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'learn To Take Things Easily' "learn To Take Things Easily"

'learn To Take Things Easily'
To these few words, it seems to me, A wealth of sound instruction clings; O Learn to Take things easily-- Espeshly Other People's Things; And Time will make your fingers deft At what is known as Petty Theft. Your precious moments do not waste; Take Ev'rything that isn't tied! Who knows but you may have a Taste, A Gift perhaps, for Homicide,-- (A Mania which, encouraged, thrives On Taking Other People's Lives). "Fools and Their Money soon must part!"... Poems - Post by : danielps - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 1764

'don't Buy A Pig In A Poke' "don't Buy A Pig In A Poke"

'don't Buy A Pig In A Poke'
Unscrupulous Pigmongers will Attempt to wheedle and to coax The ignorant young housewife till She purchases her pigs in pokes; Beasts that have got a Lurid Past, Or else are far Too Good to Last. So, should you not desire to be The victim of a cruel hoax, Then promise me, ah! promise me, You will not purchase pigs in pokes! ('Twould be an error just as big To poke your purchase in a pig.) Too well I know the bitter... Poems - Post by : trebor1000 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 3260

'enough Is As Good As A Feast' "enough Is As Good As A Feast"

'enough Is As Good As A Feast'
What is Enough? An idle dream! One cannot have enough, I swear, Of Ices or Meringues-and-Cream, Nougat or Chocolate Eclairs, Of Oysters or of Caviar, Of Prawns or Paté de Foie Grar! Who would not willingly forsake Kindred and Home, without a fuss, For Icing from a Birthday Cake, Or juicy fat Asparagus, And journey over countless seas For New Potatoes and Green Peas? They say that a Contented Mind Is a Continual Feast;--but where The mental... Poems - Post by : mike02127 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 1400

'virtue Is Its Own Reward' "virtue Is Its Own Reward"

'virtue Is Its Own Reward'
Virtue its own reward? Alas! And what a poor one as a rule! Be Virtuous and Life will pass Like one long term of Sunday-School. (No prospect, truly, could one find More unalluring to the mind.) You may imagine that it pays To practise Goodness. Not a bit! You cease receiving any praise When people have got used to it; 'Tis generally understood You find it easy to be good. The Model Child has got to keep His... Poems - Post by : Victoria - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 2368

Foreword (from 'perverted Proverbs') Foreword (from "perverted Proverbs")

Foreword (from 'perverted Proverbs')
The Press may pass my Verses by With sentiments of indignation, And say, like Greeks of old, that I Corrupt the Youthful Generation; I am unmoved by taunts like these-- (And so, I think, was Socrates). Howe'er the Critics may revile, I pick no journalistic quarrels, Quite realizing that my Style Makes up for any lack of Morals; For which I feel no shred of shame-- (And Byron would have felt the same). I don't intend a Child to read... Poems - Post by : 46250 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 1464

Dedicated To Helen Whitney Dedicated To Helen Whitney

Dedicated To Helen Whitney
Do you recall those bygone days, When you received with kindly praise My bantling book of Rhyme? Praise undeserved, alas! and yet How sweet! For, tho' we had not met, (Ah! what a waste of time!) I could the more enjoy such mercies Since I delighted in your verses. And when a Poet stoops to smile On some one of the rank and file, (Inglorious--if not mute,) Some groundling bard who craves to climb, Like me, the dizzy rungs of Rhyme,... Poems - Post by : silviojm - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 3235

Envoi (from 'fiscal Ballads') Envoi (from "fiscal Ballads")

Envoi (from 'fiscal Ballads')
PROTECTIONIST! (if you exist) Whose sympathies I can't enlist, Be sparing of your curses! Ah, don't abuse my Fiscal VIEWS, But, out of pity for the Muse, Look only at my VERSES! FREE TRADER, too, I beg of you, Whatever else you think or do, My lack of skill excuse. Ah! No doubt my VERSE could not be worse, And weak the rhymes that I rehearse;... Poems - Post by : Martha_Stevens - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 935

The Turning Tide The Turning Tide

The Turning Tide
Jim 'Icks was a Tory, ten years back; An' 'e cheered at each Tory win. An' 'e'd stand an' argue as white was black, For to 'elp them Tories in. But times (an' parties) is changed since then, An' 'e's wishful to 'elp 'em out agen. 'Rat!' sez you? Maybe that's true. Nor 'e ain't the only one As 'eard wot them Tories said they'd do, An' as seed wot them Tories done; An' 'e don't feel noways bound, don't Jim, To... Poems - Post by : bapkigar - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 3204

A Message From Broadmoor A Message From Broadmoor

A Message From Broadmoor
Altho' my brain is sound and well, An' mentally I've nothing wrong, They've locked me in a padded cell, An' watches me the 'ole day long; 'Ow did I get in such a fix? 'Twas all along o' politics. I'd studied Joe's Protection plan, An' thought I'd see what I could do To benefit my fellow-man By practisin' 'is 'opeful view That Exports is the all in all, And Himports should be nil--or small. So, when I stayed with Uncle Bill... Poems - Post by : RichardGrady - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 1170

'controversial Methods' 'controversial Methods'

