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Dark Chestnut Dark Chestnut

Dark Chestnut
Thou shaking thy dark shadows down,Like leaves before the first leaves fall,Pourest upon the head of nightHer loveliest loveliness of all-- Dark leaves that trembleWhen soft airs unto softer call.O, darker, softer fall her thoughtsUpon the cold fields of my mind,Weaving a quiet music thereLike leaf-shapes trembling in least wind: Dark thoughts that lingerWhen the light's gone and the night's blind.I see her there beneath your boughs.Dark chestnut, though you see her not;Her white face and white hands are clearAs the moon in your stretched arms caught;... Poems - Post by : 52233 - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1837

The Lime Tree The Lime Tree

The Lime Tree
That lime tree on the distant rising ground(If it was a lime tree) showed her yellow leavesAbove the renewed green of wet August grass--First Autumn yellow that on first Autumn eves Too soon was found.Comfortless lime tree! Scarce an aspen leafLike a green butterfly flitted to the ground;There was no sign of Autumn in the grass.Even the long garden beds their beauty brief-- Their mignonette,Nasturtium and sweet-william and red stocks,And clover crouching in the border grass,And blood-like fuschia, eve's primrose and white phloxAnd honeysuckle--waved all their smell... Poems - Post by : kristoff - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1683

Merrill's Garden Merrill's Garden

Merrill's Garden
There is a garden where the seeded stems of thin long grass are bowedBeneath July's slow rains and heat and tired children's trailing feet;And the trees' neglected branches droop and make a cloud beneath the cloud,And in that dark the crimson dew of raspberries shines more sweet than sweet.The flower of the tall acacia's gone, the acacia's flower is white no more,The aspen lifts his pithless arms, the aspen leaves are close and still;The wind that tossed the clouds along, gray clouds and white like feathersm bore,Lets even a feather faintly fall and smoke spread hugely where it will.But though the... Poems - Post by : nonliteral - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 820

The Unthrift The Unthrift

The Unthrift
Here in the shade of the treeThe hours go bySilent and swift,Lightly as birds fly.Then the deep clouds broaden and drift,Or the cloudless darkness and the worn moon.Waking, the dreamer knows he is old,And the day that he dreamed was goneIs gone.(The end)John Freeman's poem: Unthrift... Poems - Post by : patnugraha - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 3448

The Slaves The Slaves

The Slaves
The tall slaves bow if that capricious King But glances as he passes;Their dark hoods drawing over abashed faces They bow humbly, unappealingly.The dark robes round their shuddering bodies cling, They bow and but whisper as he passes.They have not learned to look into his eyes, If he insults to answer,To stand with head erect and angry arching bosom: They bow humbly, unappealingly,As though he mastered... Poems - Post by : youronlinebiz - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 3608

Fair And Brief Fair And Brief

Fair And Brief
So fair, that all the morning aches With such monotony!So brief, that sadness breaks The brittle spell.Nothing so fair, nothing so brief: The sun leaps up and falls.The wind tosses every leaf: Every leaf dies.Blossom, a white cloud in the air, Is blown like a cloud away.Must all be brief, being fair? Nothing remain?Yes, night and that high regiment... Poems - Post by : Michael_D_Price - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2641

Grasses Grasses

O cover me, long gentle grasses, Cover me with your seeding heads, Cover me with your shaking limbs, Cover me with your light soft hands,Cover me as the delicious long wind passes Over you and me, green grasses.'Tis of your blood I would be drinking, To your soft shrilling listening now, And your thin fingers peering through At the deep forests of the sky.O satisfy my peevish thought past thinking, My sense with your sense linking.Already are your brown roots creeping Around the roots... Poems - Post by : tab426 - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 906

Wilder Music Wilder Music

Wilder Music
Came the same cuckoo's cry All day across the mead.Flitted the butterfly All day dittering over my head.Came a bleak crawk-caw Between tall broad trees.Came shadows, floating, drifting slowly down Large leaves from darker trees.Rose the lark with the rising sun, Rose the mist after the lark,O wild and sweet the clamour begun Round the heels of the limping dark.Rose after white cloud white cloud, Nodded green cloud to green;The stiff and dark earth stirred, breathing aloud, And dew shook from the green.Remained the eyes that stared, Ears that ached to hear;Remained... Poems - Post by : solar48 - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1146

