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A Day Dream A Day Dream

A Day Dream
On a sunny brae alone I layOne summer afternoon;It was the marriage-time of May,With her young lover, June.From her mother's heart seemed loath to partThat queen of bridal charms,But her father smiled on the fairest childHe ever held in his arms.The trees did wave their plumy crests,The glad birds carolled clear;And I, of all the wedding guests,Was only sullen there!There was not one, but wished to shunMy aspect void of cheer;The very gray rocks, looking on,Asked, "What do you here?"And I could utter no reply;In sooth, I did not knowWhy I had brought a clouded eyeTo greet the general glow.So, resting... Poems - Post by : tony5147 - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 2916

To Imagination To Imagination

To Imagination
When weary with the long day's care,And earthly change from pain to pain,And lost, and ready to despair,Thy kind voice calls me back again:Oh, my true friend! I am not lone,While then canst speak with such a tone!So hopeless is the world without;The world within I doubly prize;Thy world guile, and hate, and doubt,And cold suspicion never rise;Where thou, and I, and Liberty,Have undisputed sovereignty.What matters it, that all aroundDanger, and guilt, and darkness lie,If but within our bosom's boundWe hold a bright, untroubled sky,Warm with ten thousand mingled raysOf suns that know no winter days?Reason, indeed, may oft... Poems - Post by : dsmith0542 - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 2095

Sympathy Sympathy

There should be no despair for youWhile nightly stars are burning;While evening pours its silent dew,And sunshine gilds the morning.There should be no despair--though tearsMay flow down like a river:Are not the best beloved of yearsAround your heart for ever?They weep, you weep, it must be so;Winds sigh as you are sighing,And winter sheds its grief in snowWhere Autumn's leaves are lying:Yet, these revive, and from their fateYour fate cannot be parted:Then, journey on, if not elate,Still, NEVER broken-hearted!The End(Ellis Bell) Emily Bronte's poem: Sympathy... Poems - Post by : The_Ezine_Team - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 2367

Plead For Me Plead For Me

Plead For Me
Oh, thy bright eyes must answer now,When Reason, with a scornful brow,Is mocking at my overthrow!Oh, thy sweet tongue must plead for meAnd tell why I have chosen thee!Stern Reason is to judgment come,Arrayed in all her forms of gloom:Wilt thou, my advocate, be dumb?No, radiant angel, speak and say,Why I did cast the world away.Why I have persevered to shunThe common paths that others run;And on a strange road journeyed on,Heedless, alike of wealth and power--Of glory's wreath and pleasure's flower.These, once, indeed, seemed Beings Divine;And they, perchance, heard vows of mine,And saw my offerings on their shrine;But careless gifts... Poems - Post by : donndarcy - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 802

Self-interogation Self-interogation

"The evening passes fast away.'Tis almost time to rest;What thoughts has left the vanished day,What feelings in thy breast?"The vanished day? It leaves a senseOf labour hardly done;Of little gained with vast expense--A sense of grief alone?"Time stands before the door of Death,Upbraiding bitterlyAnd Conscience, with exhaustless breath,Pours black reproach on me:"And though I've said that Conscience liesAnd Time should Fate condemn;Still, sad Repentance clouds my eyes,And makes me yield to them!"Then art thou glad to seek repose?Art glad to leave the sea,And anchor all thy weary woesIn calm Eternity?"Nothing regrets to see thee go--Not one voice sobs' farewell;'And where... Poems - Post by : JBowery - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 1309

Death Death

Death! that struck when I was most confiding.In my certain faith of joy to be--Strike again, Time's withered branch dividingFrom the fresh root of Eternity!Leaves, upon Time's branch, were growing brightly,Full of sap, and full of silver dew;Birds beneath its shelter gathered nightly;Daily round its flowers the wild bees flew.Sorrow passed, and plucked the golden blossom;Guilt stripped off the foliage in its prideBut, within its parent's kindly bosom,Flowed for ever Life's restoring tide.Little mourned I for the parted gladness,For the vacant nest and silent song--Hope was there, and laughed me out of sadness;Whispering, "Winter will not linger long!"And, behold! with tenfold... Poems - Post by : henryc - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 1742

Stanzas To ---- Stanzas To ----

Stanzas To ----
Well, some may hate, and some may scorn,And some may quite forget thy name;But my sad heart must ever mournThy ruined hopes, thy blighted fame!'Twas thus I thought, an hour ago,Even weeping o'er that wretch's woe;One word turned back my gushing tears,And lit my altered eye with sneers.Then "Bless the friendly dust," I said,"That hides thy unlamented head!Vain as thou wert, and weak as vain,The slave of Falsehood, Pride, and Pain--My heart has nought akin to thine;Thy soul is powerless over mine."But these were thoughts that vanished too;Unwise, unholy, and untrue:Do I despise the timid deer,Because his limbs are fleet with... Poems - Post by : Rob_Jean - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 2605

