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'is It April?' "is It April?"

'is It April?'
No, this is January, dear, The almanac's untrue; For roaring Boreas, 'tis clear, In sleet and snow and atmosphere, Will be the monarch of the year, And terror, too. "Is it a blessing in disguise?" Of course, things always are; But Arctic blasts with ardent skies Somehow do not quite harmonize, That try to cheat by weather-lies The calendar.... Poems - Post by : andyf1702 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 2943

A Song (oh, Sing Me A Merry Song!) A Song (oh, Sing Me A Merry Song!)

A Song (oh, Sing Me A Merry Song!)
Oh, sing me a merry song! My heart is sad tonight; The day has been so drear and long, The world has gone awry and wrong, Discouragements around me throng, And gloom surpassing night. Oh, sing again the song for me My mother used to sing When I, a child beside her knee, Looked up for her sweet sympathy, Nor ever thought how I might... Poems - Post by : eagle75 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 1859

By The Sea By The Sea

By The Sea
I am longing to dwell by the sea, And dip in the surf every day, And--height of subaqueous glee-- With the sharks and the porpoises play. To novelty ever inclined-- Instead of a calm evening sail, 'Twould suit my adventurous mind To ride on the back of a whale. I want to disport on the rocks Like a mythical mermaiden belle,... Poems - Post by : forex123 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 3698

Christmas Bells Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Ring out, O bells, in joyful chime! Again we hail the Christmas time; In melting, mellow atmosphere, The crown and glory of the year. When bitterness, distrust, and awe Dissolve, like ice in winter's thaw, Beneath the genial touches of Amenity, good will, and love. When flowers of affection grow, Like edelweiss mid alpine snow, In lives severe and beautiless,... Poems - Post by : tgodell - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 2970

Margaret Margaret

I saw her for a moment, Her presence haunts me yet, In oft-recurring visions Of grace and gladness met That marked the sweet demeanor Of dainty Margaret. Like gossamer her robe was Around her lightly drawn, A filmy summer-garment That fairy maidens don To make them look like angels Croqueting on the lawn.... Poems - Post by : stonesfo - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 982

The Torpedo The Torpedo

The Torpedo
Valiant sons of the sea, All the vast deep, your home, Holds no terror so dread As this novel and unseen foe, Lurking under the foam Of some dangerous channel-- As the torpedo, the scourge of ships. Through the rigging may roar... Poems - Post by : Ron_Rea - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 899

'passer Le Temps' "passer Le Temps"

'passer Le Temps'
So that's the way you pass your time! Indeed your charming, frank confession Betrays no sort of heinous crime, But marks a wonderful digression From puritanic views, less bold, That we were early taught to hold. "Passer le temps," of course, implies A little cycle of flirtations, Wherein the actors never rise To sober, serious relations, But play just for amusement's sake... Poems - Post by : margaux - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 1327

Going To Tobog Going To Tobog

Going To Tobog
Into my disappointment-cup The snowflakes fell and blocked the road, And so I thought I'd finish up The latest style of Christmas ode; When she, the charming little lass With eyes as bright as isinglass, Before a line my pen had wrought In strange attire came bounding in, As if she had with Bruno fought, And robbed him of his shaggy skin.... Poems - Post by : tenglish - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 810

Poor Housekeeping Poor Housekeeping

Poor Housekeeping
If there is one gift that I prize above others, That tinges with brightness whatever I do, And gives to the sombre a roseate hue, 'Tis a legacy mine from the nicest of mothers, Who haply the beauty of housewifery knew, And taught me her neatness and diligence too. So is my discomfort a house in disorder: The service uncleanly, the linen distained, The children... Poems - Post by : happyallday - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 1518

The Antiquarian The Antiquarian

The Antiquarian
Millions have been and passed from view Benignity who never knew; No aspiration theirs, nor aim; Existence soulless as the clay From whence they sprang, what right have they To eulogy or fame? So multitudes have been forgot-- But drones or dunces, good for naught; Like clinging parasites or burrs Taking from others all they dared, Yet little they... Poems - Post by : joeml - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 1550

