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For One Who Went In Spring For One Who Went In Spring

For One Who Went In Spring
SHE did not go, as others do, With backward look and beckoning; With no farewell for anythingShe passed the open doorway through.The little things she left behind Lie where they fell from hands content-- Fame a forgotten incidentAnd life a season out of mind.The spring will find her footstep gone, But spring is kind to vanished things, Camas and buttercups she bringsWith green that tears have brightened on.And we, who walked with her last year While April in the lilacs stirred, Will turn with sudden look or word--Forgetting that she is not here.(The... Poems - Post by : chrisf - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 1777

Epitaph (for The Unknown Soldier Buried In Westminster Abbey) Epitaph (for The Unknown Soldier Buried In Westminster Abbey)

Epitaph (for The Unknown Soldier Buried In Westminster Abbey)
YOU who died fightingFor me and my little children;You who are a millionYet are but one,I lay upon your graveA rose and a tear--The tear is the world's sorrow,The rose is your joy.(The end)Isabel Ecclestone Mackay's poem: Epitaph... Poems - Post by : DGrasser - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 3274

The Returned Man The Returned Man

The Returned Man
THEY thought that he would come backQuieter,Less boyish,But still a hero with tales to tell.So, when there were no tales,Only blank silences--When he lay for hoursStaring through leafing branchesAnd forgot themUtterly--They tried to arouse him, saying:"The war is over."But when he turned on themHis shadowed eyesThey stammered--Knowing that they lied!(The end)Isabel Ecclestone Mackay's poem: Returned Man... Poems - Post by : j_o_s_e_p_h - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 2269

Friendship Friendship

I THOUGHT of friendshipAs a golden ring,Round as the worldYet fitted to my finger;I thought of friendshipAs a path in springWhere there are flowersAnd the footsteps linger;I thought of friendshipAs a globe of light,Yellow before the doorway of my life,A flame diffusedYet potent against night;I thought--but thought itself in ruin liesSince, yesterday, you passed with lowered eyes!(The end)Isabel Ecclestone Mackay's poem: Friendship... Poems - Post by : herasinc - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 1477

Glamour Glamour

THE knowledge of loveIs like sudden sun upon a river--The slipping waterIs instantly opaque and glorious.No longer can we look into itCounting the pebbles,Watching the ribboned water-reeds,Or searching idlyFor that something which we lost(A ring with gems)It is all glamour, now!We turn away, shading our eyes.(The end)Isabel Ecclestone Mackay's poem: Glamour... Poems - Post by : Riggie - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 4088

Perhaps Perhaps

THERE was a man, once, and a womanWhose love was so entireThat an angel, watching them,Said wistfully, "Would I were no angelBut a mortal,Loving so, and so beloved!". . . . Yet, when these two mated,A muddied drop, from some forgotten vial of ancestry,Brought them a child whose mind was dark;Who lived--and never called them by their names . . .. . . . They tended herFor twenty years.Only when she diedDid they weep, whispering,"Why?"The years could find no answer,Though they went questioningUntil the end. . . . . . . .Still wonderingThey wandered... Poems - Post by : hlatt - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 3325

Dream Dream

I SEE a spiritYoung and eager,Beautiful, too, I think,(Although I cannot see it clearly)It is, by right of its own being,One with all lovely, youthful things;And they, its age-old kindred,Welcome itSaying, "Come, you too are one of us!" . . . . . . .This spirit is my own happy ghost--But I, myself,--alas!(The end)Isabel Ecclestone Mackay's poem: Dream... Poems - Post by : mrsdale - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 2756

Memory Memory

A YEAR is a thiefWho comes in the guise of a friendSaying, "Let us travel together,We have much to give each other.See, I hold back nothing--For what is givingBetween friends?"Yet when the year departsHe takes his gifts with him--"Oh, Robber!" we cry,Aghast and weeping,"Nay," he replies, "I did but lend.Still, for your weeping, I will leave you something.It is not the real thingBut you may keep it always."(The end)Isabel Ecclestone Mackay's poem: Memory... Poems - Post by : calvin_thompson - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 3881

To-day To-day

TO-DAY is a roomWith windows upon one sideAnd upon the otherA door--Through the windows we may lookBut cannot pass;Through the door we must passBut cannot look,And there are no windowsUpon that side.(The end)Isabel Ecclestone Mackay's poem: To-Day... Poems - Post by : louise8 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 1430

The Reasons The Reasons

The Reasons
THEY sat before a dugoutIn the unfamiliar quiet of silenced guns.And one said:"Now that it's overWhat about a bit of truth?Let us say why we came to fight--No frills--You first, old Fire-eater!"--One with a whimsical face spoke freely;"I?--I sought some stir,Some urge in living,Some sense in dying.I sought a mountain topWith a view!""And the answer?""I have seen others findWhat I sought." . . . . . . ."I don't know that it's anyone's businessWhy I came,"(Another spoke as if unwillingly),"A girl laughed, I think--Funny?--Yes, funny as hell!"-- .... Poems - Post by : hccII - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 1875

From The Trenches From The Trenches

From The Trenches
OH, to be in Canada now that Spring is merry, Happy apple blossoms gay against the smiling green;Here the lilac's purple plume and here the pink of cherry, Hillsides just a drift of bloom with clover in between!Oh, to be in Canada! there's a road that rambles Through a leafing maple-wood and up a windy hill,Velvet pussy-willows press soft hands amid the brambles Fringing round a sky-filled pool where cattle drink their fill.Oh, to be in Canada! there's a farmhouse hidden Where the hollow meets the hill and Spring's first footsteps show--Not a drop of honey... Poems - Post by : Kristie_Leong - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 3731

