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The Monument Of Q.h.f. The Monument Of Q.h.f.

The Monument Of Q.h.f.
AD MELPOMENENHorace: Book III, Ode 30."Exegi monumentum aere perennius.Regalique situ pyramidum altius"Look you, the monument I have erected High as the pyramids, royal, sublime,During as brass--it shall not be affected E'en by the elements coupled with Time.Part of me, most of me never shall perish; I shall be free from Oblivion's curse;Mine is a name that the future will cherish-- I shall be known by my excellent verse.I shall be famous all over this nation Centuries after myself shall have died;People will point to my versification-- I, who was born on the Lower East Side!Come,... Poems - Post by : sndrs - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 1103

A Wish A Wish

A Wish
(An Apartmental Ditty.)Mine be a flat beside the Hill; A vendor's cry shall soothe my earA landlord shall present his bill At least a dozen times a year.The tenor, oft, below my flat, Shall practise "Violets" and such;And in the area a cat Shall beat the band, the cars, and Dutch.Around the neighbourhood shall be About a hundred thousand kids;And, eke in that vicinitee, Ten pianolas without lids.And mornings, I suppose, by gosh, I'll be awakened prompt at seven,By ladies hanging up the wash Only a mile or so from heaven.(The end)Franklin P.... Poems - Post by : mehowey - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 3807

Birds And Bards Birds And Bards

Birds And Bards
When Milton sang "O nightingale That on yon gloomy spray,"The sonneteer whom we revere Lauded that birdie's lay.While Keats's ode upon that bird Was limpid as the notesThat, sweet and strong, were in the song Of Philomelian throats.And Bryant's "To a Water-fowl!" Had praise in every line,And every word about the bird Impinged on the divine.When Wordsworth did the skylark stuff, He praised the bird a few,And Shelley's ode sincerely showed He liked the skylark, too.O Poets, if ye had but dwelt Upon a Harlem block,Fain would I read your poems sweetUpon... Poems - Post by : theniche - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 1263

The Flat-hunter's Way The Flat-hunter's Way

The Flat-hunter's Way
We don't get any too much light; It's pretty noisy, too, at that;The folks next door stay up all night; There's but one closet in the flat;The rent we pay is far from low; Our flat is small and in the rear;But we have looked around, and so We think we'll stay another year.Our dining-room is pretty dark; Our kitchen's hot and very small;The "view" we get of Central Park We really do not get at all.The ceiling cracks and crumbles down Upon me while I'm working here--But, after combing all the town,... Poems - Post by : kad2866 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 1251

Speaking Of Hunting Speaking Of Hunting

Speaking Of Hunting
When a button rolls under the bureau The search is a woeful affair;And the humorous weekly describes it but meekly In saying the hunter will swear.But what is that limited anger? The impotent rage of a cub!I only grow what you could really call hot When the soap slips under the tub.I've sought through a time-table's mazes, And sworn at the men who deviseThat scare and delusion of hopeless confusion, That intricate bundle of lies.But never a hunt that was harder, Be you or professor or dub,Than that ill-fated jest--I refer to the quest--... Poems - Post by : loaded16 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 2171

Downward, Come Downward Downward, Come Downward

Downward, Come Downward
(With apologies to the estate of Elizabeth Akers Allen.)Downward, come downward, O Cost in your flight,Soaring like Paulhan or W. Wright!Prices, come down from the limitless sky,Down to the reach of the Ultimate Guy.Once you were not quite so far from the ground;Once we had lamb chops at 10c. a pound.Give us the days ere the cost took a leap,When things were cheap, mother, when they were cheap.Backward, flow backward, O Living's Advance,Back from the purlieus of Airy Romance!Back to the days when a porterhouse steakDidn't cost half of what people could make!Back to the days when a regular eggDidn't drive... Poems - Post by : biomark1 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 1803

A New York Child's Garden Of Verses A New York Child's Garden Of Verses

A New York Child's Garden Of Verses
(With the usual.)IIn winter I get up at night,And dress by an electric light.In summer, autumn, ay, and spring,I have to do the self-same thing.I have to go to bed and hearPianos pounding in my ear,And hear the janitor cavortWith garbage cans within the court.And does it not seem hard to youThat I should have these things to do?Is it not hard for us Manhat-Tan children in a stuffy flat?IIIt is very nice to thinkThe world is full of food and drink;But, oh, my father says to meThey cost all of his salaree.IIIWhen I am grown to man's estateI shall be... Poems - Post by : telarsen - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 2268