The Tourist The Tourist

The Tourist
Lo! carpet-bag and bagger occupy the land, And prove the touring season actively begun; His personnel and purpose can none misunderstand, For each upon his frontlet bears his honest brand-- The fool-ish one! By caravan and car, from country and from town, A great grasshopper army fell foraging the land; Like bumblebees that know not where to settle down,... Poems - Post by : Worldbridger - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 3258

The Student Gone The Student Gone

The Student Gone
So soon he fell, the world will never know What possibilities within him lay, What hopes irradiated his young life, With high ambition and with ardor rife; But ah! the speedy summons came, and so He passed away. So soon he fell, there lie unfinished plans By others misapplied, misunderstood; And doors are barred that wait the... Poems - Post by : brevi - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 1286

Rutha Rutha

The days are long and lonely, The weary eve comes on, And the nights are filled with dreaming Of one beloved and gone. I reach out in the darkness And clasp but empty air, For Rutha dear has vanished-- I wonder, wonder where. Yet must it be: her nature So lovely, pure, and true; So nearly like the angels,... Poems - Post by : Wil_b - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 1510

Holiday Home Holiday Home

Holiday Home
Of all the sweet visions that come unto me Of happy refreshment by land or by sea, Like oases where in life's desert I roam, Is nothing so pleasant as Holiday Home. I climb to the top of the highest of hills And look to the west with affectionate thrills, And fancy I stand by the emerald side Of charming Geneva, like Switzerland's pride. In distant perspective unruffled it lies, Except for the packet... Poems - Post by : sidekick - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 1439

A Fowl Affair A Fowl Affair

A Fowl Affair
I hope I'm not too orthodox To give a joke away, That took me like the chicken-pox And left a debt to pay. Let argument ignore the cost, If it be dear or cheap, And only claim that naught be lost When it's too good to keep. The proverb says "All flesh is grass,"... Poems - Post by : mlmnotes - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 3025

Epithalamium Epithalamium

I. "Whom God hath joined"--ah, this sententious phrase A meaning deeper than the sea conveys, And of a sweet and solemn service tells With the rich resonance of wedding-bells; It speaks of vows and obligations given As if amid the harmony of heaven, While seraph lips approving seem to say, "Love, honor, and obey."II. Is Hymen then ambassador divine, His mission, matrimonial and benign, The heart to counsel,... Poems - Post by : fitzpatg - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 2140

The Taxidermist The Taxidermist

The Taxidermist
From other men he stands apart, Wrapped in sublimity of thought Where futile fancies enter not; With starlike purpose pressing on Where Agassiz and Audubon Labored, and sped that noble art Yet in its pristine dawn. Something to conquer, to achieve, Makes life well worth the struggle hard; Its petty ills to disregard, In high... Poems - Post by : Anacleto_Marchi - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 3155

Two Roses Two Roses

Two Roses
I've a friend beyond the ocean So regardful, so sincere, And he sends me in a letter Such a pretty souvenir. It is crushed to death and withered, Out of shape and very flat, But its pure, delicious odor Is the richer for all that. 'Tis a rose from Honolulu, And it bears the tropic brand, Sandwiched in this friendly missive... Poems - Post by : dant245 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 3202

The Apple Tree The Apple Tree

The Apple Tree
Has ever a tree from the earth upsprung Around whose body have children clung, Whose bounteous branches the birds among Have pecked the fruit, and chirped and sung-- Was ever a tree, or shall there be, So hardy, so sturdy, so good to see, So welcome a boon to the family, Like the pride of the farmer, the apple tree? How he loves to be digging about its root, Or grafting the bud in... Poems - Post by : wifekeeper - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 2310

The Subway The Subway

The Subway
Oh, who in creation would fail to descend That wonderful hole in the ground?-- That, feeling its way like a hypocrite-friend In sinuous fashion, seems never to end; While thunder and lightning abound. Oh, who in creation would dare to go down That great subterranean hole-- The tunnel, the terror, the talk of the town, That gives to the city a mighty renown... Poems - Post by : mafiaptc - Date : November 2011 - Author : Hattie Howard - Read : 1054