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Tranquillity Tranquillity

Do you respect the heavy-lidded flowers That nod so drowsily upon their bed? Can you endure the slow-stepped, dreamy hours That fall, indifferent, to gold and red? Have you the key that opens to green arches Where trees repeat their prayers in monotone? Then take my hand down life's mysterious marches, And let us walk in silence and alone.(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's poem: Tranquillity... Poems - Post by : jay_zek - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 3271

Vanquished Vanquished

Heart, here are roses burning with the South-- ("Fairer was her false mouth")-- Close your tired eyes, the twilight gives you rest-- ("Cool was her snowy breast"). Take of the sunshine, nor remember rain-- ("Love is a cruel pain")-- Hush! you shall sleep forgetting love's alarms-- ("Sleep died in her false arms").(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's poem: Vanquished... Poems - Post by : Grant - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 2278

The Dance The Dance

The Dance
Like little, eager children The tiptoe tulips stand, Row upon row of dancing heads In joyous saraband. With lithe, long emerald petticoats, And happy hands tossed up, The sunshine is the laughter That brims their golden cup.(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's poem: Dance... Poems - Post by : chrischoi - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 2369

To E. D. To E. D.

To E. D.
She wrought her songs in secret ways, Yet cared not where they fell; Her soul distilled itself like dews In rue and asphodel. They fell in countless happy hearts, Made wise by sun and showers, Like pollen blown about the earth, Conceiving royal flowers.(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's poem: To E. D.... Poems - Post by : pobrien - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 2434

This Was The Song This Was The Song

This Was The Song
We have forgotten. This the rowers knew, Straining within the galleys' reeling night. Life bent to breaking, while their great souls grew Strong in the ancient purposes of Time. This was the song whereby they made their fight, Laughed as they swung. Gods! how the cord bit through! This was the song the pagan lovers heard, Wakened by flowers in a rose-red dawn. Through the bright dew they fled, like ocean stirred With morning. Bare and beautiful they ran, Holding each other's hand. Through leaves they're gone, Cleaving the silver pool with flash... Poems - Post by : ggross - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 2280

In Tonga In Tonga

In Tonga
The windy rain beats, beats about my door-- Alas for love when love goes wandering! The dawn mist rises on the forest floor-- Alas for life when love goes wandering! With wet, green leaves the palm-trees lash the night, The pitiless trades drive wild gods in their flight. And, ah, my lover! Moons have come and gone, The fighting ended, still he lingers on. Sleepless I hear the demon wind above-- Alas for love when love goes wandering! And I must wed with one I do not love-- Alas... Poems - Post by : Mikeyp2 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 4063

Fight! Fight!

Fight, though the bulwarks of your faith may fall, Life become gray and full of weariness, Love prove a lie and wisdom bitterness-- Fight, for the strife alone avails for all. Fight and fight on, exulting in the light, Standing alert and upright gleefully, Seizing life's joys and woes courageously, Man to the end, and master--laugh and fight.(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's poem: Fight!... Poems - Post by : Roseman - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 3612

The Rose Of Dawn, A Tale Of The South Sea The Rose Of Dawn, A Tale Of The South Sea

The Rose Of Dawn, A Tale Of The South Sea
Somnolent, vast, inert, the darkness layWaiting for dawn. Across the ocean stirredA luminous haze, not light, but whispering light,So softly yet, the islands had not heard.The mystery of sleep was in the treesAnd on the weary stars. A little cryThat broke the silence seemed a sacrilege.Then thro' the palm trees glided like a ghostA dusky form; the curtain of the darkWas rent with life, the forest brought forth men.Instinct with morning every eye was bright,Tho' sleep so lately lay across their lids.No sinister intent had called them forthUpon the shadows. May held out her hands,And all the men who dared the... Poems - Post by : waramro - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 3103

The Ghost The Ghost

The Ghost
You came and you went, and I swept you aside, not a trace Does my wisdom endure of your words and your beautiful face And the curls of your hair; Yet your presence, a song, murmurs ever in hopeless refrain, And I wake in the night with my empty hands yearning in vain For the touch of your hair. You went, and I triumphed--I crushed out my heart with a kiss On the lips that are ashen, forgetting spring's wonderful bliss And your tremulous lips; Yet the kisses were ghostly with jasmine, dear jasmine of... Poems - Post by : marshall - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 3794

Music Music

Music has opened her hands, Through fingers her jewels are falling, Fingers so delicate slender, Pale as the ghost of a flower. Jewels of crimson, the life Ebbing from hearts that are broken, Roses and wine and red sunsets, Flames of undying desire. Jewels of azure, the sea Dreaming of stars, and the morning Dancing with life, then the silence Blue of mysterious caves. Jewels of green, and the grass Lifts up its hands to the summer, Hiding insidious serpents, Fair as the sweets that are sin. Jewels more bright than the sun Music lets fall from her fingers. We who... Poems - Post by : Larryg - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 2773

