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Stain Not The Sky Stain Not The Sky

Stain Not The Sky
Ye gods of battle, lords of fear, Who work your iron will as well As once ye did with sword and spear, With rifled gun and rending shell,-- Masters of sea and land, forbear The fierce invasion of the inviolate air! With patient daring man hath wrought A hundred years for power to fly; And will you make his winged thought A hovering horror in the sky, Where flocks of human eagles sail, Dropping their bolts of death on hill and dale? Ah no, the sunset is too pure, The dawn too fair, the noon too bright For wings of terror... Poems - Post by : rbussey - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 823

Who Follow The Flag Who Follow The Flag

Who Follow The Flag
PHI BETA KAPPA ODEHARVARD UNIVERSITYJune 30, 1910I All day long in the city's canyon-street, With its populous cliffs alive on either side, I saw a river of marching men like a tide Flowing after the flag: and the rhythmic beat Of the drums, and the bugles' resonant blare Metred the tramp, tramp, tramp of a myriad feet, While the red-white-and-blue was fluttering everywhere, And the heart of the crowd kept time to a martial air: _O brave flag, O bright flag, O flag to lead the free! The glory of thy silver stars, Engrailed in blue above the bars Of red... Poems - Post by : okeestok - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2357

Texas, A Democratic Ode: The Inaugural Poem Texas, A Democratic Ode: The Inaugural Poem

Texas, A Democratic Ode: The Inaugural Poem
A DEMOCRATIC ODE (1)ITHE WILD-BEES All along the Brazos river, All along the Colorado, In the valleys and the lowlands Where the trees were tall and stately, In the rich and rolling meadows Where the grass was full of wild-flowers, Came a humming and a buzzing, Came the murmur of a going To and fro among the tree-tops, Far and wide across the meadows. And the red-men in their tepees Smoked their pipes of clay and listened. "What is this?" they asked in wonder; "Who can give the sound a meaning? Who can understand the language Of this going in the... Poems - Post by : Matt_Remuzzi - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2332

Spirit Of The Everlasting Boy Spirit Of The Everlasting Boy

Spirit Of The Everlasting Boy
ODE FOR THE HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY OF LAWRENCEVILLE SCHOOLJune 11, 1910I The British bard who looked on Eton's walls, Endeared by distance in the pearly gray And soft aerial blue that ever falls On English landscape with the dying day, Beheld in thought his boyhood far away, Its random raptures and its festivals Of noisy mirth, The brief illusion of its idle joys, And mourned that none of these can stay With men, whom life inexorably calls To face the grim realities of earth. His pensive fancy pictured there at play From year to year the careless bands of boys, Unconscious victims... Poems - Post by : marcorossi - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1267

The Builders The Builders

The Builders
ODE FOR THE HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF PRINCETON COLLEGEOctober 21, 1896I Into the dust of the making of man Spirit was breathed when his life began, Lifting him up from his low estate, With masterful passion, the wish to create. Out of the dust of his making, man Fashioned his works as the ages ran; Fortress, and palace, and temple, and tower, Filling the world with the proof of his power. Over the dust that awaits him, man, Building the walls that his pride doth plan, Dreams they will stand in the light of the sun Bearing his name till... Poems - Post by : cclittle - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 796

'america For Me' "america For Me"

'america For Me'
'Tis fine to see the Old World, and travel up and down Among the famous palaces and cities of renown, To admire the crumbly castles and the statues of the kings,-- But now I think I've had enough of antiquated things. _So it's home again, and home again, America for me! My heart is turning home again, and there I long to be, In the land of youth and freedom beyond the ocean bars, Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars._ Oh, London is a man's town, there's power in the air; And Paris... Poems - Post by : creed - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1551

The Statue Of Sherman By St. Gaudens The Statue Of Sherman By St. Gaudens

The Statue Of Sherman By St. Gaudens
This is the soldier brave enough to tell The glory-dazzled world that 'war is hell': Lover of peace, he looks beyond the strife, And rides through hell to save his country's life.April, 1904.(The end)Henry Van Dyke's poem: Statue Of Sherman By St. Gaudens... Poems - Post by : Jeff_Stephenson - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 3331

