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Jim The Splitter Jim The Splitter

Jim The Splitter
The bard who is singing of Wollombi Jim Is hardly just now in the requisite trim To sit on his Pegasus fairly; Besides, he is bluntly informed by the Muse That Jim is a subject no singer should choose; For Jim is poetical rarely. But being full up of the myths that are Greek-- Of the classic, and noble, and nude, and antique, Which means not a rag but the pelt on;... Poems - Post by : gertb - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 3460

Hy-brasil Hy-brasil

"Daughter," said the ancient father, pausing by the evening sea, "Turn thy face towards the sunset--turn thy face and kneel with me! Prayer and praise and holy fasting, lips of love and life of light, These and these have made thee perfect--shining saint with seraph's sight! Look towards that flaming crescent--look beyond that glowing space-- Tell me, sister of the angels, what is beaming in thy face?" And the daughter, who had fasted, who had spent her days in prayer, Till the glory of the Saviour touched... Poems - Post by : Vilija - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 3208

Black Lizzie Black Lizzie

Black Lizzie
The gloved and jewelled bards who sing Of Pippa, Maud, and Dorothea, Have hardly done the handsome thing For you, my inky Cytherea. Flower of a land whose sunny skies Are like the dome of Dante's clime, They _might_ have praised your lips, your eyes, And, eke, your ankles in their rhyme! But let them pass! To right your wrong, Aspasia of the ardent South, Your poet means to sing a song... Poems - Post by : KnarlyNipper - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 3109

Beyond Kerguelen Beyond Kerguelen

Beyond Kerguelen
Down in the South, by the waste without sail on it, Far from the zone of the blossom and tree, Lieth, with winter and whirlwind and wail on it, Ghost of a land by the ghost of a sea. Weird is the mist from the summit to base of it; Sun of its heaven is wizened and grey; Phantom of life is the light on the face of it-- Never is night on it, never is day! Here is the shore... Poems - Post by : kanda - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 2270

Kingsborough Kingsborough

A waving of hats and of hands, The voices of thousands in one, A shout from the ring and the stands, And a glitter of heads in the sun! "_They are off--they are off!_" is the roar, As the cracks settle down to the race, With the "yellow and black" to the fore, And the Panic blood forcing the pace. At the back of the course, and away Where the running-ground home again wheels, Grubb travels... Poems - Post by : yunzhe - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 1306

Mary Rivers Mary Rivers

Mary Rivers
Path beside the silver waters, flashing in October's sun-- Walk, by green and golden margins where the sister streamlets run-- Twenty shining springs have vanished, full of flower, and leaf, and bird, Since the step of Mary Rivers in your lawny dell was heard! Twenty white-haired Junes have left us-- grey with frost and bleak with gale-- Since the hand of her we loved so plucked the blossoms in your dale. Twenty summers, twenty autumns, from the grand old hills have passed, With... Poems - Post by : Eardrum - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 1656

To A Mountain To A Mountain

To A Mountain
To thee, O father of the stately peaks, Above me in the loftier light--to thee, Imperial brother of those awful hills Whose feet are set in splendid spheres of flame, Whose heads are where the gods are, and whose sides Of strength are belted round with all the zones Of all the world, I dedicate these songs. And if, within the compass of this book, There lives and glows _one_ verse in which there beats The pulse of wind and torrent--if _one_ line... Poems - Post by : Jason_Rodriguez - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 2554

Rose Lorraine Rose Lorraine

Rose Lorraine
Sweet water-moons, blown into lights Of flying gold on pool and creek, And many sounds and many sights Of younger days are back this week. I cannot say I sought to face Or greatly cared to cross again The subtle spirit of the place Whose life is mixed with Rose Lorraine. What though her voice rings clearly through A nightly dream I gladly keep, No wish have I to start anew Heart fountains... Poems - Post by : aballew - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 2494

After The Hunt After The Hunt

After The Hunt
Underneath the windy mountain walls Forth we rode, an eager band, By the surges and the verges and the gorges, Till the night was on the land-- On the hazy, mazy land! Far away the bounding prey Leapt across the ruts and logs, But we galloped, galloped, galloped on, Till we heard the yapping of the dogs-- The yapping and the yelping of the dogs. Oh, it was a madly merry day... Poems - Post by : jumaa - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 3160

Merope Merope

Far in the ways of the hyaline wastes--in the face of the splendid Six of the sisters--the star-dowered sisters ineffably bright, Merope sitteth, the shadow-like wife of a monarch unfriended Of Ades--of Orcus, the fierce, the implacable god of the night. Merope--fugitive Merope! lost to thyself and thy lover, Cast, like a dream, out of thought, with the moons which have passed into sleep, What shall avail thee? Alcyone's tears, or the sight to discover Of Sisyphus pallid for thee by the... Poems - Post by : research - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 1888

