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'the Men Who Loved The Cause That Never Dies' "the Men Who Loved The Cause That Never Dies"

'the Men Who Loved The Cause That Never Dies'
O come you down from the far hillsWhereon you fought, triumphed and died,Men at whose names the quick blood thrillsAnd the heart's troubled in our side.Your shadows o'er our fields ere nightDraw from the shadow of old trees;Ghost-hallowed run the streams, and lightHangs halo-wise in the great peace.Warriors of England whom we praise(Ah, vain all praise!), your spirit is notLost in the meanness of these days,Not wholly is your charge forgot.And this perplexity of strifeNot all estranged leaves our heart;England is ours yet, and her lifeHas yet in ours the purest part.But come you down and stand you yetA little closer... Poems - Post by : rezaloans - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 3521

At The Dock At The Dock

At The Dock
They loiter round the Dock that holds yon ShipShuddering at the dark pool's defiled lipFrom springing bows to foam-deriding stern;They have left her, and await her call "Return!"Like any human mistress she has castCareless her ancient lovers, till at lastPerforce she calls them, and perforce they comeLike any human lovers.... Ah, what homeKnow these, save in the Ship, the Ship! She groansDay and night with travail of their strenuous bones.They know her for their mother, sister, spouse,Heart of their passion, idol of their vows;They ward her, and she is their sure defence'Gainst the sad waters' leagued malevolence.The Ship, the Ship: they... Poems - Post by : dgammon - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 3209

Sailing Of The 'glory' Sailing Of The "glory"

Sailing Of The 'glory'
Merrily shouted all the sailors As they left the town behind;Merrily shouted they and gladdened At the slip-slap of the wind.But envious were those faint home-keepers, Faint land-lovers, as they sawHow the Glory dipped and staggered-- Envying sawPass the ship while all her sailors Merrily shouted.Far and far on eastern waters Sailed the ship and yet sailed on,While the townsmen, faint land-lovers, Thought, "How long is't now she's gone?Now, maybe, Bombay she touches, Now strange craft about... Poems - Post by : ehllc - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2121

Evening Beauty: Blackfriars Evening Beauty: Blackfriars

Evening Beauty: Blackfriars
Nought is but beauty weareth, near and far, Under the pale, blue sky and lonely star. This is that quick hour when the city turns Her troubled harsh distortion and blind care Into brief loveliness seen everywhere,While in the fuming west the low sun smouldering burns. Not brick nor marble the rich beauty owns, Not this is held in starward-pointing stones. Sun, wind and smoke the threefold magic stir, Kissing each favourless poor ruin with kiss Like that when lovers lovers lure to bliss,And earth than towered heaven awhile is heavenlier.... Poems - Post by : Doug_Champigny - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2742

From Piccadilly In August From Piccadilly In August

From Piccadilly In August
Now the trees rest: the moon has taught them sleep,Like drowsy wings of bats are all their leaves,Clinging together. Girls at ease who foldFair hands upon white necks and through dusk fieldsWalk all content,--of them the trees have takenTheir way of evening rest; the yellow moonWith her pale gold has lit their dreams that lispOn the wind's murmuring lips. And low beyondBurn those bright lamps beneath the moon more bright,Lamps that but flash and sparkle and light notThe... Poems - Post by : jallenmorris - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2738

England's Enemy England's Enemy

England's Enemy
She stands like one with mazy cares distraught.Around her sudden angry storm-clouds rise,Dark, dark! and comes the look into her eyesOf eld. All that herself herself hath taughtShe cons anew, that courage new be caughtOf courage old. Yet comfortless still liesSnake-like in her warm bosom (vexed with sighs)Fear of the greatness that herself hath wrought.No glory but her memory teems with it,No beauty that's not hers; more nobly noneOf all her sisters runs with her; but sheFor her old destiny dreams herself unfit,And fumbling at the future doubtfullyMuses how Rome of Romans was undone.(The end)John Freeman's poem: England's Enemy... Poems - Post by : Wonema - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2287

