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A Suspicious Or Jealous Man A Suspicious Or Jealous Man

A Suspicious Or Jealous Man
Is one that watches himself a mischief, and keeps a lear eye still, for fear it should escape him. A man that sees a great deal more in every thing than is to be seen, and yet he thinks he sees nothing: his own eye stands in his light. He is a fellow commonly guilty of some weaknesses, which he might conceal if he were careless:--now his over-diligence to hide them makes men pry the more. Howsoever he imagines you have found him, and it shall go hard but you must abuse him whether you will or no. Not a word... Essays - Post by : stonemason - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 1580

An Ordinary Honest Man An Ordinary Honest Man

An Ordinary Honest Man
Is one whom it concerns to be called honest, for if he were not this, he were nothing: and yet he is not this neither, but a good dull vicious fellow, that complies well with the deboshments(1) of the time, and is fit for it. One that has no good part in him to offend his company, or make him to be suspected a proud fellow; but is sociably a dunce, and sociably a drinker. That does it fair and above-board without legermain, and neither sharks(2) for a cup or a reckoning: that is kind over his beer, and protests he... Essays - Post by : nava_mava - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 2007

A Poor Man A Poor Man

A Poor Man
Is the most impotent man, though neither blind nor lame, as wanting the more necessary limbs of life, without which limbs are a burden. A man unfenced and unsheltered from the gusts of the world, which blow all in upon him, like an unroofed house; and the bitterest thing he suffers is his neighbours. All men put on to him a kind of churlisher fashion, and even more plausible natures are churlish to him, as who are nothing advantaged by his opinion. Whom men fall out with before-hand to prevent friendship, and his friends too to prevent engagements, or if they... Essays - Post by : singh_punjabi - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 2801

A Meer Great Man A Meer Great Man

A Meer Great Man
Is so much heraldry without honour, himself less real than his title. His virtue is, that he was his father's son, and all the expectation of him to beget another. A man that lives meerly to preserve another's memory, and let us know who died so many years ago. One of just as much use as his images, only he differs in this, that he can speak himself, and save the fellow of Westminster(1) a labour: and he remembers nothing better than what was out of his life. His grandfathers and their acts are his discourse, and he tells them with... Essays - Post by : earnonline - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 3610

A Sordid Rich Man A Sordid Rich Man

A Sordid Rich Man
Is a beggar of a fair estate, of whose wealth we may say as of other men's unthriftiness, that it has brought him to this: when he had nothing he lived in another kind of fashion. He is a man whom men hate in his own behalf for using himself thus, and yet, being upon himself, it is but justice, for he deserves it. Every accession of a fresh heap bates him so much of his allowance, and brings him a degree nearer starving. His body had been long since desperate, but for the reparation of other men's tables he... Essays - Post by : cleodog - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 2531

A Coward A Coward

A Coward
Is the man that is commonly most fierce against the coward, and labouring to take off this suspicion from himself; for the opinion of valour is a good protection to those that dare not use it. No man is valianter than he is in civil company, and where he thinks no danger may come on it, and is the readiest man to fall upon a drawer and those that must not strike again: wonderful exceptious and cholerick where he sees men are loth to give him occasion, and you cannot pacify him better than by quarrelling with him. The hotter you... Essays - Post by : dialisepalo - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 3586

A Profane Man A Profane Man

A Profane Man
Is one that denies God as far as the law gives him leave; that is, only does not say so in downright terms, for so far he may go. A man that does the greatest sins calmly, and as the ordinary actions of life, and as calmly discourses of it again. He will tell you his business is to break such a commandment, and the breaking of the commandment shall tempt him to it. His words are but so many vomitings cast up to the loathsomeness of the hearers, only those of his company(1) loath it not. He will take upon... Essays - Post by : jrivera - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 3281

An Affected Man An Affected Man

An Affected Man
Is an extraordinary man in ordinary things. One that would go a strain beyond himself, and is taken in it. A man that overdoes all things with great solemnity of circumstance; and whereas with more negligence he might pass better, makes himself with a great deal of endeavour ridiculous. The fancy of some odd quaintnesses have put him clean beside his nature; he cannot be that he would, and hath lost what he was. He is one must be point-blank in every trifle, as if his credit and opinion hung upon it; the very space of his arms in an embrace... Essays - Post by : rkotwal - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 1989

A Rash Man A Rash Man

A Rash Man
Is a man too quick for himself; one whose actions put a leg still before his judgement, and out-run it. Every hot fancy or passion is the signal that sets him forward, and his reason comes still in the rear. One that has brain enough, but not patience to digest a business, and stay the leisure of a second thought. All deliberation is to him a kind of sloth and freezing of action, and it shall burn him rather than take cold. He is always resolved at first thinking, and the ground he goes upon is, hap what may. Thus he... Essays - Post by : Hakim - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 3380

A Lascivious Man A Lascivious Man

A Lascivious Man
Is the servant he says of many mistresses, but all are but his lust, to which only he is faithful, and none besides, and spends his best blood and spirits in the service. His soul is the bawd to his body, and those that assist him in this nature the nearest to it. No man abuses more the name of love, or those whom he applies this name to; for his love is like his stomach to feed on what he loves, and the end of it to surfeit and loath, till a fresh appetite rekindle him; and it kindles on... Essays - Post by : bali2002 - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 3389