Honour's Martyr Honour's Martyr

Honour's Martyr
The moon is full this winter night;The stars are clear, though few;And every window glistens brightWith leaves of frozen dew.The sweet moon through your lattice gleams,And lights your room like day;And there you pass, in happy dreams,The peaceful hours away!While I, with effort hardly quellingThe anguish in my breast,Wander about the silent dwelling,And cannot think of rest.The old clock in the gloomy hallTicks on, from hour to hour;And every time its measured callSeems lingering slow and slower:And, oh, how slow that keen-eyed starHas tracked the chilly gray!What, watching yet! how very farThe morning lies away!Without your chamber door I stand;Love, are... Poems - Post by : Roy_hunter - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 1584

Stanzas_ Stanzas_

I'll not weep that thou art going to leave me,There's nothing lovely here;And doubly will the dark world grieve me,While thy heart suffers there.I'll not weep, because the summer's gloryMust always end in gloom;And, follow out the happiest story--It closes with a tomb!And I am weary of the anguishIncreasing winters bear;Weary to watch the spirit languishThrough years of dead despair.So, if a tear, when thou art dying,Should haply fall from me,It is but that my soul is sighing,To go and rest with thee.The End(Ellis Bell) Emily Bronte's poem: Stanzas... Poems - Post by : ispvipceo - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 2380

My Comforter My Comforter

My Comforter
Well hast thou spoken, and yet not taughtA feeling strange or new;Thou hast but roused a latent thought,A cloud-closed beam of sunshine broughtTo gleam in open view.Deep down, concealed within my soul,That light lies hid from men;Yet glows unquenched--though shadows roll,Its gentle ray cannot control--About the sullen den.Was I not vexed, in these gloomy waysTo walk alone so long?Around me, wretches uttering praise,Or howling o'er their hopeless days,And each with Frenzy's tongue;-A brotherhood of misery,Their smiles as sad as sighs;Whose madness daily maddened me,Distorting into agonyThe bliss before my eyes!So stood I, in Heaven's glorious sun,And in the glare of Hell;My... Poems - Post by : robert5500 - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 1273

The Old Stoic The Old Stoic

The Old Stoic
Riches I hold in light esteem,And Love I laugh to scorn;And lust of fame was but a dream,That vanished with the morn:And if I pray, the only prayerThat moves my lips for meIs, "Leave the heart that now I bear,And give me liberty!"Yes, as my swift days near their goal:'Tis all that I implore ;In life and death a chainless soul,With courage to endure.The End(Ellis Bell) Emily Bronte's poem: The Old Stoic... Poems - Post by : bigmiffa - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 2443

The Bluebell The Bluebell

The Bluebell
The Bluebell is the sweetest flowerThat waves in summer air:Its blossoms have the mightiest powerTo soothe my spirit's care.There is a spell in purple heathToo wildly, sadly dear;The violet has a fragrant breath,But fragrance will not cheer,The trees are bare, the sun is cold,And seldom, seldom seen;The heavens have lost their zone of gold,And earth her robe of green.And ice upon the glancing streamHas cast its sombre shade;And distant hills and valleys seemIn frozen mist arrayed.The Bluebell cannot charm me now,The heath has lost its bloom;The violets in the glen below,They yield no sweet perfume.But, though I mourn the sweet Bluebell,'Tis... Poems - Post by : Maxfreesurfing - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 4596

No Coward Soul Is Mine No Coward Soul Is Mine

No Coward Soul Is Mine
No coward soul is mine,No trembler in the world's storm-troubled sphere:I see Heaven's glories shine,And faith shines equal, arming me from fear.O God within my breast,Almighty, ever-present Deity!Life--that in me has rest,As I--undying Life--have power in thee!Vain are the thousand creedsThat move men's hearts: unutterably vain;Worthless as withered weeds,Or idlest froth amid the boundless main,To waken doubt in oneHolding so fast by thine infinity;So surely anchored onThe stedfast rock of immortality.With wide-embracing loveThy spirit animates eternal years,Pervades and broods above,Changes, sustains, dissolves, creates, and rears.Though earth and man were gone,And suns and universes ceased to be,And Thou were left alone,Every existence... Poems - Post by : patrick_dowd - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 880

A Little While, A Little While A Little While, A Little While

A Little While, A Little While
A LITTLE while, a little while,The weary task is put away,And I can sing and I can smile,Alike, while I have holiday.Where wilt thou go, my harassed heart--What thought, what scene invites thee nowWhat spot, or near or far apart,Has rest for thee, my weary brow?There is a spot, 'mid barren hills,Where winter howls, and driving rain;But, if the dreary tempest chills,There is a light that warms again.The house is old, the trees are bare,Moonless above bends twilight's dome;But what on earth is half so dear--So longed for--as the hearth of home?The mute bird sitting on the stone,The dank moss dripping... Poems - Post by : rogerjones - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 3051