The Monument Of Francis Makemie The Monument Of Francis Makemie

The Monument Of Francis Makemie
(Presbyter of Christ in America, 1683-1708) To thee, plain hero of a rugged race, We bring the meed of praise too long delayed! Thy fearless word and faithful work have made For God's Republic firmer resting-place In this New World: for thou hast preached the grace And power of Christ in many a forest glade, Teaching the truth that leaves men unafraid Of frowning tyranny or death's dark face. Oh, who can tell how much we owe to thee, Makemie, and to labour such as thine, For all that makes America the shrine Of faith untrammelled and of conscience free? Stand... Poems - Post by : grodem - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 822

National Monuments National Monuments

National Monuments
Count not the cost of honour to the dead! The tribute that a mighty nation pays To those who loved her well in former days Means more than gratitude for glories fled; For every noble man that she hath bred, Lives in the bronze and marble that we raise, Immortalised by art's immortal praise, To lead our sons as he our fathers led. These monuments of manhood strong and high Do more than forts or battle-ships to keep Our dear-bought liberty. They fortify The heart of youth with valour wise and deep; They build eternal bulwarks, and command Immortal hosts to... Poems - Post by : lucie101 - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2029

'come Back Again, Jeanne D'arc' "come Back Again, Jeanne D'arc"

'come Back Again, Jeanne D'arc'
The land was broken in despair, The princes quarrelled in the dark, When clear and tranquil, through the troubled air Of selfish minds and wills that did not dare, Your star arose, Jeanne d'Arc. O virgin breast with lilies white, O sun-burned hand that bore the lance, You taught the prayer that helps men to unite, You brought the courage equal to the fight, You gave a heart to France! Your king was crowned, your country free, At Rheims you had your soul's desire: And then, at Rouen, maid of Domremy, The black-robed judges gave your victory The martyr's crown of... Poems - Post by : millenni - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1546

Sicily, December, 1908 Sicily, December, 1908

Sicily, December, 1908
O garden isle, beloved by Sun and Sea, Whose bluest billows kiss thy curving bays, Whose light infolds thy hills with golden rays, Filling with fruit each dark-leaved orange-tree, What hidden hatred hath the Earth for thee, That once again, in these dark, dreadful days, Breaks forth in trembling rage, and swiftly lays Thy beauty waste in wreck and agony! Is Nature, then, a strife of jealous powers, And man the plaything of unconscious fate? Not so, my troubled heart! God reigns above, And man is greatest in his darkest hours. Walking amid the cities desolate, Behold the Son of God... Poems - Post by : iowaebooks - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1118

Mercy For Armenia Mercy For Armenia

Mercy For Armenia
ITHE TURK'S WAY Stand back, ye messengers of mercy! Stand Far off, for I will save my troubled folk In my own way. So the false Sultan spoke; And Europe, hearkening to his base command, Stood still to see him heal his wounded land. Through blinding snows of winter and through smoke Of burning towns, she saw him deal the stroke Of cruel mercy that his hate had planned. Unto the prisoners and the sick he gave New tortures, horrible, without a name; Unto the thirsty, blood to drink; a sword Unto the hungry; with a robe of shame He clad... Poems - Post by : midwayusa - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2920

Urbs Coronata Urbs Coronata

Urbs Coronata
(Song for the City College of New York) O youngest of the giant brood Of cities far-renowned; In wealth and glory thou hast passed Thy rivals at a bound; Thou art a mighty queen, New York; And how wilt thou be crowned? "Weave me no palace-wreath of Pride," The royal city said; "Nor forge of frowning fortress-walls A helmet for my head; But let me wear a diadem Of Wisdom's towers instead." She bowed herself, she spent herself, She wrought her will forsooth, And set upon her island height A citadel of Truth, A house of Light, a home of Thought,... Poems - Post by : builder1 - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2337

