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Br'er Rabbit In De Bresh Pile Br'er Rabbit In De Bresh Pile

Br'er Rabbit In De Bresh Pile
Br'er Rabbit sorter snoozin' in de Big Bresh Pile, Years laid back an' pink eyes shet up tight,Snow a-layin' deep an' gittin' deeper all de while-- Br'er Rabbit glad dat he is outer sight.Pretty soon he hear a noise--dat's Br'er Fox, he know,Gropin' th'ough de quiet woods, out in de cold an' snow;"Is dat you, Br'er Rab?" he say--but Br'er Rab lay low An' never let on dat he heerd him right."Come out an' take a little stroll," seys Br'er Fox, seys he, Sniffin' at de bresh pile an' walkin' all aroun';"Much obleeged," seys Br'er Rab; "but... Poems - Post by : syngress - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 2692

The Dog Confesses The Dog Confesses

The Dog Confesses
I am a lucky dog, I know, and all my friends agreeThe people that I live with now are good as gold to meBecause three times I saved a life--and that is why they giveMe everything a dog could want--and will, while I shall live. But I've a conscience, and I must Confess the truth--or else I'll bust!One day the cart that Bobbie drives ran up on pony's heels,And off he bolted! I went, too, and mixed up with the wheels,Until the cart came to a stop, and Bobbie-boy was saved--Then folks wept o'er the noble way that I,... Poems - Post by : codend - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 2176

The Fisherman's Son The Fisherman's Son

The Fisherman's Son
When pa comes back home from his trip, All brown and freckle-faced,He's fatter than he's been for months-- There ain't no cloth to wasteWhen he puts on his old fall suit And sits out on the lawn,And tells about the fish he caught-- But my! how ma does yawn!Pa smokes a puff or two, and then He says, "You ought to seeThe one I caught on Thursday--long As 'tis from you to me.I had him on the bank; yes, sir, As sure as you are born,And then he jumped right back again--" But... Poems - Post by : bali2002 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 3928

The Little Feller's Gone The Little Feller's Gone

The Little Feller's Gone
Th' little feller's gone! Since he was so big, him an' IHave been like good old cronies, agreein' on the sly To skip the years between.He was jest goin' on five years--an' I am "Grandpa Brown,"Although he named me "Santa Claus" when fust he come to town-- An' my white beard he seen.But now it seems to me a'most As soon as he was born, Th' little feller's gone.He won't be standin' by the gate to holler to me, "Hi!Wait fer me, Santy!" like he... Poems - Post by : Target - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 4058

The Lonely Child The Lonely Child

The Lonely Child
It takes so long to grow up big and get to be a man,I wisht sometimes that I'd been born as old as Mary Ann;(She is the cook, and she's so old her teeth come out at night),'Cause then I wouldn't want a boy to play with or to fight. But now I go upstairs and down And get in people's way, Because there ain't no children here To play with every day.The house next door is big and fine, but nobody lives there;And all the winders, like big eyes, just stare at... Poems - Post by : gtelivwa - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 3218

Willing To Trade Willing To Trade

Willing To Trade
The doctor brung a baby up to our house last week--A little bit of thing it is--but my! it's gotta squeak!It makes a noise that's twice as big as you expect to hear,And then ma says, "Go right away--you mustn't tease him, dear!" She seems to like it more than me-- But I ain't jealous, no, siree!I told the boys, and Billy Black, he says, "Well, that is nice,But I would rather have my dog--they're worth more at the price,For pa says babies cost a lot to feed and dress and train,And Rover, he is smart, he is, and... Poems - Post by : jusrite - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 1675

Imagination Imagination

Oncet, when I was a gret big man, I got mad at the wayOl' nurses bossed the childruns an' so I wouldn't stay;I jest got up and PUSHED MY HOUSE right over--yes, I did;An' then I turned the streets all round, and runned away and hid!When I come back, my childruns was cryin' awful loud,Fer nobody knowed wher they lived, an' there was such a crowd.I says, "Now, folks must shet their eyes--don't open them a crack!"--An' then I straightened out the streets, an' put the houses back.'N oncet I was a NELUPHANT, as big as all outdoors,'N every time I... Poems - Post by : zoron7062 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 3418