Time From His Grave Time From His Grave

Time From His Grave
When the south-west wind cameThe air grew bright and sweet, as though a flameHad cleansed the world of winter. The low skyAs the wind lifted it rose trembling vast and high,And white clouds sallied byAs children in their pleasure goChasing the sun beneath the orchard's shadow and snow.Nothing, nothing was the same!Not the dull brick, not the stained London stone,Not the delighted trees that lost their moan--Their moan that daily vexed me with such painUntil I hated to see trees again;Nor man nor woman was the sameNor could be stones again,Such light and colour with the south-west came. As I... Poems - Post by : leo_cupid - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2682

From Wear To Thames From Wear To Thames

From Wear To Thames
Is it because Spring now is comeThat my heart leaps in its bed of dust?Is it with sorrow or strange pleasureTo watch the green time's gathering treasure?Or is there some too sharp distasteIn all this quivering green and gold?Something that makes bare boughs yet barer,And the eye's pure delight the rarer?Not that the new found Spring is sour....The blossom swings on the cherry branch,From Wear to Thames I have seen this greennessCover the six-months-winter meanness.And windflowers and yellow gillyflowersPierce the astonished earth with light:And most-loved wallflower's bloody petalShakes over that long frosty battle.But this leaping, sinking heartFinds question in grass, bud... Poems - Post by : Joe_Tucci - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2120

Ten O'clock No More Ten O'clock No More

Ten O'clock No More
Ten O'clock No More (1)The wind has thrownThe boldest of trees down.Now disgraced it lies,Naked in spring beneath the drifting skies,Naked and still.It was the windSo furious and blindThat scourged half England through,Ruining the fairest where most fair it grewBy dell and hill.And springing here,The black clouds dragging near,Against this lonely elmThrust all his strength to maim and overwhelmIn one wild shock.As in the deepSatisfaction of dark sleepThe tree her dream dreamed on,And woke to feel the wind's arms round her thrownAnd her head rock.And the wind raughtHer ageing boughs and caughtHer body fast again.Then in one agony of age, grief,... Poems - Post by : larisanyc - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1504

The Tossing Mountains The Tossing Mountains

The Tossing Mountains
They were like dreams that in a drowsy hourA sad old God had dreamed in loneliness of power.They were like dreams that in his drowsy mindRose slowly and then, darkening, made him wise and blind--So that he saw no more the level sun,Nor the small solid shadow of unclouded noon.The dark green heights rose slowly from the greenOf the dark water till the sky was narrowly seen;Only at night the lifting walls were still,And stars were bright and calm above each calm dark hill.... I could not think but that a God grown oldSaw in a dream or waking all this... Poems - Post by : phangvexian - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1082

The Dark Night Of The Mind The Dark Night Of The Mind

The Dark Night Of The Mind
I could not love if my thought loved not too,Nor could my body touch the body of you,Unless first in the dark night of the mindLove had fulfilled what Love had well designed.Was it in thought or flesh we walked, when lowThe sun dropped, and the white scar on the hillSank into the dark trees?Could we indeed so quietly goBody by body into that heavenly glow?The elms that rose so vast above the millNear leafless were and still;But from the branches with such loud uneaseBlack flocking starlings mixed their warring criesThat seemed the greater noise of the creaking mill;And every branch... Poems - Post by : larisanyc - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2973

Perversities Perversities

Now come,And I that moment will forget you.Sit hereAnd in your eyes I shall not see you.Speak, speakThat I no more may hear your music.Into my arms,Till I've forgotten I ever met you.I shall not have you when I hold youBody to body,Though your firm flesh, though your strong fingersBe knit to these.On a wild hill I shall be chasingThe thought of you;False will be those true things I told you:I shall forget you.No, do not come.Where the wind hunts, there shall I find you.In cool gray cloudWhere the sun slips through I shall see you,Or where the treesAre silenced, and... Poems - Post by : Secrets-ix - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1375