A Ballad Of Claremont Hill A Ballad Of Claremont Hill

A Ballad Of Claremont Hill
The roar of the city is low, Muffled by new-fallen snow, And the sign of the wintry moon is small and round and still. Will you come with me to-night, To see a pleasant sight Away on the river-side, at the edge of Claremont Hill? "And what shall we see there, But streets that are new and bare, And many a desolate place that the city is coming to fill; And a soldier's tomb of stone, And a few trees standing alone-- Will you walk for that through the cold, to the edge of Claremont Hill?" But there's more than that... Poems - Post by : jonnig - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2419

Sea-gulls Of Manhattan Sea-gulls Of Manhattan

Sea-gulls Of Manhattan
Children of the elemental mother, Born upon some lonely island shore Where the wrinkled ripples run and whisper, Where the crested billows plunge and roar; Long-winged, tireless roamers and adventurers, Fearless breasters of the wind and sea, In the far-off solitary places I have seen you floating wild and free! Here the high-built cities rise around you; Here the cliffs that tower east and west, Honeycombed with human habitations, Have no hiding for the sea-bird's nest: Here the river flows begrimed and troubled; Here the hurrying, panting vessels fume, Restless, up and down the watery highway, While a thousand chimneys vomit... Poems - Post by : pearsonbrown - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1150

Hudson's Last Voyage Hudson's Last Voyage

Hudson's Last Voyage
THE SHALLOP ON HUDSON BAYJune 22, 1611 One sail in sight upon the lonely sea, And only one! For never ship but mine Has dared these waters. We were first, My men, to battle in between the bergs And floes to these wide waves. This gulf is mine; I name it! and that flying sail is mine! And there, hull-down below that flying sail, The ship that staggers home is mine, mine, mine! My ship _Discoverie_! The sullen dogs Of mutineers, the bitches' whelps that snatched Their food and bit the hand that nourished them, Have stolen her. You ingrate Henry... Poems - Post by : wileycoyote - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1811

The Ancestral Dwellings The Ancestral Dwellings

The Ancestral Dwellings
Dear to my heart are the ancestral dwellings of America, Dearer than if they were haunted by ghosts of royal splendour; They are simple enough to be great in their friendly dignity,-- Homes that were built by the brave beginners of a nation. I love the old white farmhouses nestled in New England valleys, Ample and long and low, with elm-trees feathering over them: Borders of box in the yard, and lilacs, and old-fashioned roses, A fan-light above the door, and little square panes in the windows, The wood-shed piled with maple and birch and hickory ready for winter, The gambrel-roof... Poems - Post by : ollan - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 862

America America

I love thine inland seas, Thy groves of giant trees, Thy rolling plains; Thy rivers' mighty sweep, Thy mystic canyons deep, Thy mountains wild and steep, All thy domains; Thy silver Eastern strands, Thy Golden Gate that stands Wide to the West; Thy flowery Southland fair, Thy sweet and crystal air,-- O land beyond compare, Thee I love best!March, 1906.(The end)Henry Van Dyke's poem: America... Poems - Post by : Seanj777 - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1275

Patria Patria

I would not even ask my heart to say If I could love another land as well As thee, my country, had I felt the spell Of Italy at birth, or learned to obey The charm of France, or England's mighty sway. I would not be so much an infidel As once to dream, or fashion words to tell, What land could hold my heart from thee away. For like a law of nature in my blood, America, I feel thy sovereignty, And woven through my soul thy vital sign. My life is but a wave and thou the flood; I... Poems - Post by : plinks - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1159

'the Signs' "the Signs"

'the Signs'
_Dedicated to the Zodiac Club_ Who knows how many thousand years ago The twelvefold Zodiac was made to show The course of stars above and men below? The great sun plows his furrow by its "lines": From all its "houses" mystic meaning shines: Deep lore of life is written in its "signs." _Aries_--Sacrifice. Snow-white and sacred is the sacrifice That Heaven demands for what our heart doth prize: The man who fears to suffer, ne'er can rise. _Taurus_--Strength. Rejoice, my friend, if God has made you strong: Put forth your force to move the world along: Yet never shame your strength... Poems - Post by : websitejack - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 3048