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Kapiolani In Rarotongan Kapiolani In Rarotongan

Kapiolani In Rarotongan
Mr. F.W. Christian, of the Polynesian Society of New Zealand, whose personal acquaintance with the South Sea Islands and their dialects is unique, is translating "Kapiolani" into Rarotongan. He writes-- "I enclose a four-line stanza which, translating your first line--'Where the great green combers break,' etc.--strictly according to East Polynesian ballad-metres, ushers in your great theme. "'Kapiolani' will, I trust, God willing, become a household classic in many of the Eastern Islands, such as Rapa and Manahiki the Rarotongan language runs current as a sort of Lingua Franca or Sacred Esperanto, thanks to the magnificent translation of the Bible by... Poems - Post by : PeterH - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 1732

After Work After Work

After Work
Lord, when Thou seest that my work is done,Let me not linger on,With failing powers,Adown the weary hours,--A workless worker in a world of work.But, with a word,Just bid me home,And I will comeRight gladly,--Yea, right gladlyWill I come.(The end)John Oxenham's poem: After Work... Poems - Post by : cclittle - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 1525

Bed-rock Bed-rock

I have been tried,Tried in the fire,And I say this,As the result of dire distress,And tribulation sore--That a man's happiness doth not consistOf that he hath, but of the faithAnd trust in God's great loveThese bring him to.Nought else is worth consideration.For the peace a man may findIn perfect trust in GodOutweighs all else, and isThe only possible foundationFor true happiness.(The end)John Oxenham's poem: Bed-Rock... Poems - Post by : yahni - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 3898

Props Props

Earthly props are useless, On Thy grace I fall;Earthly strength is weakness, Father, on Thee I call,-- For comfort, strength, and guidance, O, give me all!(The end)John Oxenham's poem: Props... Poems - Post by : kimaiga - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 3220

Shut Windows Shut Windows

Shut Windows
(For the Braille Magazine)When the outer eye grows dim,Turns the inner eye to Him, Who makes darkness light.Fairer visions you may see,Live in nobler company,And in larger liberty, Than the men of sight.He sometimes shuts the windows but to open hidden doors,Where all who will may wander bold and free,For His house has many mansions, and the mansions many floors,And every room is free to you and me.(The end)John Oxenham's poem: Shut Windows... Poems - Post by : MichaelS - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 4156

In Narrow Ways In Narrow Ways

In Narrow Ways
Some lives are set in narrow ways,By Love's wise tenderness.They seem to suffer all their daysLife's direst storm and stress.But God shall raise them up at length,His purposes are sure,He for their weakness shall give strength,For every ill a cure.(The end)John Oxenham's poem: In Narrow Ways... Poems - Post by : hotbobs - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 3567

Your Place Your Place

Your Place
Is your place a small place? Tend it with care!-- He set you there.Is your place a large place? Guard it with care!-- He set you there.Whatever your place, it is Not yours alone, but His Who set you there.(The end)John Oxenham's poem: Your Place... Poems - Post by : eagltrax - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 2819

A Little Te Deum Of The Commonplace A Little Te Deum Of The Commonplace

A Little Te Deum Of The Commonplace
A FRAGMENT With hearts responsive And enfranchised eyes, We thank Thee, Lord,--For all things beautiful, and good, and true;For things that seemed not good yet turned to good;For all the sweet compulsions of Thy willThat chased, and tried, and wrought us to Thy shape;For things unnumbered that we take of right,And value first when first they are withheld;For light and air; sweet sense of sound and smell;For ears to hear the heavenly harmonies;For eyes to see the unseen in the seen;For vision of The Worker in the work;For hearts to apprehend Thee... Poems - Post by : countincash - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 4113

'i Will!' "i Will!"

'i Will!'
Say once again Thy sweet "I will!" In answer to my prayers."Lord, if Thou wilt!"-- --"I will! Rise up above thy cares!"(The end)John Oxenham's poem: "I Will!"... Poems - Post by : imported_n/a - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 1573

Faith Faith

Lord, give me faith!--to live from day to day,With tranquil heart to do my simple part,And, with my hand in Thine, just go Thy way.Lord, give me faith!--to trust, if not to know;With quiet mind in all things Thee to find,And, child-like, go where Thou wouldst have me go.Lord, give me faith!--to leave it all to Thee,The future is Thy gift, I would not liftThe vail Thy Love has hung 'twixt it and me.(The end)John Oxenham's poem: Faith... Poems - Post by : tonyzink - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 3242

Processionals Processionals

NORTHWe come from the gloom of the shadowy trail Out away on the fringe of the Night,Where no man could tell, when the darkness fell, If his eyes would behold the light. To--the--Night,-- To--the--Night,-- To the darkness and the sorrow of the Night,-- Came--the--Light, Came--the--Light, Came the Wonder and the Glory of the Light.There are wanderers still, without ever a guide, Out there on... Poems - Post by : afronova - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 3827

They Come! They Come!