'controversial Methods'
It doesn't matter if I goes Inside our local Workman's Club To 'ave a game o' dominoes, Or drops into the nearest pub; In 'arf a moment in 'll walk Some bloke as starts a fiscal talk. An' if I ever tries, per'aps, To criticise this scheme o' Joe's, There's always some excited chaps As leads from arguments to blows. An' then we throws the things about, Till someone calls the chucker-out. They states that England's gone to pot,... Poems - Post by : richbiz45 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 1845

'statistics' 'statistics'

I likes my glass of 'arf-an'-'arf, Nor needn't make no bones about it; But still I ain't the bloke to chaff Them fellers as can do without it; I pities 'em, but I respex Toteetallers o' heither sex. I used to be the same myself, Would never touch a thing but water, Nor 'ave no bottles on my shelf Containin' wot they didn't oughter. (O' water now I 'ates the sight, Except to wash in, Sunday night). An' wot cured me... Poems - Post by : - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 1434

Controversial Entertainment Controversial Entertainment

Controversial Entertainment
On Saturdays I often goes An' spends a evenin' in the pit At one of them vari'ty shows, An' makes a 'appy night of it; But since this fiscal row begun, I've 'ad to look elsewheres for fun. I'm partial to a music-'all, But when last week I chanced to go, I 'eard some low-necked blighter bawl A Jingo song in praise o' Joe; 'No more will England,' sez this crank, 'Trade with the German an' the Yank!' At furrin countries,... Poems - Post by : wshi88 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 1537

British Trade British Trade

British Trade
Oh, why was I born a English lad, In a island all shut in by sea? Wot a much better chance I might 'ave 'ad If I'd only been 'made in Germanee'! Oh, why was I thus unwilling 'urled On the blooming 'dust-'eap o' the world.' No doubt as the German artisan Don't get very much in the matter o' pay; But 'e works on the seven-days-weekly plan, With a haverage thirteen hours a day. An' 'e 'asn't no time for to sit... Poems - Post by : Dewayne - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 2831

Preferential Treatment Preferential Treatment

Preferential Treatment
We was always a hintimate family, An' we doted on one another; I was genuine fond o' my Uncle Fred, And o' Cousin Jim I've a-often said 'E was more like my own born brother; An' a feeling of 'earty affection I 'ad For Kate, wot 'ad married my eldest lad. Now, my Uncle Fred keeps the 'Dumpshire Arms,' An' Jim's in the grocery trade; While Kate 'as a little front-window shop, Where she sells stone-bottles o' ginger-pop An' sweets as is... Poems - Post by : neomovieman - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 2644

The Colonies The Colonies

The Colonies
I've been 'earing, round the pubs, As the British Lion's cubs Is a gettin' out of 'and, and stubborn-'earted; For the Colonies, they say, Is a driftin' right away, From the Motherland wot seed 'em safely started. But it's only Little Englanders, Protectionists, an' such, Keeps a-'owling an' a-crying as the Empire's 'out o' touch.'... Poems - Post by : cyberpaul - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 964

Retaliation Retaliation

I've 'ad a quarrel with 'Enery Slade, 'Oo keeps our only village inn; 'E said as 'is shoes was badly made, An' I said as 'is 'alf-an'-'alf was thin. 'No more o' your boots I'll buy,' sez 'e, 'An' no more o' your beer,' sez I, 'for me!' Nex' time as 'is shoes was out o' repair, 'E took 'em to Lunnon, 'Enery did; An' wot wi' the bill an' the railway fare, Why, it cost 'im werry near 'alf a quid. If... Poems - Post by : marcolisi - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 1090

Protection Protection

I've got the dumpophobia bad, As is easy for to see; (When a little lad I was bit by a mad Manufacturin' man, maybe!) An' I simply goes clean off my chump If anyone 'appens to mention 'dump.' For it's 'Out wi' they furriner folks!' sez I; Will we take it 'lying down,' When they dumps cheap goods (as we wants to buy) Into every British town? (Tho' per'aps it's a thing as they wouldn't do If we 'adn't a-given 'em orders... Poems - Post by : 38750 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 3584

Foreword (from 'fiscal Ballads') Foreword (from "fiscal Ballads")

Foreword (from 'fiscal Ballads')
I'm only a common workin'-man, With a eye to my vittles an' beer, But afore I puts my money on Joe, There's a thing or two as I'd like to know, Which 'e 'asn't a-made quite clear. I admit as it sounds attractive-like For to shut them furriners out, But every Board School nipper knows As there's things wot only a furriner grows As we couldn't well do without. There's sugar, an' rice, an' cocoa-nibs, There's cawfy an' tea as... Poems - Post by : expat - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 1386

L'envoi (from 'familiar Faces') L'envoi (from "familiar Faces")

L'envoi (from 'familiar Faces')
Go, little book, and coyly creep Beneath the pillows of the blest, Whence those who seek in vain for sleep Shall drag thee from thy nest; That so thy sedative aroma May lull them to a state of coma. The infant child who lies awake, Within its tiny trundle-bed, No soothing potion needs to take, If thou art duly read;... Poems - Post by : therd3 - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 2515

The Reviewer The Reviewer

The Reviewer
Pray observe the stern Reviewer! See with what a piercing look He impales, as with a skewer, This unlucky little book! Note his gestures of impatience, As he contemplates, perplex'd, The amazing illustrations Which adorn the text! Hear him mutter, as his swivel- Eye converges on the verse, "Any man who... Poems - Post by : zalmyb - Date : November 2011 - Author : Harry Graham - Read : 2318