Butterfly Words Butterfly Words

Butterfly Words
Butterfly words from the sun in my brain, Flitting and darting and flitting again, Gleaming of golden and violet and rose, What is the rainbow you spring from, and where? Butterflies daintily poise and disclose, Whence is this secret of color you bear? Sun that is ruddy and fragrant with flowers, Garnered and hid from these desolate hours, Misty with beauty, the silver of spring-- Ah, for the ways that are lost to my feet! Only the dip of the butterfly wing, Poised for a moment, revives me the sweet.(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's... Poems - Post by : zone79 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 1699

Be Still Be Still

Be Still
Be still, be still, vex not the night with sound, The moon has laid her finger on the lake, And in the shadows of the wood profound There lies a peace we would profane to break. Upon the lonely avenue of trees, As pearls upon an airy silver string, Are caught the threaded echoes of the breeze That sets the ruffled leaves a-murmuring. Be still, dear heart, as though 'twere death to speak. Love waits you, lily-like, with leaves unfurled, While on the breast of day night lays her cheek,... Poems - Post by : randomcreek - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 2258

Lyric Love Lyric Love

Lyric Love
The world deserves its wisdom. You and I, Serene within the shadow, crowned with hours, Cinctured with solitude, the bended sky Folds us in hues of tulip twilight flowers. Knowledge is chill; your hair is warm with gold, A lock lies heavily across your cheek. I somewhere heard of darkness, pain, and cold-- Keep your own, world. Ah, Love, stir not nor speak.(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's poem: Lyric Love... Poems - Post by : ak47bih - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 2814

For Your Sake For Your Sake

For Your Sake
Bid me for your sake, Not for self or right-- You alone can wake Power to gain the fight. In your name I'd dare Aught in earth's great bounds; Forth my sins should fare, Leashed like cringing hounds. When you touch my hand, Through your holy eyes I can see the land Where is Paradise. Yet I may not go, Leaving cold and night, Till your soul of snow Sees that mine is white. Let my heart not break Till I kill my... Poems - Post by : strobes - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 1862

In May In May

In May
Blithe Nature leaned to kiss her favorite child, Her sunshine hair about her bosom swirled; Gay Baby Spring held out his hands, he smiled, And Apple-Blossoms dimpled on the world.(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's poem: In May... Poems - Post by : anosek - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 3117

A South-sea Lover Scorned A South-sea Lover Scorned

A South-sea Lover Scorned
When the red coral of your lip is pale As the bleached sea-sand, ah, wearily, wearily, Will you behold your face, your fingers frail, Gnarled like a wind-blown tree; your star-bright eyes Blind as a cloudy midnight without moon. No more fair necklaces nor scarlet dyes Can make you cruel to men, for soon, so soon, Your heart will bear the years--ah, wearily, wearily. Then I, your scorn, shall still be man and chief; Turning to free your hands so carelessly, carelessly, You will be dead to love past all belief.... Poems - Post by : Solid.Snake007 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 2955

Prayers Prayers

Prayers that were birds winging wide, Daring the flame of the sun, How have you faltered and died, Now the day's done! Prayers must be brave for the dark, Strong for the chill of the star, Fearing no fate to embark Over the bar. Prayers of the sun and the moon, Prayers for the sky and the nest, All must reach haven so soon-- Which shall reach rest?(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's poem: Prayers... Poems - Post by : bigfish - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 2168

The Philosopher The Philosopher

The Philosopher
The grim immensities are mine, The sunlight on the brook is theirs; I drink the lees of bitter wine, Fate grants a gift to all their prayers. I stammer, all afire to tell The thoughts that urge for life like pain; For them words brim the shallow well Like easy drops of summer rain. And which, ah, Heaven, which is best-- The little lute for every mood, Or, shrinking coldly from life's test, The heights and depths of solitude?(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's poem: Philosopher... Poems - Post by : Rod_Larkins - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 3391

Truth Truth

Up from the soul, as a blade of grass from the sod, Springs the intent of the prayer as a cry to God. Blossoms may veil it or visions with ways uncouth, He sees the ultimate grass-blade, the heart of Truth.(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's poem: Truth... Poems - Post by : nvweb - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 3319

Enough Of Singing Enough Of Singing

Enough Of Singing
Enough of singing; since your heart is tired, We'll leave the lute, so long, so long desired, And in the silence speak one quiet word, Simple as earth, forgetting song and bird. No more of singing; mating-time has sped, In the broad fields the poppy-lips are red. Crush them, Beloved, drink the lethe deep; Song being dead, what else is left but sleep?(The end)Helen Hay Whitney's poem: Enough Of Singing... Poems - Post by : leanfang - Date : October 2011 - Author : Helen Hay Whitney - Read : 2334