'bedbooks' "bedbooks"

(There is said to be a steady demand for "bedbooks"in England. There are readers who find in Gibbon asedative for tired nerves; there are others who enjoyTrollope's quiet humour. Some people find in HenryJames's tangled syntax the restful diversion they seek,and others enjoy Mr. Howells's unexciting realism.--The Sun.)How sleep the brave who sink to rest, Lulled by the waves of dreamy diction,Like that appearing in the best Of modern fiction!When sleeplessness the Briton claims, And hits him with her wakeful wallop,He goes to Gibbon or to James,... Poems - Post by : MilesBaker - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 3337

The Poem Speaks The Poem Speaks

The Poem Speaks
(Cut this out in either case.)Poet, ere you write me, Stem the flowing ink;Or that you indite me Pause upon the brink.Strummer of the lyre Maker of the tune,Give me a desire-- Bless me with a boon.Let me be a rondeau With a sweet refrain,Or an aliquando Sonnet to the rain;Let me be a lyric Tenuous as air,Or an a la Viereck Passion song to hair;Ballad, epic, quatrain, Couplet--ay, a line--"Let it rain or not rain, Let it storm or shine."Shape me as you list to, Glorious or small;Put a... Poems - Post by : realiconmedia - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 2864

A Word For It A Word For It

A Word For It
"Scorn not the sonnet." Well, I reckon not, I would not scorn a rondeau, villanelle, Ballade, sestina, triolet, rondel,Or e'en a quatrain, humble and forgot,An so it made my Pegasus to trot His morning lap what time he heard the bell; An so it made the poem stuff to jell--To mix a met.--an so it boil'd the pot.Oh, sweet set form that varies not a bit! I taste thy joy, not quite unknown to Keats. "Scorn?" Nay, I love thy fine symmetric grace.In sonnets one knows always where to quit, Unlike in... Poems - Post by : paulnc - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 1418

The Amateur Botanist The Amateur Botanist

The Amateur Botanist
A primrose by a river's brimPrimula vulgaris was to him, And it was nothing more;A pansy, delicately reared,Viola tricolor appeared In true botanic lore.That which a pink the layman deemsDianthus caryophyllus seems To any flower-fan; orA sunflower, in that talk of his,Annuus helianthus is, And it is nothing more.(The end)Franklin P. Adams's poem: Amateur Botanist... Poems - Post by : tysic - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 1852

Monotonous Variety Monotonous Variety

Monotonous Variety
(All of them from two stories in a single magazine.)She "greeted" and he "volunteered"; She "giggled"; he "asserted";She "queried" and he "lightly veered"; She "drawled" and he "averted";She "scoffed," she "laughed" and he "averred";He "mumbled," "parried," and "demurred."She "languidly responded"; he "Incautiously assented";Doretta "proffered lazily"; Will "speedily invented";She "parried," "whispered," "bade," and "mused";He "urged," "acknowledged," and "refused."She "softly added"; "she alleged"; He "consciously invited";She "then corrected"; William "hedged"; She "prettily recited";She "nodded," "stormed," and "acquiesced";He "promised," "hastened," and "confessed."Doretta "chided"; "cautioned" Will; She "voiced" and he "defended";She "vouchsafed"; he "continued still"; She "sneered" and... Poems - Post by : Nick_Klein - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 3283

A Poor Excuse, But Our Own A Poor Excuse, But Our Own

A Poor Excuse, But Our Own
(Why don't you ever write any child poetry? --A MOTHER.)My right-hand neighbour hath a child, A pretty child of five or six,Not more than other children wild, Nor fuller than the rest of tricks--At five he rises, shine or rain,And noisily plays "fire" or "train."Likewise a girl, aetatis eight, He hath. Each morning, as a rule,Proudly my neighbour will relate How bright Mathilda is at school.My ardour, less than half of mild,Bids me to comment, "Wondrous child!"All through the vernal afternoon My other neighbour's children skateA wild Bacchantic rigadoon On rollers; nor does... Poems - Post by : lewisrk - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 2629

