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Edmund Clarence Stedman Edmund Clarence Stedman

Edmund Clarence Stedman
(Read at His Funeral, January 21, 1908) Oh, quick to feel the lightest touch Of beauty or of truth, Rich in the thoughtfulness of age, The hopefulness of youth, The courage of the gentle heart, The wisdom of the pure, The strength of finely tempered souls To labour and endure! The blue of springtime in your eyes Was never quenched by pain; And winter brought your head the crown Of snow without a stain. The poet's mind, the prince's heart, You kept until the end, Nor ever faltered in your work, Nor ever failed a friend. You followed, through the quest... Poems - Post by : Jeff_Carter - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2173

Thomas Bailey Aldrich Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Thomas Bailey Aldrich
IBIRTHDAY VERSES, 1906 Dear Aldrich, now November's mellow days Have brought another _Festa_ round to you, You can't refuse a loving-cup of praise From friends the fleeting years have bound to you. Here come your Marjorie Daw, your dear Bad Boy, Prudence, and Judith the Bethulian, And many more, to wish you birthday joy, And sunny hours, and sky cerulean! Your children all, they hurry to your den, With wreaths of honour they have won for you, To merry-make your threescore years and ten. You, old? Why, life has just begun for you! There's many a reader whom your silver songs... Poems - Post by : ishakms - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2422

Longfellow Longfellow

In a great land, a new land, a land full of labour and riches and confusion, Where there were many running to and fro, and shouting, and striving together, In the midst of the hurry and the troubled noise, I heard the voice of one singing. "What are you doing there, O man, singing quietly amid all this tumult? This is the time for new inventions, mighty shoutings, and blowings of the trumpet." But he answered, "I am only shepherding my sheep with music." So he went along his chosen way, keeping his little flock around him; And he paused to... Poems - Post by : Colleen - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2747

Victor Hugo Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo
1802-1902 Heart of France for a hundred years, Passionate, sensitive, proud, and strong, Quick to throb with her hopes and fears, Fierce to flame with her sense of wrong! You, who hailed with a morning song Dream-light gilding a throne of old: You, who turned when the dream grew cold, Singing still, to the light that shone Pure from Liberty's ancient throne, Over the human throng! You, who dared in the dark eclipse,-- When the pygmy heir of a giant name Dimmed the face of the land with shame,-- Speak the truth with indignant lips, Call him little whom men called... Poems - Post by : tony5147 - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2279

'in Memoriam' "in Memoriam"

'in Memoriam'
The record of a faith sublime, And hope, through clouds, far-off discerned; The incense of a love that burned Through pain and doubt defying Time: The story of a soul at strife That learned at last to kiss the rod, And passed through sorrow up to God, From living to a higher life: A light that gleams across the wave Of darkness, down the rolling years, Piercing the heavy mist of tears-- A rainbow shining o'er a grave.(The end)Henry Van Dyke's poem: "In Memoriam"... Poems - Post by : 33851 - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2135

Tennyson Tennyson

In Lucem Transitus, October, 1892 From the misty shores of midnight, touched with splendours of the moon, To the singing tides of heaven, and the light more clear than noon, Passed a soul that grew to music till it was with God in tune. Brother of the greatest poets, true to nature, true to art; Lover of Immortal Love, uplifter of the human heart; Who shall cheer us with high music, who shall sing, if thou depart? Silence here--for love is silent, gazing on the lessening sail; Silence here--for grief is voiceless when the mighty minstrels fail; Silence here--but far beyond... Poems - Post by : hschager - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2843

Robert Browning Robert Browning

Robert Browning
How blind the toil that burrows like the mole, In winding graveyard pathways underground, For Browning's lineage! What if men have found Poor footmen or rich merchants on the roll Of his forbears? Did they beget his soul? Nay, for he came of ancestry renowned Through all the world,--the poets laurel-crowned With wreaths from which the autumn takes no toll. The blazons on his coat-of-arms are these: The flaming sign of Shelley's heart on fire, The golden globe of Shakespeare's human stage, The staff and scrip of Chaucer's pilgrimage, The rose of Dante's deep, divine desire, The tragic mask of wise... Poems - Post by : Al_C. - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1767

