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The Silent Tide The Silent Tide

The Silent Tide
A tangled orchard round the farm-house spreads,Wherein it stands home-like, but desolate,'Midst crowded and uneven-statured sheds,Alike by rain and sunshine sadly stained.A quiet country-road before the doorRuns, gathering close its ruts to scale the hill--A sudden bluff on the New Hampshire coast,That rises rough against the sea, and hangsCrested above the bowlder-sprinkled beach.And on the road white houses small are strungLike threaded beads, with intervals. The churchTops the rough hill; then comes the wheelwright's shop.From orchard, church, and shop you hear the sea,And from the farm-house windows see it strikeSharp gleams through slender arching apple-boughs.Sea-like, too, echoing round me here there... Poems - Post by : ShelvingPro - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 3656

Burial-song For Sumner Burial-song For Sumner

Burial-song For Sumner
Now the last wreath of snow That melts, in mist exhalesWhite aspiration, and our deep-voiced galesIn chorus chant the measured march of spring, Whom griefs of life and death Are burdening! Slow, slow-- With half-held breath--Tread slow, O mourners, that all men may know What hero here lies low! O music, sweep... Poems - Post by : vbhnl - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 3999

A Face In The Street A Face In The Street

A Face In The Street
Poor, withered face, that yet was once so fair, Grown ashen-old in the wild fires of lust-- Thy star-like beauty, dimm'd with earthly dust, Yet breathing of a purer native air;--They who whilom, cursed vultures, sought a share Of thy dead womanhood, their greed unjust Have satisfied, have stripped and left thee bare. Still, like a leaf warped by the autumn gust,And driving to the end, thou wrapp'st in flame And perfume all thy hollow-eyed decay,Feigning on those gray cheeks the blush that Shame Took with her when she fled long since away.... Poems - Post by : WCarmier - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 2777

Grief's Hero Grief's Hero

Grief's Hero
A youth unto herself Grief took,Whom everything of joy forsook,And men passed with denying head,Saying: "'T were better he were dead."Grief took him, and with master-touchMolded his being. I marveled muchTo see her magic with the clay,So much she gave--and took away.Daily she wrought, and her designGrew daily clearer and more fine,To make the beauty of his shapeServe for the spirit's free escape.With liquid fire she filled his eyes.She graced his lips with swift surmiseOf sympathy for others' woe,And made his every fibre flowIn fairer curves. On brow and chinAnd tinted cheek, drawn clean and thin,She sculptured records rich, great Grief!She... Poems - Post by : extra02dog - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 3913

The Fisher Of The Cape The Fisher Of The Cape

The Fisher Of The Cape
At morn his bark like a birdSlips lightly oceanward--Sail feathering smooth o'er the bayAnd beak that drinks the wild spray.In his eyes beams cheerilyA light like the sun's on the sea,As he watches the waning strand,Where the foam, like a waving handOf one who mutely would tellHer love, flutters faintly, "Farewell."But at night, when the winds ariseAnd pipe to driving skies,And the moon peers, half afraid,Through the storm-cloud's ragged shade,He hears her voice in the blastThat sighs about the mast,He sees her face in the cloudsAs he climbs the whistling shrouds;And a power nerves his hand,Shall bring the bark to land.(The... Poems - Post by : darlene88 - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 3339

May And Marriage May And Marriage

May And Marriage
THE LOVER WHO THINKS.Dost thou remember, Love, those hoursShot o'er with random rainy showers,When the bold sun would woo coy May?She smiled, then wept--and looked another way.We, learning from the sun and season,Together plotted joyous treason'Gainst maiden majesty, to giveEach other troth, and henceforth wedded live.But love, ah, love we know is blind!Not always what they seek they findWhen, groping through dim-lighted natures,Fond lovers look for old, ideal statures.What then? Is all our purpose lost?The balance broken, since Fate tossedUneven weights? Oh well bewareThat thought, my sweet: 't were neither fit nor fair!Seek not for any grafted fruitsFrom souls so wedded... Poems - Post by : dhakal - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 1532