Homecoming Homecoming

When I came home from wanderings In a tall chattering ship,I thought a hundred happy things,Of people, places, and such things As I came sailing home.The tall ship moved how slowly on With me and hundreds more,That thought not then of wanderings,But of unwhispered, longed-for things, Familiar things of home.For not in miles seemed other lands Far off, but in long yearsAs we came near to England then;Even the tall ship heard secret things As she moved trembling home.It was at dawn. The chattering ship Was strangely hushed; faint mistCrept everywhere, and we crept... Poems - Post by : slxguru2003 - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 3397

English Hills English Hills

English Hills
O that I wereWhere breaks the pure cold lightOn English hills,And peewits rising cry,And gray is all the sky.Or at evening thereWhen the faint slow light stays,And far belowSleeps the last lingering sound,And night leans all round.O then, O there'Tis English haunted ground.The diligent starsCreep out, watch, and smile;The wise moon lingers awhile.For surely thereHeroic shapes are moving,Visible thoughts,Passions, things divine,Clear beneath clear star-shine.O that I wereAgain on English hills,Seeing betweenLaborious villagesHer cool dark loveliness.(The end)John Freeman's poem: English Hills... Poems - Post by : jojojo - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2250

Presage Of Victory Presage Of Victory

Presage Of Victory
IThen first I knew, seeing that bent grey head,How England honours all her thousand dead.Then first I knew how faith through black grief burns,Until the ruined heart glows while it yearnsFor one that never more returns--Glows in the spent embers of its prideFor one that careless lived and fearless died.And then I knew, then first,How everywhere Hope from her prison had burst--On every hill, wide dale, soft valley's lap,In lonely cottage clutch'd between huge downs,And streets confused with streets in clanging towns--Like spring from winter's jail pouring her sapInto the idle wood of last year's trees.Then first I knew how the... Poems - Post by : Jeff_Ray - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2405

Sweet England Sweet England

Sweet England
I heard a boy that climbed up Dover's HillSinging Sweet England, sweeter for his song.The notes crept muffled through the copse, but stillSharply recalled the things forgotten long,The music that my own boy's lips had known,Singing, and old airs on a wild flute blown;And other hills, more grim and lonely far,And valleys empty of these orchard trees;A sheep-pond filled with the moon, a single starI had watched by night searching the wreckful seas;And all the streets and streets that childhood knewIn years when London streets were all my view.And I remembered how that song I heard,Sweet England, sung by children on... Poems - Post by : fanie - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 3834

The Stars In Their Courses The Stars In Their Courses

The Stars In Their Courses
And now, while the dark vast earth shakes and rocksIn this wild dream-like snare of mortal shocks,How look (I muse) those cold and solitary starsOn these magnificent, cruel wars?--Venus, that brushes with her shining lips(Surely!) the wakeful edge of the world and mocksWith hers its all ungentle wantonness?--Or the large moon (pricked by the spars of shipsCreeping and creeping in their restlessness),The moon pouring strange light on things more strange,Looks she unheedfully on seas and landsTrembling with change and fear of counterchange?O, not earth trembles, but the stars, the stars!The sky is shaken and the cool air is quivering.I cannot look... Poems - Post by : tradegenie - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1972

Happy Is England Now Happy Is England Now

Happy Is England Now
There is not anything more wonderfulThan a great people moving towards the deepOf an unguessed and unfeared future; norIs aught so dear of all held dear beforeAs the new passion stirring in their veinsWhen the destroying Dragon wakes from sleep.Happy is England now, as never yet!And though the sorrows of the slow days fretHer faithfullest children, grief itself is proud.Ev'n the warm beauty of this spring and summerThat turns to bitterness turns then to gladnessSince for this England the beloved ones died.Happy is England in the brave that dieFor wrongs not hers and wrongs so sternly hers;Happy in those that give,... Poems - Post by : dp1795 - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 3940

