wi' her doggie at her feet;Thorough the lattice she can spyThe passers in the street,"There's one that standeth at the door,And tirleth at the pin:Now speak and say, my popinjay,If I sall let him in."Then up and spake the popinjayThat flew abune her head:"Gae let him in that tirls the pin:He cometh thee to wed."O when he cam' the parlour in,A woeful man was he!"And dinna ye ken your lover agen,Sae well that loveth thee?""And how wad I ken ye loved me, Sir,That have been sae lang away?And how wad I ken ye loved... Poems - Post by : gofermatch - Date : January 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 1530

Atalanta In Camden-town Atalanta In Camden-town

Atalanta In Camden-town
Ay, 'twas here, on this spot,In that summer of yore,Atalanta did notVote my presence a bore,Nor reply to my tenderest talk "She hadheard all that nonsense before."She'd the brooch I had boughtAnd the necklace and sash on,And her heart, as I thought,Was alive to my passion;And she'd done up her hair in the style thatthe Empress had brought into fashion.I had been to the playWith my pearl of a Peri -But, for all I could say,She declared she was weary,That "the place was so crowded and hot, andshe couldn't abide that Dundreary."Then I thought "Lucky boy!'Tis for YOU that she whimpers!"And... Poems - Post by : Bill_V - Date : January 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 1981

Size And Tears Size And Tears

Size And Tears
When on the sandy shore I sit,Beside the salt sea-wave,And fall into a weeping fitBecause I dare not shave -A little whisper at my earEnquires the reason of my fear.I answer "If that ruffian JonesShould recognise me here,He'd bellow out my name in tonesOffensive to the ear:He chaffs me so on being stout(A thing that always puts me out)."Ah me! I see him on the cliff!Farewell, farewell to hope,If he should look this way, and ifHe's got his telescope!To whatsoever place I flee,My odious rival follows me!For every night, and everywhere,I meet him out at dinner;And when I've found some charming... Poems - Post by : bornagain - Date : January 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 3057

Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur

Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur
"How shall I be a poet?How shall I write in rhyme?You told me once 'the very wishPartook of the sublime.'Then tell me how! Don't put me offWith your 'another time'!"The old man smiled to see him,To hear his sudden sally;He liked the lad to speak his mindEnthusiastically;And thought "There's no hum-drum in him,Nor any shilly-shally.""And would you be a poetBefore you've been to school?Ah, well! I hardly thought youSo absolute a fool.First learn to be spasmodic -A very simple rule."For first you write a sentence,And then you chop it small;Then mix the bits, and sort them outJust as they chance to... Poems - Post by : Privlist - Date : January 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 2118

A Game Of Fives A Game Of Fives

A Game Of Fives
Five little girls, of Five, Four, Three, Two, One:Rolling on the hearthrug, full of tricks and fun.Five rosy girls, in years from Ten to Six:Sitting down to lessons--no more time for tricks.Five growing girls, from Fifteen to Eleven:Music, Drawing, Languages, and food enough for seven!Five winsome girls, from Twenty to Sixteen:Each young man that calls, I say "Now tell me which you MEAN!"Five dashing girls, the youngest Twenty-one:But, if nobody proposes, what is there to be done?Five showy girls--but Thirty is an ageWhen girls may be ENGAGING, but they somehow don't ENGAGE.Five dressy girls, of Thirty-one or more:So gracious to the... Poems - Post by : ghopkins - Date : January 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 3771

Tema Con Variazioni Tema Con Variazioni

Tema Con Variazioni
(Why is it that Poetry has never yet been subjected to that process of Dilution which has proved so advantageous to her sister-art Music? The Diluter gives us first a few notes of some well-known Air, then a dozen bars of his own, then a few more notes of the Air, and so on alternately: thus saving the listener, if not from all risk of recognising the melody at all, at least from the too- exciting transports which it might produce in a more concentrated form. The process is termed "setting" by Composers, and any one, that has ever experienced the... Poems - Post by : Hugo_San - Date : January 2011 - Author : Lewis Carroll - Read : 1687