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Confessions Confessions

(Heine wrote these Confessions, which form one of his most characteristic works, in the winter of 1853-4. They were originally intended to form part of the book on Germany. The translation here given is Mr. Fleishman's, revised by collation with the original.) A witty Frenchman--a few years ago these words would have been a pleonasm--once dubbed me an unfrocked Romanticist. I have a weakness for all that is witty; and spiteful as was this appelation, it nevertheless delighted me highly. Notwithstanding the war of extermination that I had waged against Romanticism, I always remained a Romanticist at heart, and that in... Essays - Post by : Chrisi - Date : November 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 2668

Gods In Exile Gods In Exile

Gods In Exile
(Gods in Exile, in which Heine has gathered up some of the mediæval legends concerning the later history of the Greek and Roman gods, was written in the early spring of 1853 (a few pages, however, had been written so long before as 1836), and published in the Revue des Deux Mondes for that year. The translation, by Mr. Fleishman, here used, has been carefully revised, and in part rewritten. It will be observed that the years between 1837 and 1853 are unrepresented in this volume. During that period--with the exception of the fragment of The Rabbi of Bacharach (which was,... Essays - Post by : apexpac - Date : November 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 4451

Don Quixote Don Quixote

Don Quixote
(The following admirable account of Don Quixote--here given chiefly in Mr. Fleishman's translation--was written in 1837, as the introduction to an edition de luxe of Cervantes's masterpiece.) The first book that I read after I arrived at boyhood's years of discretion, and had tolerably mastered my letters, was The Life and Deeds of the Sagacious Knight, Don Quixote de la Mancha, written by Miguel Cervantes de Saavedra. Well do I remember the time, when, early in the morning, I stole away from home and hastened to the court-garden, that I might read Don Quixote without being disturbed. It was a beautiful... Essays - Post by : neelyb - Date : November 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 1594

Florentine Nights Florentine Nights

Florentine Nights
(Heine wrote the fragment entitled Florentine Nights in 1835, and published it two years later in the third volume of the Salon. It is a series of brilliant pictures united by a very slight thread of connection. There is unquestionably an additional element of autobiographical interest; Maximilian's visits to Potsdam and London correspond to Heine's, and throughout this various record of impressions we frequently hear Heine's own voice. The translation here given has not been previously published.) FIRST NIGHT. In the ante-room Maximilian found the doctor just as he was drawing on his black gloves. "I am greatly pressed for time,"... Essays - Post by : passion72 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 3856

Religion And Philosophy In Germany Religion And Philosophy In Germany

Religion And Philosophy In Germany
(A considerable portion of this, which is one of Heine's most important works, marked by luminous exposition and bold and brilliant ideas, is here presented. It was published in French, under the title De l'Allemagne depuis Luther, in the Revue des Deux Mondes for 1834, and shortly afterwards it appeared in German, terribly mutilated by the censor, like nearly everything that Heine wrote. It was written at the suggestion of Prosper Enfantin, and dedicated to him, as at that time, in Heine's opinion, the foremost champion of human progress. The translation here given is Mr. Fleishman's; it has been revised and... Essays - Post by : MrFlint - Date : November 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 2822

The Romantic School The Romantic School

The Romantic School
(The Romantic School, one of Heine's chief works, of which the most interesting portions are here given, was published in 1833. It was first written in French, as a counterblast to Madame de Staël's De l'Allemagne, forming a series of articles in the Europe Littéraire. Notwithstanding many errors of detail, and some occasional injustice, it remains by far the best account of the most important aspect of German literature. Indirectly Heine wished to lay down the programme of the future, for he regarded himself as the last of the Romantic poets, and the inaugurator of a new school. The following translation... Essays - Post by : Silver_Surfer - Date : November 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 1580

Jan Steen Jan Steen

Jan Steen
(This fragment--newly translated--is taken from the Memoiren des Herrn von Schnabelwopski, which was written in 1831, and published in 1834, in the first volume of the Salon. The Memoirs of Schnabelwopski consist simply of the hero's light sketches of Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Leyden, and his experiences in those towns; they have generally excited the anger of Heine's German critics and biographers, who appear to detect a tone of irreverent levity about them, which they attribute to Parisian influences. Wagner obtained the story of his Flying Dutchman from a chapter of Schnabelwopski's Memoirs.) In the house I lodged at in Leyden there... Essays - Post by : jknickerbocker - Date : November 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 3965

The Liberation The Liberation

The Liberation
Should the time for leisurely research ever return to me, I will prove in the most tiresomely fundamental manner that it was not India, but Egypt which originated that system of castes which has for two thousand years disguised itself in the garb of every country, and has deceived every age in its own language, which is now perhaps dead, yet which, counterfeiting the appearance of life, wanders about among us evil-eyed and mischief-making, poisoning our blooming life with its corpse vapour--yes, like a vampire of the Middle Ages, sucking the blood and the light from the heart of nations. From... Essays - Post by : carlsorensen - Date : November 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 4108