Loud Without The Wind Was Roaring Loud Without The Wind Was Roaring

Loud Without The Wind Was Roaring
Loud without the wind was roaringThrough th'autumnal sky;Drenching wet, the cold rain pouring,Spoke of winter nigh.All too like that dreary eve,Did my exiled spirit grieve.Grieved at first, but grieved not long,Sweet--how softly sweet!--it came;Wild words of an ancient song,Undefined, without a name."It was spring, and the skylark was singing:"Those words they awakened a spell;They unlocked a deep fountain, whose springing,Nor absence, nor distance can quell.In the gloom of a cloudy NovemberThey uttered the music of May ;They kindled the perishing emberInto fervour that could not decay.Awaken, o'er all my dear moorland,West-wind, in thy glory and pride!Oh! call me from valley and... Poems - Post by : franco - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 1143

Shall Earth No More Inspire Thee Shall Earth No More Inspire Thee

Shall Earth No More Inspire Thee
Shall earth no more inspire thee,Thou lonely dreamer now?Since passion may not fire thee,Shall nature cease to bow?Thy mind is ever moving,In regions dark to thee;Recall its useless roving,Come back, and dwell with me.I know my mountain breezesEnchant and soothe thee still,I know my sunshine pleases,Despite thy wayward will.When day with evening blending,Sinks from the summer sky,I've seen thy spirit bendingIn fond idolatry.I've watched thee every hour;I know my mighty sway:I know my magic powerTo drive thy griefs away.Few hearts to mortals given,On earth so wildly pine;Yet few would ask a heavenMore like this earth than thine.Then let my winds caress... Poems - Post by : bosstee - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 1798

The Night-wind The Night-wind

The Night-wind
In summer's mellow midnight,A cloudless moon shone throughOur open parlour window,And rose-trees wet with dew.I sat in silent musing;The soft wind waved my hair;It told me heaven was glorious,And sleeping earth was fair.I needed not its breathingTo bring such thoughts to me;But still it whispered lowly,How dark the woods will be!"The thick leaves in my murmurAre rustling like a dream,And all their myriad voicesInstinct with spirit seem."I said, "Go, gentle singer,Thy wooing voice is kind:But do not think its musicHas power to reach my mind."Play with the scented flower,The young tree's supple bough,And leave my human feelingsIn their own course to... Poems - Post by : TMSpats - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 2530

Love And Friendship Love And Friendship

Love And Friendship
Love is like the wild rose-briar;Friendship like the holly-tree.The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms,But which will bloom most constantly?The wild rose-briar is sweet in spring,Its summer blossoms scent the air;Yet wait till winter comes again,And who will call the wild-briar fair?Then, scorn the silly rose-wreath now,And deck thee with the holly's sheen,That, when December blights thy brow,He still may leave thy garland green.The End(Ellis Bell) Emily Bronte's poem: Love and Friendship... Poems - Post by : wonder - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 3191

The Elder's Rebuke The Elder's Rebuke

The Elder's Rebuke
"Listen! When your hair, like mine,Takes a tint of silver gray;When your eyes, with dimmer shine,Watch life's bubbles float away:When you, young man, have borne like meThe weary weight of sixty-three,Then shall penance sore be paidFor those hours so wildly squandered;And the words that now fall deadOn your ear, be deeply pondered--Pondered and approved at last:But their virtue will be past!"Glorious is the prize of Duty,Though she be 'a serious power';Treacherous all the lures of Beauty,Thorny bud and poisonous flower!"Mirth is but a mad beguilingOf the golden-gifted time;Love--a demon-meteor, wilingHeedless feet to gulfs of crime."Those who follow earthly pleasure,Heavenly knowledge... Poems - Post by : clstone - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 1874

The Wanderer From The Fold The Wanderer From The Fold

The Wanderer From The Fold
How few, of all the hearts that loved,Are grieving for thee now;And why should mine to-night be movedWith such a sense of woe?Too often thus, when left alone,Where none my thoughts can see,Comes back a word, a passing toneFrom thy strange history.Sometimes I seem to see thee rise,A glorious child again;All virtues beaming from thine eyesThat ever honoured men:Courage and truth, a generous breastWhere sinless sunshine lay:A being whose very presence blestLike gladsome summer-day.O, fairly spread thy early sail,And fresh, and pure, and free,Was the first impulse of the galeWhich urged life's wave for thee!Why did the pilot, too confiding,Dream o'er... Poems - Post by : robertgator69 - Date : February 2010 - Author : Emily Bronte - Read : 3287