The Bold Lover The Bold Lover

The Bold Lover
He held her hand, and joy shone in his eyes; The world and all therein to him was fair;What mattered now the gloomy, lowering skies? For what the future held he did not care!He only knew he loved her and that sheWas everything a real sweetheart should be.He held her hand.... The car was crowded, too; The passengers could not suppress their smiles.The love he felt, perhaps, obscured his view, So wrapt was he in all her pretty wiles.And when he kissed her rosy lips, a hushFell on them as they saw her slowly blush!He held her... Poems - Post by : qbnito - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 1786

The Small Boy Explains The Small Boy Explains

The Small Boy Explains
Some people say the sky is blue Acause it's warshed by rains up there;I dunno if 'at's so, do you? And I don't care--and I don't care!I ain't no sky, an' I don't like To have my face warshed, anyhow;My nurse says I'm a "naughty tike To run away" or raise a row.But ef she daubed mud on like this A-purpose, so's the boys would playWith her--and not call her a "sis," She'd hate to warsh it all away!That's why the blue sky'll never mean A in-spi-ra-tion er a "joy";A-course it can be nice... Poems - Post by : marktse - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 4114

'lizabeth Ann's Picture 'lizabeth Ann's Picture

'lizabeth Ann's Picture
Ma wanted a good, new picture of me; so pa says, "'Lizabeth Ann,You come down town at noon to-day, and we'll go to the picture man;But don't tell mother--we'll have a surprise for her on Christmas day,And give her a real nice photograft--I know just what she will say.""Oh, goody!" I says, "I am awful glad! I'll be there at noon, you see."(I like to have a secret with pa--it's awful much fun for me.)I runned away at 'leven o'clock, and ma didn't see me go,Although I had dressed in my very best--and that takes time, you know--My party frock, and... Poems - Post by : gpsmith12 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 1825

Uncle Bill's Idea Uncle Bill's Idea

Uncle Bill's Idea
I've figgered out that worryin' don't pay a little bit, Fer every feller's got to have some trouble in his day;An' wonderin' what's comin' next don't help to sidetrack hit-- You can't foretell afflictions, or stop 'em, thataway! It's better jest to take what's sent And stand it, ef you ain't content!Looks like to me that every one has got a large amount Of things to bear that he don't like, as through this life he goes;And though of happy days we're apt to lose the rightful count, Things even up... Poems - Post by : Cheese - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 3966

The Neighbors The Neighbors

The Neighbors
For years and years I practiced-- Tum-tum, tum-tum, tee-tum!Pounding up and down the scale,White keys, black keys--They all fell beneath my faithful hammering;And then--my pretty neighbor across the streetPut in a player-piano that could tear a holeThrough classics that I'd never learned even to dent!I was mad--hopping mad--But I got even with her.(She was studying for the operatic stage.)I bought a phonograph--cheap--And some records--not cheap.They made her gargling voiceSound like an imitation with a small i.Then we both laughed--and quit our exercises.To-day she's a moving picture actress,Using her big eyes in a financially-effective way,While I write things in prose or... Poems - Post by : djjem - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 1733

The Gift Of Gifts The Gift Of Gifts

The Gift Of Gifts
If Antoinette were sitting here before the cheery blaze, And she should ask me what I'd like to-morrow--day of days--Would not my heart leap to my mouth, as any chap's would do, While leaning down to her pink ear, I softly whispered, "You!"If Antoinette were just to give me half a chance to say What gift of gifts I'd like the best, how long would I delayIn taking her into my arms and keeping her there, too, While earnestly I answer her with one brief, heartfelt "You!"If Antoinette, dear Antoinette, were simply to suggest That question,... Poems - Post by : shotgunwedding - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 3800

That Smile That Smile

That Smile
I sure do like that kid, although I know He's rotten spoiled, and ought to be suppressed.He's boiling over with boy-nonsense! So The neighbors have no chance to get a rest.Not bad, you understand; just "some unlucky" In getting caught at things, once in a while;Yet when he does, he never runs--he's plucky! But plays that smile of his, that flashing smile.Sometimes when he has done a foolish thing-- Like "hoeing weeds" with our best garden hose,Or in the rose bed "built a min'rul spring," He's bound to make me peevish, goodness knows!Yet when he... Poems - Post by : 666666 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 3263

Because--! Because--!