Daniel Henry Deniehy Daniel Henry Deniehy

Daniel Henry Deniehy
Take the harp, but very softly for our brother touch the strings: Wind and wood shall help to wail him, waves and mournful mountain-springs. Take the harp, but very softly, for the friend who grew so old Through the hours we would not hear of--nights we would not fain behold! Other voices, sweeter voices, shall lament him year by year, Though the morning finds us lonely, though we sit and marvel here: Marvel much while Summer cometh, trammelled with November wheat, Gold about her forehead gleaming, green... Poems - Post by : michaelwkelly - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 2799

At Dusk At Dusk

At Dusk
At dusk, like flowers that shun the day, Shy thoughts from dim recesses break, And plead for words I dare not say For your sweet sake. My early love! my first, my last! Mistakes have been that both must rue; But all the passion of the past Survives for you. The tender message Hope might send Sinks fainting at the lips of speech, For, are you lover--are you friend,... Poems - Post by : Thumpper - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 2616

Ellen Ray Ellen Ray

Ellen Ray
A quiet song for Ellen-- The patient Ellen Ray, A dreamer in the nightfall, A watcher in the day. The wedded of the sailor Who keeps so far away: A shadow on his forehead For patient Ellen Ray. When autumn winds were driving Across the chafing bay, He said the words of anger That wasted Ellen Ray: He said the words of anger And went his bitter way:... Poems - Post by : Shdwstr - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 2590

Euterpe (child Of Light, The Bright, The Bird-like!) Euterpe (child Of Light, The Bright, The Bird-like!)

Euterpe (child Of Light, The Bright, The Bird-like!)
Child of Light, the bright, the bird-like! wilt thou float and float to me, Facing winds and sleets and waters, flying glimpses of the sea? Down amongst the hills of tempest the elves of tumult roam-- Blown wet shadows of the summits, dim sonorous sprites of foam? Here and here my days are wasted, shorn of leaf and stript of fruit: Vexed because of speech half spoken, maiden with the marvellous lute! Vexed because of songs half-shapen, smit with fire and mixed with pain: Part of... Poems - Post by : visshop - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 2834

The Glen Of Arrawatta The Glen Of Arrawatta

The Glen Of Arrawatta
A sky of wind! And while these fitful gusts Are beating round the windows in the cold, With sullen sobs of rain, behold I shape A settler's story of the wild old times: One told by camp-fires when the station drays Were housed and hidden, forty years ago; While swarthy drivers smoked their pipes, and drew, And crowded round the friendly gleaming flame That lured the dingo, howling, from his caves, And brought sharp sudden feet about the brakes. A... Poems - Post by : anthony1776 - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 3862

Mountain Moss Mountain Moss

Mountain Moss
It lies amongst the sleeping stones, Far down the hidden mountain glade; And past its brink the torrent moans For ever in a dreamy shade. A little patch of dark-green moss, Whose softness grew of quiet ways (With all its deep, delicious floss) In slumb'rous suns of summer days. You know the place? With pleasant tints The broken sunset lights the bowers; And then the woods are full with hints Of distant,... Poems - Post by : key1965 - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 2999

Faith In God Faith In God

Faith In God
Have faith in God. For whosoever lists To calm conviction in these days of strife, Will learn that in this steadfast stand exists The scholarship severe of human life. This face to face with doubt! I know how strong His thews must be who fights and falls and bears, By sleepless nights and vigils lone and long, And many a woeful wraith of wrestling prayers. Yet trust in Him! Not in an old man throned... Poems - Post by : holton - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 3747

On The Paroo On The Paroo

On The Paroo
(* The name of a watercourse, often dry, which in flood-time reaches the river Darling.) As when the strong stream of a wintering sea Rolls round our coast, with bodeful breaks of storm, And swift salt rain, and bitter wind that saith Wild things and woeful of the White South Land Alone with God and silence in the cold-- As when this cometh, men from dripping doors Look forth, and shudder for the mariners Abroad, so we for absent brothers looked In days... Poems - Post by : Raydal - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 2555

Sutherland's Grave Sutherland's Grave

Sutherland's Grave
(* Sutherland: Forby Sutherland, one of Captain Cook's seamen, who died shortly after the _Endeavour_ anchored in Botany Bay, 1770. He was the first Englishman buried in Australia.) All night long the sea out yonder--all night long the wailful sea, Vext of winds and many thunders, seeketh rest unceasingly! Seeketh rest in dens of tempest , like one distraught with pain, Shouts the wild-eyed sprite, Confusion--seeketh rest, and moans in vain: Ah! but you should hear it calling, calling when the haggard sky Takes the darks and... Poems - Post by : Yoon_Ho_Um - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 1864

Dante And Virgil Dante And Virgil

Dante And Virgil
When lost Francesca sobbed her broken tale Of love and sin and boundless agony, While that wan spirit by her side did wail And bite his lips for utter misery-- The grief which could not speak, nor hear, nor see-- So tender grew the superhuman face Of one who listened, that a mighty trace Of superhuman woe gave way, and pale The sudden light up-struggled to its place; While all his limbs began to faint and fail... Poems - Post by : jkane - Date : September 2011 - Author : Henry Kendall - Read : 3612