Love's Defeat Love's Defeat

Love's Defeat
A thousand times I would have hoped, A thousand times protested;But still, as through the night I groped, My torch from me was wrested, and wrested.How often with a succoring cup Unto the hurt I hasted!The wounded died ere I came up; My cup was still untasted,-- Untasted.Of darkness, wounds, and harsh disdain Endured, I ne'er repented.'T is not of these I would complain: With these I were contented,-- Contented.Here lies the misery, to feel No work of love... Poems - Post by : madonnafra - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 2922

Moods Of Love Moods Of Love

Moods Of Love
I.IN ABSENCE.My love for thee is like a winged seed Blown from the heart of thy rare beauty's flower, And deftly guided by some breezy powerTo fall and rest I should never heed,In deepest caves of memory. There, indeed, With virtue rife of many a sunny hoar,-- Ev'n making cold neglect and darkness dowerIts roots with life,--swiftly it 'gan to breed,Till now wide-branching tendrils it outspreads Like circling arms, to prison its own prison,Fretting the walls with blooms by myriads, And blazoning in my brain full summer-season:Thy face, whose dearness presence had not taught.In... Poems - Post by : toolman - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 3352

Within A Year Within A Year

Within A Year
I. Lips that are met in love's Devotion sweet,While parting lovers passionately greet,And earth through heaven's arc more swiftly moves-- Oh, will they be less dear Within a year?II. Eyes in whose shadow-spell Far off I readThat which to lovers taking loving heedDear women's eyes full soon and plainly tell-- Oh, will you give such cheer This time a year?III. Behold! the dark year goes,... Poems - Post by : ab400 - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 3941

'when, Looking Deeply In Thy Face' "when, Looking Deeply In Thy Face"

'when, Looking Deeply In Thy Face'
When, looking deeply in thy face,I catch the undergleam of graceThat grows beneath the outward glance,Long looking, lost as in a tranceOf long desires that fleet and meetAround me like the fresh and sweetWhite showers of rain which, vanishing,'Neath heaven's blue arches whirl, in spring;Suddenly then I seem to knowOf some new fountain's overflowIn grassy basins, with a soundThat leads my fancy, past all bound,Into a region of retreatFrom this my life's bewildered heat.Oh if my soul might always drawFrom those deep fountains full of awe,The current of my days should riseUnto the level of thine eyes!(The end)George Parsons Lathrop's poem:... Poems - Post by : Riggie - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 3827

The Lily-pond The Lily-pond

The Lily-pond
Some fairy spirit with his wand, I think, has hovered o'er the dell,And spread this film upon the pond, And touched it with this drowsy spell.For here the musing soul is merged In moods no other scene can bring,And sweeter seems the air when scourged With wandering wild-bees' murmuring.One ripple streaks the little lake, Sharp purple-blue; the birches, thinAnd silvery, crowd the edge, yet break To let a straying sunbeam in.How came we through the yielding wood, That day, to this sweet-rustling shore?Oh, there together while we stood, A butterfly was wafted o'er,In... Poems - Post by : skronda - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 1406

The Ghosts Of Growth The Ghosts Of Growth

The Ghosts Of Growth
Last night it snowed; and Nature fell asleep. Forest and field lie tranced in gracious dreams Of growth, for ghosts of leaves long dead, me-seems,Hover about the boughs; and wild winds sweepO'er whitened fields full many a hoary heap From the storm-harvest mown by ice-bound streams! With beauty of crushed clouds the cold earth teems,And winter a tranquil-seeming truce would keep.But such ethereal slumber may not bide The ascending sun's bright scorn--not long, I fear;And all its visions on the golden tide Of mid-noon gliding off, must disappear.Fair dreams, farewell! So in life's stir and... Poems - Post by : Silver_Surfer - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 3102

Chant For Autumn Chant For Autumn

Chant For Autumn
Veiled in visionary haze, Behold, the ethereal autumn days Draw near again! In broad array, With a low, laborious hum These ministers of plenty come,That seem to linger, while they steal away. O strange, sweet charm Of peaceful pain,When yonder mountain's bended armSeems wafting o'er the harvest-plainA message to the heart that grieves,And round us, here, a sad-hued rainOf leaves that loosen without numberShowering falls in yellow, umber,Red, or russet, 'thwart the stream!Now pale Sorrow shall encumberAll too soon these lands, I deem;... Poems - Post by : The_Biz_Net - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 3993