A Meer Gull Citizen A Meer Gull Citizen

A Meer Gull Citizen
Is one much about the same model and pitch of brain that the clown is, only of somewhat a more polite and finical ignorance, and as sillily scorns him as he is sillily admired by him. The quality of the city hath afforded him some better dress of clothes and language, which he uses to the best advantage, and is so much the more ridiculous. His chief education is the visits of his shop if courtiers and fine ladies resort, he is infected with so much more eloquence, and if he catch one word extraordinary, wears it for ever. You... Essays - Post by : Mandane - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 3519

A High-spirited Man A High-spirited Man

A High-spirited Man
Is one that looks like a proud man, but is not: you may forgive him his looks for his worth's sake, for they are only too proud to be base. One whom no rate can buy off from the least piece of his freedom, and make him digest an unworthy thought an hour. He cannot crouch to a great man to possess him, nor fall low to the earth to rebound never so high again. He stands taller on his own bottom, than others on the advantage ground of fortune, as having solidly that honour, of which title is but the... Essays - Post by : StaceyW - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 4344

A Flatterer A Flatterer

A Flatterer
Is the picture of a friend, and as pictures flatter many times, so he oft shews fairer than the true substance: his look, conversation, company, and all the outwardness of friendship more pleasing by odds, for a true friend dare take the liberty to be sometimes offensive as he is a great deal more cowardly, and will not let the least hold go, for fear of losing you. Your meer sour look affrights him, and makes him doubt his casheering. And this is one sure mark of him, that he is never first angry, but ready though upon his own wrong... Essays - Post by : imported_n/a - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 2258

A Good Old Man A Good Old Man

A Good Old Man
Is the best antiquity, and which we may with least vanity admire. One whom time hath been thus long a working, and like winter fruit, ripened when others are shaken down. He hath taken out as many lessons of the world as days, and learnt the best thing in it; the vanity of it. He looks over his former life as a danger well past, and would not hazard himself to begin again. His lust was long broken before his body, yet he is glad this temptation is broke too, and that he is fortified from it by this weakness. The... Essays - Post by : holisticpro - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 4455

A Meddling Man A Meddling Man

A Meddling Man
Is one that has nothing to do with his business, and yet no man busier than he, and his business is most in his face. He is one thrusts himself violently into all employments, unsent for, unfeed, and many times unthanked; and his part in it is only an eager bustling, that rather keeps ado than does any thing. He will take you aside, and question you of your affair, and listen with both ears, and look earnestly, and then it is nothing so much yours as his. He snatches what you are doing out of your hands, and cries "give... Essays - Post by : team-schuman - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 2600

A Poor Fiddler A Poor Fiddler

A Poor Fiddler
Is a man and a fiddle out of case, and he in worse case than his fiddle. One that rubs two sticks together (as the Indians strike fire), and rubs a poor living out of it; partly from this, and partly from your charity, which is more in the hearing than giving him, for he sells nothing dearer than to be gone. He is just so many strings above a beggar, though he have but two; and yet he begs too, only not in the downright 'for God's sake,' but with a shrugging 'God bless you,' and his face is more... Essays - Post by : BILLY - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 4252

A Meer Complimental Man A Meer Complimental Man

A Meer Complimental Man
Is one to be held off still at the same distance you are now; for you shall have him but thus, and if you enter on him farther you lose him. Methinks Virgil well expresses him in those well-behaved ghosts that AEneas met with, that were friends to talk with, and men to look on, but if he grasped them, but air.(1) He is one that lies kindly to you, and for good fashion's sake, and tis discourtesy in you to believe him. His words are so many fine phrases set together, which serve equally for all men, and are equally... Essays - Post by : jelabbadi - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 2477

Acquaintance Acquaintance

Is the first draught of a friend, whom we must lay down oft thus, as the foul copy, before we can write him perfect and true: for from hence, as from a probation, men take a degree in our respect, till at last they wholly possess us: for acquaintance is the hoard, and friendship the pair chosen out of it; by which at last we begin to impropriate and inclose to ourselves what before lay in common with others. And commonly where it grows not up to this, it falls as low as may be; and no poorer relation than old... Essays - Post by : fishingtoys - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 1342

An Insolent Man An Insolent Man

An Insolent Man
Is a fellow newly great and newly proud; one that hath put himself into another face upon his preferment, for his own was not bred to it. One whom fortune hath shot up to some office or authority, and he shoots up his neck to his fortune, and will not bate you an inch of either. His very countenance and gesture bespeak how much he is, and if you understand him not, he tells you, and concludes every period with his place, which you must and shall know. He is one that looks on all men as if he were angry,... Essays - Post by : MCryer - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 1418

A Serving Man A Serving Man

A Serving Man
Is one of the makings up of a gentleman as well as his clothes, and somewhat in the same nature, for he is cast behind his master as fashionably as his sword and cloak are, and he is but in querpo(1) without him. His properness(2) qualifies him, and of that a good leg; for his head he has little use but to keep it bare. A good dull wit best suits with him to comprehend common sense and a trencher; for any greater store of brain it makes him but tumultuous, and seldom thrives with him. He follows his master's steps,... Essays - Post by : mhshariff - Date : September 2011 - Author : John Earle - Read : 2558