This thing of writing "homely verse," With country phrases, jokes and slang;With "jiminies!" "by hecks!" and such, With "backwoods" odor, taste and tang--This thing, I say, of making light Of country life is funny--Not!I'd like to know where we would be If farms were all to go to pot!We talk a lot of "backyard farms," "Intensive gard'ning"--"how to raiseAll vegetables that you need On ten square feet in twenty days."We figure fortunes that six hens Will bring us--if we keep 'em penned;And yet, when farmers are the butt Of jokes, who rises to... Poems - Post by : cliffsbiz - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 3362

The Modern Way The Modern Way

The Modern Way
Of tender missives--decorated treasures-- Of violets and roses, passing sweet;Of throbbing heart-songs, tuned to lilting measures; Of fervent verse--with somewhat halting feet;Of every dainty Valentine that's fashioned You've had a rather goodly share each year;So will you take, in place of love-impassioned Epistles, something quieter, my dear? Three words I'll send--that is, if they're enough To take the place of all that flossy stuff!Throughout the year life is so full of trouble, Saint Valentine, alas! is shoved aside;Beneath grim work the lover's back must double, And then he lets poor sentiment go slide!We... Poems - Post by : justcarlott7 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 1867

The Reason The Reason

The Reason
The fetching airs you have; the way you sing, dear; The pretty uplift of your round, firm chin;Into my heart the sunshine daily bring, dear; To be downcast when you're here were a sin!Yet ev'ry motion, ev'ry smile and word, dear, I know full well--and lost are their effect.All of your bell-like tones you see, I've heard, dear, When they were meant for me--and came direct.That golden hair! How well you know its worth, dear, To draw enraptured praise from lovers bold!I, too, know well that from its very birth, dear, Its meshes have entrapped... Poems - Post by : joekumar2003 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 3571

The Christmas Spirit The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit
"A Merry Christmas!" You who make each day A little less unhappy for some soulWeighted with sorrow; you who have been gay For others' sake--although you paid the tollIn the still watches of the weary night, Fighting despair. You who have faced the worldWith spirit and put cowardice to flight; You, with your rugged banner still unfurled--"A Merry Christmas!" For in you I seeThe Vision of the Man that I would be!"A Merry Christmas!" Through the winter chill, The singing spring--hot summer and drear fall,You go your way, seeking for good, not ill, Remembering life's... Poems - Post by : kevinf - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 1627

Understood Understood

Out of the ruck and the roar of life He stepped aside to rest one day, And the flowers that grew along the wayLifted him out of the wearisome strife That had claimed his every waking thought For years ... and a miracle had been wrought!"Why have I never seen the rose Just as a rose before?" asked he. "Always its cost was the point to me,And not its sweetness! Do you suppose That all these years--how long, God knows!-- I really have not understood the rose?"Walking along the quiet street He... Poems - Post by : DadOKeefe - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 2415

Now--and Then Now--and Then

Now--and Then
A thousand years from now, how will this earth Conduct itself? Will there be wars, and menInventing things? Or will there be a dearth Of ideas (such as we feel, now and then?)Nobody knows. We can surmise, perchance--But glancing that far oft is quite some glance!A thousand years from now--in Time's swift flight-- The aeroplane itself may be passe,And transportation on a beam of light The natural and the ordinary way.Men may have bodies made of metals coldTo match the hearts and brains those bodies hold!A thousand years from now--why should we care What Science then... Poems - Post by : IWT8898 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Everard Jack Appleton - Read : 1626