The Image The Image

The Image
I am a river flowing round your hill,Holding your image in my lingering water,With imaged white clouds rising round your head;And I am happy to bear your image still.Though a loud ruffling wind may break and scatterThat happiness, I know it is not fled.But when the wind is gone or gentled soThat only the least quivering quivers on,Your image recomposes in my breastWith those high clouds, quiet and white as snow--Spiritual company; and when day's goneAnd those white clouds have stepped into the west;And the dark blue filling the heavens deepIs bright with stars that sing above your head,Their light lies... Poems - Post by : John_Pleiter - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 789

The Kestrel The Kestrel

The Kestrel
In a great western wind we climbed the hillAnd saw the clouds run up, ride high and sink;And there were shadows running at our feetTill it seemed the very earth could not be still,Nor could our hearts be still, nor could we thinkOur hearts could ever be still, our thought less fleetThan the dizzy clouds, less than the flying wind.Eastward the valley and the dark steep hillAnd other hills and valleys lost behindIn mist and light. The hedges were not yet bareThough the wind picked at them as he went by.The woods were fire, a fire that dense or clearBurned steady,... Poems - Post by : mskmstnl - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1071

The Dark Fire The Dark Fire

The Dark Fire
Love me not lessYet ease me of this fever,That in my wondering heartBurns, sinks, burns again ever.Is it your loveIn me so fiercely burning,Or my love leaping to youThen requickened returning?Come not to me,Bring not your body nearer,Though you overleapt the milesI could not behold you clearer.I could not clasp youThan in my thought more surely;Breast to breast, heart to heartMight cling no more securely.I do not know you,Seeing you, more than unseeing.What you are that you areHere in my spiritual being.Leave me you cannot,Nor can I remove meFrom the sevenfold dark fireYou have lit here since you love me.Yet love... Poems - Post by : mitmoo - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1346

Against The Cold Pale Sky Against The Cold Pale Sky

Against The Cold Pale Sky
Against the cold pale skyThe elm tree company rose high.All the fine hues of dayThat flowered so bold had died away.Only chill blue, faint green,And deepening dark blue were seen.There swinging on a boughThat hung or floated broad and low.The lamp of evening, brightWith more than planetary light,Was beautiful and free--A white bird swaying on the tree.You watched and I watched,Our eyes and hearts so surely matched.We saw the white bird leap, leapShining in his journey steepThrough that vast cold sky.Our hearts knew his unuttered cry--A cry of free delightSpreading over the clustering night.Pole Hill grave and starkStared at the valley's... Poems - Post by : Gavan - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 1841

The Alde The Alde

The Alde
How near I walked to Love,How long, I cannot tell.I was like the Alde that flowsQuietly through green level lands,So quietly, it knowsTheir shape, their greenness and their shadows well;And then undreamingly for miles it goesAnd silently, beside the sea.Seamews circle over,The winter wildfowl wings,Long and green the grasses waveBetween the river and the sea.The sea's cry, wild or grave,From, bank to low bank of the river rings;But the uncertain river though it craveThe sea, knows not the sea.Was that indeed salt wind?Came that noise from fallingWild waters on a stony shore?Oh, what is this new troubling tideOf eager waves that... Poems - Post by : 65794 - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 3766

Home For Love Home For Love

Home For Love
Because the earth is vast and dark And wet and cold;Because man's heart wants warmth and light Lest it grow old;Therefore the house was built--wall, roof And brick and beam,By a lost hand following the lost Delight of a dream,And room and stair show how that hand Groped in eager doubt,With needless weight of teasing timber Matching his thought--Such fond superfluousness of strength In wall and woodAs his half-wise, half-fearful eye Deemed only good.His brain he built into the house, Laboured his bones;He burnt his heart into the brick And red... Poems - Post by : Mark_Hensley - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Freeman - Read : 2052