Spring Came In Spring Came In

Spring Came In
SPRING came in with a red-wing's feather And yellow clumps of the wild marshmallow--O happy bird, can you tell me whetherIn distant France they have April weather? And little pools that are sunny and shallow?My soul is awake and my pulse is racing-- My heart is aware that the birds are mating--Oh, my heart's like a cloud that the wind is chasingO'er the earth's green blur with its silver tracing To that sad France where there's someone waiting!O Spring! begone with your too-sweet clover And all your bees with honey to carry--Come again when the war... Poems - Post by : pujangga - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 2415

Killed In Action Killed In Action

Killed In Action
MY father lived his three-score years; my son lived twenty-two;One looked long back on work well done, and one had all to do--Yet which the better served his world, I know not, nor do you!Life taught my father all her lore till he grew wise and gray,She did but whisper to my son before she turned away--Yet which her deepest secret held only they two might say.Peace brought my father restful days, with love and fame for wage;War gave my son an unmarked grave and an unwritten page--Who shall declare which gift conveyed the greater heritage?(The end)Isabel Ecclestone Mackay's poem: Killed... Poems - Post by : supportb - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 1344

Fairy Singing Fairy Singing

Fairy Singing
SHE was my love and the pulse of my heart;Lovely she was as the flowers that startStraight to the sun from the earth's tender breast,Sweet as the wind blowing out of the west--Elana, Elana, my strong one, my white one,Soft be the wind blowing over your rest! She crept to my side In the cold mist of morning. "O wirra" she cried, "'Tis farewell now, mavourneen! When the crescent moon hung Like a scythe in the sky, I heard in the silence The Little Folks cry. "'Twas like a low sighing,... Poems - Post by : ProfitTips.com - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 2092

The Witch The Witch

The Witch
HER hair was gold and warm it lay Upon the pallor of her brow;Her eyes were deep, aye, deep and gray-- And in their depths he drowned his vow.She wandered where the sands were wet, Weaving the sea-weed for a crown,And there at eve a monk she met-- A holy monk in cowl and gown.She held him with her witch's stare (A sweet, child-look--it witched him well!)Upon his lip she froze the prayer, And in his ear she breathed a spell.He babbled ever of her name And of her brow that gleamed like dawn,And... Poems - Post by : JohnW - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 3161

The Banshee The Banshee

The Banshee
THE Banshee cries on the rising wind "O-hoho, O hoho-o-o!"The dead to free and the quick to bind--(Close fast the shutter and draw the blind!) "O-hoho, O hoho-o-o!"Why are you paler my dearest dear? "O-hoho, O hoho-o-o!"'Tis but the wind in the elm tree near--(Acushla, hush! lest the Banshee hear!) "O-hoho, O hoho-o-o!"See, how the crackling fire up-springs, "O-hoho, O hoho-o-o!"Up and up on its flame-red wings;Hark, how the cheerful kettle sings! "O-hoho, O hoho-o-o!"Core of my heart! How cold your lips! "O-hoho, O hoho-o-o!"White as the spray the wild wind whips,Still as your... Poems - Post by : RubbishBinny - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 1363

The Enchantress The Enchantress

The Enchantress
I FEAR Eileen, the wild Eileen-- The eyes she lifts to mine,That laugh and laugh and never tell The half that they divine!She draws me to her lonely cot Ayont the Tulloch Hill;And, laughing, draws me to her door And, laughing, holds me still.I bless myself and bless myself, But in the holy sign,There seems to be no heart of love, To still the pain in mine.The morning, bright above the moor, Is bright no more for me--A weary bit of burning pain Is where my heart should be!For since the wild, sweet... Poems - Post by : AlanYoung - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 2397

The Little Man In Green The Little Man In Green

The Little Man In Green
'TWAS a little man in green, And he sat upon a stone; And he sat there all alone,Whispering."One and two," so whispered he. ('Twas an ancient man and hoar) "One and two," and then no more--Never, "Three".Hawthorn trees were quick with May-- "Sir," said I, "Good-day to you"! But he counted. "One and two"In strange way.Fool I was--oh, fool was I (Who should know the ways of them!) That I touched his cloak's green hem,Passing by.I was fey with spring and mirth-- Speaking him without a thought-- Now is joy a... Poems - Post by : Finao - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 1440

Tir Nan Og Tir Nan Og

Tir Nan Og
THE breeze blows out from the land and it seeks the sea, O and O! that my sail were set and away--Fast and free on its wings would my sailing be To the west: to the Tir Nan Og the blessed stay!The darkness stirs, it awakes, it outspreads its arms, O and O! and the birds in their nests are still,The red-browed hill bleats low with the lamb's alarms, And a sound of singing comes from the slipping rill.My soul is awake alone, all alone in the earth, O and O! and around is the... Poems - Post by : bigheemone - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 3544

The Materialist The Materialist

The Materialist
MY soul has left its tent of clay And seeks from star to star,'Mid flaming worlds that are to be, And fruitful worlds that are,The Voice which spake and said "Live on!" (When Death said, "You may die")And sent my spirit wandering The stairway of the sky.Still must I seek what on the earth I sought as fruitlessly--The world I knew, the heaven I scorned Lost in infinity:Alone, and on the ageless breath Of cosmic whirlwinds spun,I hurtle through the outer dark Toward some fantastic sun!--O God! how happy is the leaf,... Poems - Post by : blakew - Date : November 2011 - Author : Isabel Ecclestone Mackay - Read : 1176