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Nobody Knows But Jesus Nobody Knows But Jesus

Nobody Knows But Jesus
I.'NOBODY knows but Jesus!''Tis only the old refrainOf a quaint, pathetic slave-song,But it comes again and again.II.I only heard it quoted,And I do not know the rest;But the music of the messageWas wonderfully blessedIII.For it fell upon my spiritLike sweetest twilight psalm,When the breezy sunset watersDie into starry calm.IV.'Nobody knows but Jesus!''Is it not better so,That no one else but Jesus,My own dear Lord, should know?V.When the sorrow is a secretBetween my Lord and me,I learn the fuller measureOf His quick sympathy.VI.Whether it be so heavy,That dear ones could not bearTo know the bitter burdenThey could not come and share;VII.Whether it... Poems - Post by : licla1 - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 4233

Increase Our Faith Increase Our Faith

Increase Our Faith
'Lord, increase our faith.'--LUKE xvii, 5.I.INCREASE our faith, beloved Lord!For Thou alone canst giveThe faith that takes Thee at Thy word,The faith by which we live.II.Increase our faith! So weak are we,That we both may and mustCommit our very faith to Thee,Entrust to Thee our trust.III.Increase our faith! for there is yetMuch land to be possessed;And by no other strength we getOur heritage of rest.IV.Increase our faith! On this broad shield'All' fiery darts be caught;We must be victors in the fieldWhere Thou for us hast foughtV.Increase our faith, that we may claimEach starry promise sure,And always triumph in Thy name,And to... Poems - Post by : JerseyDave - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 3498

Filling Filling

Filled with all the fulness of God.'--EPH. iii. 19.I.HOLY Father, Thou hast spokenWords beyond our grasp of thought,--Words of grace and power unbroken,With mysterious glory fraught.II.Promise and command combining,Doubt to chase and faith to lift;Self renouncing, all resigning,We would claim this mighty gift.III.Take us, Lord, oh, take us truly,Mind and soul and heart and willEmpty us and cleanse us throughly,Then with all Thy fulness fill.IV.Lord, we ask it, hardly knowingWhat this wondrous gift may be;But fulfil to overflowing,--Thy great meaning let us see.V.Make us in Thy royal palaceVessels worthy for the King;From Thy fulness fill our chalice,From Thy never-failing spring.VI.Father, by... Poems - Post by : katetaylor - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 4042

Resting Resting

'This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; andthis is the refreshing.'---ISA. xxviii. 12.I.RESTING on the faithfulness of Christ our Lord,Resting on the fulness of His own sure word;Resting on His power, on His love untold;Resting on His covenant secured of old.II.Resting 'neath His guiding hand for untracked days;Resting 'neath His shadow from the noontide rays;Resting at the eventide beneath His wing,In the fair pavilion of our Saviour King.III.Resting in the fortress while the foe is nigh;Resting in the lifeboat while the waves roll high;Resting in His chariot for the swift glad race;Resting, always resting in His... Poems - Post by : duchessr - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 2961

Growing Growing

I.UNTO him that hath, Thou givestEver 'more abundantly.'Lord, I live because Thou livest,Therefore give more life to me;Therefore speed me in the race;Therefore let me grow in grace.II.Deepen all Thy work, O Master,Strengthen every downward root,Only do Thou ripen faster,More and more, Thy pleasant fruit.Purge me, prune me, self abase,Only let me grow in grace.III.Jesus, grace for grace outpouring,Show me ever greater things;Raise me higher, sunward soaring,Mounting as on eagle-wings.By the brightness of Thy face,Jesus, let me grow in grace.IV.Let me grow by sun and shower,Every moment water me;Make me really hour by hourMore and more conformed to Thee,That Thy loving... Poems - Post by : vicvoo - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 2506

Shining Shining

I.ARE you shining for Jesus, dear one?You have given your heart to Him;But is the light strong within it,Or is it but pale and dim?Can everybody see it,--That Jesus is all to you?That your love to Him is burningWith radiance warm and true?Is the seal upon your forehead,So that it must be knownThat you are 'all for Jesus,'--That your heart is all His own?II.Are you shining for Jesus, dear one?You remember the first sweet ray,When the sun arose upon youAnd brought the gladsome day;When you heard the gospel message,And Jesus Himself drew near,And helped you to trust Him simply,And took away... Poems - Post by : mingles - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 3036

Looking Unto Jesus Looking Unto Jesus

Looking Unto Jesus
I.LOOKING unto Jesus!Battle-shout of faith,Shield o'er all the armour,Free from scar or scathe.Standard of salvation,In our hearts unfurled,Let its elevationOvercome the world!II.Look away to Jesus,Look away from all;Then we need not stumble,Then we shall not fallFrom each snare that lureth,Foe or phantom grim,Safety this ensureth:Look away to Him.III.Looking into Jesus,Wonderingly we traceHeights of power and glory,Depths of love and grace.Vistas far unfoldingEver stretch before,As we gaze, beholdingEver more and more.IV.Looking up to Jesus,On the emerald throne!Faith shall pierce the heavenWhere our King is gone.Lord, on Thee depending,Now, continually,Heart and mind ascending,Let us dwell with Thee.(The end)Frances Ridley Havergal's poem: Looking Unto... Poems - Post by : ab400 - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 1514