Shelley Shelley

Knight-errant of the Never-ending Quest, And Minstrel of the Unfulfilled Desire; For ever tuning thy frail earthly lyre To some unearthly music, and possessed With painful passionate longing to invest The golden dream of Love's immortal fire With mortal robes of beautiful attire, And fold perfection to thy throbbing breast! What wonder, Shelley, that the restless wave Should claim thee and the leaping flame consume Thy drifted form on Viareggio's beach? These were thine elements,--thy fitting grave. But still thy soul rides on with fiery plume, Thy wild song rings in ocean's yearning speech!August, 1906.(The end)Henry Van Dyke's poem: Shelley... Poems - Post by : forunme - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 949

Keats Keats

The melancholy gift Aurora gained From Jove, that her sad lover should not see The face of death, no goddess asked for thee, My Keats! But when the scarlet blood-drop stained Thy pillow, thou didst read the fate ordained,-- Brief life, wild love, a flight of poesy! And then,--a shadow fell on Italy: Thy star went down before its brightness waned. Yet thou hast won the gift Tithonus missed: Never to feel the pain of growing old, Nor lose the blissful sight of beauty's truth, But with the ardent lips Urania kissed To breathe thy song, and, ere thy heart grew... Poems - Post by : Redrik - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 3288

Milton Milton

I Lover of beauty, walking on the height Of pure philosophy and tranquil song; Born to behold the visions that belong To those who dwell in melody and light; Milton, thou spirit delicate and bright! What drew thee down to join the Roundhead throng Of iron-sided warriors, rude and strong, Fighting for freedom in a world half night? Lover of Liberty at heart wast thou, Above all beauty bright, all music clear: To thee she bared her bosom and her brow, Breathing her virgin promise in thine ear, And bound thee to her with a double vow,-- Exquisite Puritan, grave Cavalier!II... Poems - Post by : haydnellen - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 892

Mother Earth Mother Earth

Mother Earth
Mother of all the high-strung poets and singers departed, Mother of all the grass that weaves over their graves the glory of the field, Mother of all the manifold forms of life, deep-bosomed, patient, impassive, Silent brooder and nurse of lyrical joys and sorrows! Out of thee, yea, surely out of the fertile depth below thy breast, Issued in some strange way, thou lying motionless, voiceless, All these songs of nature, rhythmical, passionate, yearning. Coming in music from earth, but not unto earth returning. Dust are the blood-red hearts that beat in time to these measures, Thou hast taken them back... Poems - Post by : DonPaul - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2971

A Shrine In The Pantheon A Shrine In The Pantheon

A Shrine In The Pantheon
FOR THE UNNAMED SOLDIERS WHO DIED IN FRANCEUniversal approval has been accorded the proposal made in the French Chamber that the ashes of an unnamed French soldier, fallen for his country, shall be removed with solemn ceremony to the Pantheon. In this way it is intended to honor by a symbolic ceremony the memory of all who lie in unmarked graves. Here the great heart of France, Victor in noble strife, Doth consecrate a Poilu's tomb To those who saved her life! Brave son without a name, Your country calls you home, To rest among her heirs of fame, Beneath the... Poems - Post by : Iceman - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 3040

In The Blue Heaven In The Blue Heaven

In The Blue Heaven
In the blue heaven the clouds will come and go, Scudding before the gale, or drifting slow As galleons becalmed in Sundown Bay: And through the air the birds will wing their way Soaring to far-off heights, or flapping low, Or darting like an arrow from the bow; And when the twilight comes the stars will show, One after one, their tranquil bright array In the blue heaven. But ye who fearless flew to meet the foe, Eagles of freedom,--nevermore, we know, Shall we behold you floating far away. Yet clouds and birds and every starry ray Will draw our heart... Poems - Post by : markh - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2921