The Fairhaven Bay The Fairhaven Bay

The Fairhaven Bay
I push on through the shaggy wood,I round the hill: 't is here it stood;And there, beyond the crumbled walls,The shining Concord slowly crawls,Yet seems to make a passing stay,And gently spreads its lilied bay,Curbed by this green and reedy shore,Up toward the ancient homestead's door.But dumbly sits the shattered house,And makes no answer: man and mouseLong since forsook it, and decayChokes its deep heart with ashes gray.On what was once a garden-groundDull red-bloomed sorrels now abound;And boldly whistles the shy quailWithin the vacant pasture's pale.Ah, strange and savage he shines,The sun seems staring through those pinesThat once the vanished... Poems - Post by : jbreeden - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 1324

June Longings June Longings

June Longings
Lo, all about the lofty blue are blownLight vapors white, like thistle-down,That from their softened silver heaps opaqueScatter delicate flake by flake,Upon the wide loom of the heavens weavingForms of fancies past believing,And, with fantastic show of mute despair,As for some sweet hope hurt beyond repair,Melt in the silent voids of sunny air.All day the cooing brooklet runs in tune:Half sunk i' th' blue, the powdery moonShows whitely. Hark, the bobolink's note! I hear it,Far and faint as a fairy spirit!Yet all these pass, and as some blithe bird, winging,Leaves a heart-ache for his singing,A frustrate passion haunts me evermoreFor that... Poems - Post by : creme - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 2076

The Sun-shower The Sun-shower

The Sun-shower
A penciled shade the sky doth sweep,And transient glooms creep in to sleep Amid the orchard;Fantastic breezes pull the treesHither and yon, to vagaries Of aspect tortured.Then, like the downcast dreamy fringeOf eyelids, when dim gates unhinge That locked their tears,Falls on the hills a mist of rain,--So faint, it seems to fade again; Yet swiftly nears.Now sparkles the air, all steely-bright,With drops swept down in arrow-flight, Keen, quivering lines.Ceased in a breath the showery sound;And teasingly, now, as I look around, Sweet... Poems - Post by : billreed - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 2112

An April Aria An April Aria

An April Aria
When the mornings dankly fall With a dim forethought of rain,And the robins richly callTo their mates mercurial, And the tree-boughs creak and strain In the wind;When the river's rough with foam, And the new-made clearings smoke,And the clouds that go and comeShine and darken frolicsome, And the frogs at evening croak UndefinedMysteries of monotone, And by melting beds of snowWind-flowers blossom all alone; Then I knowThat the bitter winter's dead. Over his headThe damp sod breaks so mellow,--Its mosses tipped with points of... Poems - Post by : nonliteral - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 1730

Melancholy Melancholy

Daughter of my nobler hope That dying gave thee birth, Sweet Melancholy! For memory of the dead, In her dear stead, 'Bide thou with me, Sweet Melancholy!As purple shadows to the tree,When the last sun-rays sadly slopeAthwart the bare and darkening earth, Art thou to me, Sweet Melancholy!(The end)George Parsons Lathrop's poem: Melancholy... Poems - Post by : jdburrus - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 1866

A Song Long Ago A Song Long Ago

A Song Long Ago
Through the pauses of thy fervid singing Fell crystal soundThat thy fingers from the keys were flinging Lightly around:I felt the vine-like harmonies close clinging About my soul;And to my eyes, as fruit of their sweet bringing, The full tear stole!(The end)George Parsons Lathrop's poem: Song Long Ago... Poems - Post by : barry711 - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 2247

Music Of Growth Music Of Growth

Music Of Growth
Music is in all growing things;And underneath the silky wings Of smallest insects there is stirred A pulse of air that must be heard.Earth's silence lives, and throbs, and sings.If poet from the vibrant stringsOf his poor heart a measure flings, Laugh not, that he no trumpet blows: It may be that Heaven hears and knowsHis language of low listenings.(The end)George Parsons Lathrop's poem: Music Of Growth... Poems - Post by : wgrant - Date : July 2011 - Author : George Parsons Lathrop - Read : 2368