Melodrama Melodrama

RIf you want a receipt for a melodramatical, Thrillingly thundery, popular show,Take an old father, unyielding, emphatical, Driving his daughter out into the snow;The love of a hero, courageous and Hacketty; Hate of a villain in evening clothes;Comic relief that is Irish and racketty; Schemes of a villainess muttering oaths;The bank and the safe and the will and the forgery-- All of them built on traditional norms--Villainess dark and Lucrezia Borgery Helping the villain until she reforms;The old mill at midnight, a rapid delivery;Violin music, all scary and shivery;Plot that is devilish, awful, nefarious;Heroine frightened,... Poems - Post by : fdiohhndfhonnd - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 1769

To Quotation To Quotation

To Quotation
(Caused by "The Ethics of Misquotation" in the November Atlantic Monthly.) Quotation! Brother to the Arts, assister to the Muse!When Bartlett from his study height unfurled thine heaven-born hues,The quotes were here, the quotes were there, the quotes were all around,For Bartlett like a poultice came to blow the heels of sound.Pernicious habit! One becomes a worse than senseless block,A bard that no one dares to praise and fewer care to knock;A sentence by a mossy stone, of quaint and... Poems - Post by : patrickong - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 1283

Three Authors Three Authors

Three Authors
Prolific authors, noble three,I do my derby off to ye.Selected, dear old chap, who knowsThe quantity of verse and proseThat you have signed in all these years!You've dulled how many thousand shears!You've filled, at a tremendous rate,A million miles of "boiler plate"--A wreath of laurel for your brow!A stirrup-cup to you--here's how!And you, dear Ibid. Ah, you wroteToo many things for me to quote,Though Bartlett, of quotation fame,Plays up your unpoetic nameMore than he did to Avon's bard.Your stuff's on every page, old pard.Bouquets to you the writer flings;You wrote a lot of dandy things.And you, O last, O greatest one,A... Poems - Post by : ajlee - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 3758

I Cannot Pay That Premium I Cannot Pay That Premium

I Cannot Pay That Premium
Beside a frugal table, though spotless clean and white,A loving couple they did sit and all seemed pleasant, quite;They did not have no servant the things away to take,For he was but a broker who much money did not make. (Key changes to minor.)He lit a fifty-cent cigar and then his wife did say:"Your life insurance it will lapse if it you do not pay."He turned from her in sorrow, for breaking was his heart,And in a mezzo barytone to her did say, in part: CHORUS:"I cannot pay that premium, I'll have to let it go;It fills me with remorse and... Poems - Post by : bhonest2 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 1156

An Election Night Pantoum An Election Night Pantoum

An Election Night Pantoum
Gaze at the good-natured crowd, List to the noise and the rattle!Heavens! that woman is loud-- Loud as the din of a battle.List to the noise and the rattle! Hark to the honk of the hornLoud as the din of a battle! There! My new overcoat's torn!Hark to the honk of the horn! Cut out that throwing confetti!There! My new overcoat's torn-- Looks like a shred of spaghetti.Cut out that throwing confetti! Look at the gentleman, stewed;Looks like a shred of spaghetti-- Don't get so terribly rude!Look at the gentleman, stewed! Look... Poems - Post by : Borland - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 2040

Heads And Tails Heads And Tails

Heads And Tails
If a single man is studious and quiet, people say He is grouchy, he is old before his time;If he's frivolous and flippant, if he treads the primrose way, Then they mark him for a wild career of crime.If a man asserts that So-and-So is beautiful or sweet, He is daffy on the proposition, Girl;If he's weary in the evening and he keeps his subway seat, He's immediately branded as a churl.If he buys a friend a rickey not for any special cause, He is captain of the lush-and-spendthrift squad;If, before he spends a million, he... Poems - Post by : Vagabond - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 2538

Metaphysics Metaphysics

A man morose and dull and sad--Go ask him why he feels so bad.Behold! He answers it is drinkThat put his nerves upon the blink.Another man whose smile and jestDisclose a nature of the best--What keeps his heart and spirit up?Again we learn it is the cup.The moral to this little bitIs anything you make of it.Such recondite philosophyIs far away too much for me.(The end)Franklin P. Adams's poem: Metaphysics... Poems - Post by : awesome - Date : October 2011 - Author : Franklin P. Adams - Read : 2768