They Come!
From North and South, and East and West, They come!The sorely tried, the much oppressed,Their Faith and Love to manifest, They come!They come to tell of work well done,They come to tell of kingdoms won,To worship at the Great White Throne, They come!In a noble consecration,With a sound of jubilation. They come! They come!Through tribulations and distress, They come!Through perils great and bitterness,Through persecutions pitiless, They come!They come by paths the... Poems - Post by : mkj2300 - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 2136

Kapiolani Kapiolani

Where the great green combers break in thunder on the barrier reefs,--Where, unceasing, sounds the mighty diapason of the deep,--Ringed in bursts of wild wave-laughter, ringed in leagues of flying foam,--Long lagoons of softest azure, curving beaches white as snow,Lap in sweetness and in beauty all the isles of Owhyhee.Land more lovely sun ne'er shone on than these isles of Owhyhee,Spendthrift Nature's wild profusion fashioned them like fairy bowers;Yet behind--below the sweetness,--underneath the passion-flowers,Lurked grim deeds, and things of horror, grisly Deaths, and ceaseless Fears,Fears and Deaths that walked in Darkness, grisly Deaths and ceaseless Fears.NOTE.--Kapiolani--pronounced Kah-pee-o-lah-ny, with slight accent on... Poems - Post by : Lost_Dutchman - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 1765

Livingstone's Soliloquy Livingstone's Soliloquy

Livingstone's Soliloquy
"My heart to-dayIs strangely full of home!How is itWith the dear ones over there? Five years! Five long-drawn years! And one short moment is enough To alter life's complexion for eternity! Home! Home! Home! * * * * * How is it with you all At Home?... Poems - Post by : voicewaveteam - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 3910

Livingstone The Builder Livingstone The Builder

Livingstone The Builder
With a will! With a will! With a will and surely! Without fail, Drive each nail, Build we so, securely!The Pioneer,--the Undaunted One,Worn with long journeyings through the Great Dark Land,Rests for a season from his mighty labours,And seeks fresh vigour in a change of toil. Labour is sweet, When hands and hearts are... Poems - Post by : goofyrat - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 1245

Livingstone Livingstone

To lift the sombre fringes of the Night,To open lands long darkened to the Light,To heal grim wounds, to give the blind new sight, Right mightily wrought he. Forth to the fight he fared, High things and great he dared, He thought of all men but himself, Himself he never spared. He greatly loved-- He greatly lived--... Poems - Post by : outboxin - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 3695

India India

A land of lights and shadows intervolved,A land of blazing sun and blackest night,A fortress armed, and guarded jealously,With every portal barred against the Light.A land in thrall to ancient mystic faiths,A land of iron creeds and gruesome deeds,A land of superstitions vast and grim,And all the noisome growths that Darkness breeds.Like sunny waves upon an iron-bound coast,The Light beats up against the close-barred doors,And seeks vain entrance, yet beats on and on,In hopeful faith which all defeat ignores.But--time shall come, when, like a swelling tide,The Word shall leap the barriers, and The LightShall sweep the land; and Faith and Love... Poems - Post by : chilemann - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 2631

Darkness And Light Darkness And Light

Darkness And Light
There is darkness still, gross darkness, Lord,On this fair earth of Thine.There are prisoners still in the prison-house,Where never a light doth shine.There are doors still bolted against Thee,There are faces set like a wall;And over them all the Shadow of DeathHangs like a pall. Do you hear the voices calling, Out there in the black of the night? Do you hear the sobs of the women, Who are barred from the blessed light? And the children,--the little children,-- Do you hear their... Poems - Post by : gcreed - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 3070

Judgment Day (every Day Is Judgment Day) Judgment Day (every Day Is Judgment Day)

Judgment Day (every Day Is Judgment Day)
Every day is Judgment Day,Count on no to-morrow.He who will not, when he may,Act to-day, to-day, to-day,Doth but borrowSorrow.(The end)John Oxenham's poem: Judgment Day (Every day is Judgment Day)... Poems - Post by : Mikesw43 - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 1937

The Prince Of Life The Prince Of Life

The Prince Of Life
O, Prince of Life, Thy Life hath tunedAll life to sweeter, loftier grace!Life's common rounds have wider boundsSince Thou hast trod life's common ways.O, Heart of Love! Thy TendernessStill runs through life's remotest vein;And lust and greed and soulless creedShall never rule the world again.O Life of Love!--The Good IntentOf God to man made evident,--All down the years, despite men's fears,Thy Power is still omnipotent.O Life! O Love! O Living Word!--Rent Vail, revealing God to man,--Help, Lord! Lest I should crucify,By thought or deed, Thy Love again.(The end)John Oxenham's poem: Prince Of Life... Poems - Post by : europian - Date : October 2011 - Author : John Oxenham - Read : 4104