Trusting Jesus Trusting Jesus

Trusting Jesus
I.I AM trusting Thee, Lord Jesus,Trusting only Thee;Trusting Thee for full salvation,Great and free.II.I am trusting Thee for pardon;At Thy feet I bow,For Thy grace and tender mercy,Trusting now.III.I am trusting Thee for cleansingIn the crimson flood;Trusting Thee to make me holyBy Thy blood.IV.I am trusting Thee to guide me;Thou alone shalt lead!Every day and hour supplyingAll my need.V.I am trusting Thee for power;Thine can never fail!Words which Thou Thyself shalt give me,Must prevail.VI.I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus;Never let me fall!I am trusting Thee for ever,And for all(The end)Frances Ridley Havergal's poem: Trusting Jesus... Poems - Post by : kevinmu - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 3045

Knowing Knowing

I KNOW the crimson stain of sin,Defiling all without, within;But now rejoicingly I knowThat He has washed me white as snow.I praise Him for the cleansing tide,Because I know that Jesus died.II.I know the helpless, hopeless plaint,'The whole head sick, the whole heart faint;'But now I trust His touch of grace,That meets so perfectly my case,So tenderly, so truly deals;Because I know that Jesus heals.III.I know the pang of forfeit breath,When life in sin was life in death;But now I know His life is mine,And nothing shall that cord untwine,Rejoicing in the life He gives,Because I know that Jesus lives.IV.I know... Poems - Post by : bkclam - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 3511

I Remember Thee I Remember Thee

I Remember Thee
'Thus saith the Lord, I remember thee, the kindness of thy youth, the love of thine espousals.'---JER. ii. 2.I.MY Lord, dost Thou indeed remember me,Just me, the least and last?With all the names of Thy redeemed,And all Thy angels, has it seemedAs though my name might perhaps be overpassed;Yet here I find Thy word of tenderest grace,True for this moment, perfect for my case,--'Thus saith Jehovah, I remember thee!'II.My Lord, dost Thou remember this of me,The kindness of my youth?--The tremulous gleams of early days,The first faint thrills of love and praise,Vibrating fitfully? Not much, in truth,Can I bring back at... Poems - Post by : braveheart - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 2454

The Precious Blood Of Jesus The Precious Blood Of Jesus

The Precious Blood Of Jesus
I.PRECIOUS, precious blood of Jesus,Shed on Calvary;Shed for rebels, shed for sinners,Shed for me.II.Precious blood, that hath redeemed us!All the price is paid;Perfect pardon now is offered,Peace is made.III.Precious, precious blood of Jesus,Let it make thee whole;Let it flow in mighty cleansingO'er thy soul.IV.Though thy sins are red like crimson,Deep in scarlet glow,Jesu's precious blood can make themWhite as snow.V.Now the holiest with boldnessWe may enter in,For the open fountain cleansethFrom all sin.VI.Precious blood! by this we conquerIn the fiercest fight,Sin and Satan overcomingBy its might.VII.Precious, precious blood of Jesus,Ever flowing free!O believe it, O receive it,'Tis for thee!VIII.Precious blood, whose... Poems - Post by : pajamabiz - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 2798

The Opened Fountain The Opened Fountain

The Opened Fountain
A fountain opened for sin and for uncleanness. . . . Wounded in thehouse of My friends.'---ZECH. xiii. i, 6.AND I have wounded Thee--oh, wounded Thee!--Wounded the dear, dear Hand that holds me fast!Oh, to recall the word! That cannot be!Oh, to unthink the thought that out of reach hath passed!II.Sorrow and bitter grief replace my bliss;I could not wish that any joy should be;There is no room for any thought but this,That I have sinned--have sinned--have wounded Thee!III.How could I grieve Thee so! Thou couldst have kept;My fall was not the failure of Thy word.Thy promise hath no flaw, no... Poems - Post by : mmcbee - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 1360

By Thy Cross And Passion By Thy Cross And Passion

By Thy Cross And Passion
'He hath given us rest by His sorrow, and life by His death."---JOHN BUNYAN.I.WHAT hast Thou done for me, O mighty Friend,Who lovest to the end!Reveal Thyself, that I may now beholdThy love unknown, untold,Bearing the curse, and made a curse for me,That blessed and made a blessing I might be.II.Oh, Thou wast crowned with thorns, that I might wearA crown of glory fair;'Exceeding sorrowful,' that I might beExceeding glad in Thee;'Rejected and despised,' that I might standAccepted and complete on Thy right hand.III.Wounded for my transgression, stricken sore,That I might 'sin no more;'Weak, that I might be always strong in... Poems - Post by : Creeves - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 3138