I Heard A Voice Upon The Window Beat I Heard A Voice Upon The Window Beat

I Heard A Voice Upon The Window Beat
I heard a voice upon the window beatAnd then grow dim, grow still.Opening I saw the snowy sillMarked with the robin's feet. Chill was the air and chillThe thoughts that in my bosom beat.I thought of all that wide and hopeless snowCrusting the frozen lands.Of small birds that in famished bandsA-chill and silent grow. And how Earth's myriad handsClutched only hills of frosted snow.And then I thought of Love that beat and criedFamishing at my breast;How I, by chilling care distrest,Denied him, and Love died.... O, with what sore unrestLove's ghost woke with the bird that cried!(The end)John... Poems - Post by : Aura_Yoga - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 3377

Loneliness Loneliness

How green and strange the light is, Creeping through the window. Lying alone in bed,How strange the night is!How still and chill the air is. It seems no sound could live Here in my roomThat now so bare is.All bright and still the room is, But easeless here am I. Deep in my heartCold lonely gloom is!(The end)John Freeman's poem: Loneliness... Poems - Post by : imported_n/a - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1377

Inevitable Change Inevitable Change

Inevitable Change
Young as the Spring seemed life when sheCame from her silent East to me;Unquiet as Autumn was my breastWhen she declined into her West.Such tender, such untroubling thingsShe taught me, daughter of all Springs;Such dusty deathly lore I learnedWhen her last embers redly burned.How should it hap (Love, canst thou say?)Such end should be to so pure day?Such shining chastity give placeTo this annulling grave's disgrace?Such hopes be quenched in this despair,Grace chilled to granite everywhere?How should--in vain I cry--how shouldThat be, alas, which only could!(The end)John Freeman's poem: Inevitable Change... Poems - Post by : geoall28 - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2895

Alone And Cold Alone And Cold

Alone And Cold
Do not, O do not use me As you have used others.Better you did refuse me: You have refused others.Better, far better hope to banishA small child than, grown old,Hope should decay, his vigour vanish, And I be left alone and Cold, cold.Ah, use no guile nor cunning If you should even yet love me.Hark, Time with Love is running, Death cloud-like floats above me.Love me with such simplicityAs children, frankly bold,Do love with; oh, never pity me, Though I be left alone and... Poems - Post by : tjmckeen - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2341

The Haunted Shadow The Haunted Shadow

The Haunted Shadow
Fair Trees, O keep from chattering soWhen I with my more fair do go Beneath your branches;For if I laugh with her your sighHer rare and sudden mirth puts by,Or your too noisy glee will takePersuasion from my lips and make Her deaf as winter.O be not as the pines--that keepThe shadow-charmed light asleep-- Perverse and sombre!For when we in the pinewood walkedAnd of young love and far age talked,Their solemn haunted shadow brokeHer peace--ah, how the sharp sob shook Her shadowed bosom!(The end)John Freeman's poem: Haunted Shadow... Poems - Post by : pooley - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2474

The Night Watch The Night Watch

The Night Watch
Beneath the trees with heedful step and slow At night I go,Fearful upon their whispering to break Lest they awakeOut of those dreams of heavenly light that fill Their branches stillWith a soft murmur of memoried ecstasy. There 'neath each treeNightlong a spirit watches, and I feel... Poems - Post by : starlit - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 3411

Hands Hands

Your hands, your hands,Fall upon mine as waves upon the sands.O, soft as moonlight on the evening rose,That but to moonlight will its sweet unclose, Your hands, your hands,Fall upon mine, and my hands open asThat evening primrose opens when the hot hours pass. Your hands, your hands,They are like towers that in far southern landsLook at pale dawn over gloom-valley'd miles,White temple towers that gleam through mist at whiles.... Poems - Post by : shedevil13 - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1481

The Full Tide The Full Tide

The Full Tide
Now speaks the wave, whispering me of you;In all his murmur your music murmurs too.O 'tis your voice, my love, whispering inThe wave's voice, even your voice so far and thin;And mine to yours answering clear is heardIn the high lonely voice of the last bird.And when, my love, the full tide runneth again,Shall yet the seabird call, call, call in vain?Will not the tide wake in my heart and stirThe old rich happiness that's sunken there?Thou moon of love, bid the retreated tideReturn, for which the wandering bird has cried.(The end)John Freeman's poem: Full Tide... Poems - Post by : SiteSwitcher - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1668