Golden Stars Golden Stars

Golden Stars
I It was my lot of late to travel far Through all America's domain, A willing, gray-haired servitor Bearing the Fiery Cross of righteous war. And everywhere, on mountain, vale and plain, In crowded street and lonely cottage door, I saw the symbol of the bright blue star. Millions of stars! Rejoice, dear land, rejoice That God hath made thee great enough to give Beneath thy starry flag unfurled A gift to all the world,-- Thy living sons that Liberty might live.II It seems but yesterday they sallied forth Boys of the east, the west, the south, the north, High-hearted, keen,... Poems - Post by : Jeff_Carter - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1865

The Surrender Of The German Fleet The Surrender Of The German Fleet

The Surrender Of The German Fleet
Ship after ship, and every one with a high-resounding name, From the robber-nest of Heligoland the German war-fleet came; Not victory or death they sought, but a rendezvous of shame. _Sing out, sing out, A joyful shout, Ye lovers of the sea! The "Kaiser" and the "Kaiserin," The "Koenig" and the "Prinz," The potentates of piracy, Are coming to surrender, And the ocean shall be free._ They never dared the final fate of battle on the blue; Their sea-wolves murdered merchantmen and mocked the drowning crew; They stained the wave with martyr-blood,--but we sent our transports through! What flags are these... Poems - Post by : creed - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 2395

America's Welcome Home America's Welcome Home

America's Welcome Home
Oh, gallantly they fared forth in khaki and in blue, America's crusading host of warriors bold and true; They battled for the rights of man beside our brave Allies, And now they're coming home to us with glory in their eyes. _Oh, it's home again, and home again, America for me! Our hearts are turning home again and there we long to be, In our beautiful big country beyond the ocean bars, Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars._ Our boys have seen the Old World as none have seen before. They know the... Poems - Post by : TheGuy - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1736

Easter Road Easter Road

Easter Road
1918 Under the cloud of world-wide war, While earth is drenched with sorrow, I have no heart for idle merrymaking, Or for the fashioning of glad raiment. I will retrace the divine footmarks, On the Road of the first Easter. Down through the valley of utter darkness Dripping with blood and tears; Over the hill of the skull, the little hill of great anguish, The ambuscade of Death. Into the no-man's-land of Hades Bearing despatches of hope to spirits in prison, Mortally stricken and triumphant Went the faithful Captain of Salvation. Then upward, swiftly upward,-- Victory, liberty, glory, The feet that... Poems - Post by : liberty - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1552

The Red Cross The Red Cross

The Red Cross
Sign of the Love Divine That bends to bear the load Of all who suffer, all who bleed, Along life's thorny road: Sign of the Heart Humane, That through the darkest fight Would bring to wounded friend and foe A ministry of light: O dear and holy sign, Lead onward like a star! The armies of the just are thine, And all we have and are.October 20, 1918.For the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call.(The end)Henry Van Dyke's poem: Red Cross... Poems - Post by : jonnig - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 1038

Britain, France, America Britain, France, America

Britain, France, America
The rough expanse of democratic sea Which parts the lands that live by liberty Is no division; for their hearts are one. To fight together till their cause is won. For land and water let us make our pact, And seal the solemn word with valiant act: No continent is firm, no ocean pure, Until on both the rights of man are sure.April, 1917.(The end)Henry Van Dyke's poem: Britain, France, America... Poems - Post by : smiler - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 3369

From Glory Unto Glory From Glory Unto Glory

From Glory Unto Glory
AMERICAN FLAG SONG1776 O dark the night and dim the day When first our flag arose; It fluttered bravely in the fray To meet o'erwhelming foes. Our fathers saw the splendor shine, They dared and suffered all; They won our freedom by the sign-- The holy sign, the radiant sign-- Of the stars that never fall._Chorus_ All hail to thee, Young Glory! Among the flags of earth We'll ne'er forget the story Of thy heroic birth.1861 O wild the later storm that shook The pillars of the State, When brother against brother took The final arms of fate. But union lived... Poems - Post by : swapsell - Date : December 2010 - Author : Henry Van Dyke - Read : 3540