True-hearted, Whole-hearted True-hearted, Whole-hearted

True-hearted, Whole-hearted
I.TRUE-HEARTED, whole-hearted, faithful and loyal,King of our lives, by Thy grace we will beUnder Thy standard, exalted and royal,Strong in Thy strength, we will battle for Thee!II.True-hearted, whole-hearted! Fullest allegianceYielding henceforth to our glorious King;Valiant endeavour and loving obedienceFreely and joyously now would we bring.III.True-hearted! Saviour, Thou knowest our story;Weak are the hearts that we lay at Thy feet,Sinful and treacherous! yet, for Thy glory,Heal them, and cleanse them from sin and deceitIV.Whole-hearted! Saviour, beloved and glorious,Take Thy great power, and reign Thou alone,Over our wills and affections victorious,Freely surrendered, and wholly Thine own.V.Half-hearted, false-hearted! Heed we the warning!Only the whole... Poems - Post by : AllanCorfield - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 3960

On The Lord's Side On The Lord's Side

On The Lord's Side
'Thine are we, David, and on thy side, thou son of Jesse.'---I CHRON. xii. 18.WHO is on the Lord's side?Who will serve the King?Who will be His helpers,Other lives to bring?Who will leave the world's side?Who will face the foe?Who is on the Lord's side?Who for Him will go?Response. By Thy call of mercy,By Thy grace divine,We are on the Lord's side;Saviour, we are Thine.II.Not for weight of glory,Not for crown and palm,Enter we the army,Raise the warrior-psalm;But for Love that claimethLives for whom He died:He whom Jesus namethMust be on His side.Response. By Thy love constraining,By Thy grace divine,We are... Poems - Post by : jjjroy - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 1471

The Unfailing One The Unfailing One

The Unfailing One
'He faileth not.'---ZEPH. iii. 5.I.HE who hath led will leadAll through the wilderness;He who hath fed will feed;He who hath blessed will bless;He who hath heard thy cry,Will never close His ear;He who hath marked thy faintest sigh,Will not forget thy tear.He loveth always, faileth never;So rest on Him, to-day, for ever!II.He who hath made thee wholeWill heal thee day by day;He who hath spoken to thy soulHath many things to say.He who hath gently taughtYet more will make thee know;He who so wondrously hath wroughtYet greater things will show.He loveth always, faileth never;So rest on Him, to-day, for ever!III.He who... Poems - Post by : spartan75 - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 1501

The Secret Of A Happy Day The Secret Of A Happy Day

The Secret Of A Happy Day
'The secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him.'---Ps. xxv. 14I.JUST to let thy Father doWhat He will;Just to know that He is true,And be still.Just to follow hour by hourAs He leadeth;Just to draw the moment's powerAs it needeth.Just to trust Him, this is all!Then the day will surely bePeaceful, whatsoe'er befall,Bright and blessed, calm and free.II.Just to let Him speak to theeThrough His word,Watching, that His voice may beClearly heard.Just to tell Him everythingAs it rises,And at once to Him to bringAll surprises.Just to listen, and to stayWhere you cannot miss His voice.This is all! and thus... Poems - Post by : jeremy - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 4256

Set Apart Set Apart

Set Apart
'Know that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for Himself.'---Ps. iv. 3.I.SET apart for Jesus!Is not this enough,Though the desert prospectOpen wild and rough?Set apart for His delight,Chosen for His holy pleasure,Sealed to be His special treasure!Could we choose a nobler joy?--and would we if we might?II.Set apart to serve Him,Ministers of light,Standing in His presence,Ready day or night!Chosen for His service blest,He would have us always willingLike the angel-hosts, fulfillingSwiftly and rejoicingly, each recognised behest.III.Set apart to praise Him,Set apart for this!Have the blessed angelsAny truer bliss?Soft the prelude, though so clear;Isolated tones are trembling;But the chosen... Poems - Post by : MagicSurfer - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 3139

Consecration Hymn Consecration Hymn

Consecration Hymn
'Here we offer and present unto Thee, O Lord, ourselves, our souls and bodies, to be a reasonable, holy, and lively sacrifice unto Thee.'TAKE my life, and let it beConsecrated, Lord, to Thee.Take my moments and my days;Let them flow in ceaseless praise.Take my hands, and let them moveAt the impulse of Thy love.Take my feet, and let them beSwift and 'beautiful' for Thee.Take my voice, and let me singAlways, only, for my King.Take my lips, and let them beFilled with messages from Thee.Take my silver and my gold;Not a mite would I withhold.Take my intellect, and useEvery power as Thou... Poems - Post by : John47 - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 4051

Finis Finis

ANOTHER little volume filled with varied verse and song,Should wake another note of praise, unheard, but deep and strong;For He who knows my truest need, and leads me day by day,Has given the music that hath been such solace on my way.I look up to my Father, and know that I am heard,And ask Him for the glowing thought, and for the fitting word:I look up to my Father, for I cannot write alone,'Tis sweeter far to seek His strength than lean upon my own.And so the closing verses of my new-filled book shall beA note of praise, dear Father, sung... Poems - Post by : kubra82 - Date : September 2011 - Author : Frances Ridley Havergal - Read : 1306