Wellington Wellington

This man has the bad fortune to meet with good fortune wherever the greatest men in the world were unfortunate, and that angers us, and makes him hateful. We see in him only the victory of stupidity over genius--Arthur Wellington triumphant where Napoleon Bonaparte was overwhelmed! Never was a man more ironically gifted by Fortune, and it seems as though she would exhibit his empty littleness by raising him high on the shield of victory. Fortune is a woman, and perhaps, in womanly wise, she cherishes a secret grudge against the man who overthrew her former darling, though the very overthrow... Essays - Post by : poppy - Date : November 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 1700

London London

I have seen the greatest wonder which the world can show to the astonished spirit; I have seen it, and am more astonished then ever--and still there remains fixed in my memory that stone forest of houses, and amid them the rushing stream of faces, of living human faces, with all their motley passions, all their terrible impulses of love, of hunger, and of hate--I am speaking of London. Send a philosopher to London, but no poet! Send a philosopher there, and stand him at a corner of Cheapside, he will learn more there than from all the books of the... Essays - Post by : pk8la4eva - Date : November 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 1429

Reisebilder Reisebilder

IDEAS, OR THE BOOK LE GRAND. (The Ideas, of which the chief portion is here presented, was published in 1826 in the second volume of the Reisebilder, or Travel-Pictures. The German title has been retained, as Heine himself retained it in the French translation. The translation here given is founded on Mr. Leland's; it has been carefully revised.) CHAPTER I. She was lovable, and he loved her. But he was not lovable, and she did not love him.--Old Play. Madame, do you know the old play? It is quite an extraordinary play, only a little too... Essays - Post by : stargazer - Date : November 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 2079

Epilogue Epilogue

Like the stalks of wheat in the fields, So flourish and wave in the mind of man His thoughts. But the delicate fancies of love Are like gay little intermingled blossoms Of red and blue flowers. Red and blue flowers!... Poems - Post by : Richaz - Date : October 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 3620

In Port In Port

In Port
Happy the man who has reached port, And left behind the sea and the tempest, And who now sits, quietly and warm, In the goodly town-cellar of Bremen. How pleasantly and cordially The world is mirrored in the wine-glass. And how the waving microcosm Pours sunnily down into the thirsty heart! I see everything in the glass,-- Ancient and modern tribes, Turks and Greeks, Hegel and Gans, Citron groves and guard-parades, Berlin and Schilda, and Tunis and Hamburg. Above all the image of my beloved,... Poems - Post by : j.m.irwin - Date : October 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 2869

Sea-sickness Sea-sickness

The gray afternoon clouds Drop lower over the sea, Which darkly riseth to meet them, And between them both fares the ship. Sea-sick I still sit by the mast And all by myself indulge in meditation, Those world-old ashen-gray meditations, Which erst our father Lot entertained, When he had enjoyed too much of a good thing, And afterward suffered such inconvenience. Meanwhile I think also of old stories; How pilgrims with the cross on their breast in days of yore, On... Poems - Post by : philbooth - Date : October 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 2146

Question Question

By the sea, by the desolate nocturnal sea, Stands a youthful man, His breast full of sadness, his head full of doubt. And with bitter lips he questions the waves: "Oh solve me the riddle of life! The cruel, world-old riddle, Concerning which, already many a head hath been racked. Heads in hieroglyphic-hats, Heads in turbans and in black caps, Periwigged heads, and a thousand other Poor, sweating human heads. Tell me, what signifies... Poems - Post by : nennito - Date : October 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 3906

The Phoenix The Phoenix

The Phoenix
A bird comes flying out of the West; He flies to the Eastward, Towards the Eastern garden-home, Where spices shed fragrance, and flourish, And palms rustle and fountains scatter coolness. And in his flight the magic bird sings: "She loves him! she loves him! She carries his portrait in her little heart, And she carries it sweetly and secretly hidden, And knoweth it not herself!... Poems - Post by : jmoore1955 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 2324

The Gods Of Greece The Gods Of Greece

The Gods Of Greece
Full-blooming moon, in thy radiance, Like flowing gold shines the sea. With daylight clearness, yet twilight enchantment, Thy beams lie over the wide, level beach. And in the pure, blue starless heavens, Float the white clouds, Like colossal images of gods... Poems - Post by : karma69_us - Date : October 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 2932

The Song Of The Oceanides The Song Of The Oceanides

The Song Of The Oceanides
'Tis nightfall and paler grows the sea. And alone with his lonely soul, There sits a man on the cold strand And turns his death-cold glances Towards the vast, death-cold vault of heaven, And toward the vast, billowy sea. On airy sails float forth his sighs; And melancholy they return,... Poems - Post by : Robin_R - Date : October 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 1698

Sunset Sunset

The beautiful sun Has quietly descended into the sea. The surging water is already tinted By dusky night-- But still the red of evening Sprinkles it with golden lights. And the rushing might of the tide Presses toward the shore the white waves, That merrily and nimbly leap Like woolly flocks of sheep, Which at evening the singing shepherd boy Drives homeward. "How beautiful is the sun!"... Poems - Post by : JaneBlonde - Date : October 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 3840

Wrecked Wrecked

Hope and love! everything shattered And I myself, like a corpse That the growling sea has cast up, I lie on the strand, On the barren cold strand. Before me surges the waste of waters, Behind me lies naught but grief and misery;... Poems - Post by : punkrocker8687 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Heinrich Heine - Read : 4052