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The Hens The Hens

The Hens
The night was coming very fast;It reached the gate as I ran past.The pigeons had gone to the tower of the churchAnd all the hens were on their perch,Up in the barn, and I thought I heardA piece of a little purring word.I stopped inside, waiting and staying,To try to hear what the hens were saying.They were asking something, that was plain,Asking it over and over again.One of them moved and turned around,Her feathers made a ruffled sound,A ruffled sound, like a bushful of birds,And she said her little asking words.She pushed her head close into her wing,But nothing answered anything.(The... Poems - Post by : qbnito - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 4221

My Heart My Heart

My Heart
My heart is beating up and down,Is walking like some heavy feet.My heart is going every day,And I can hear it jump and beat.At night before I go to sleep,I feel it beating in my head;I hear it jumping in my neckAnd in the pillow on my bed.And then I make some little wordsTo go along and say with it--The men are sailing home from Troy,And all the lamps are lit.The men are sailing home from Troy,And all the lamps are lit.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: My Heart... Poems - Post by : stelios - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 1298

Three Dominican Nuns Three Dominican Nuns

Three Dominican Nuns
One day they came; I heard their feet.They made a tapping on the street.And as they passed before our trees,Their shawls blew out in curves like threes,And bent again in twos and L's;The wind blew on their rosariesAnd made them ring like little bells.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: Three Dominican Nuns... Poems - Post by : nubian - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 3273

August Night August Night

August Night
We had to wait for the heat to pass,And I was lying on the grass,While Mother sat outside the door,And I saw how many stars there were.Beyond the tree, beyond the air,And more and more were always there.So many that I think they mustBe sprinkled on the sky like dust.A dust is coming through the sky!And I felt myself begin to cry.So many of them and so small,Suppose I cannot know them all.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: August Night... Poems - Post by : bgarrity - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 1948

Horse Horse

His bridle hung around the post.The sun and the leaves made spots come down;I looked close at him through the fence;The post was drab and he was brown.His nose was long and hard and still,And on his lip were specks like chalk.But once he opened up his eyes,And he began to talk.He didn't talk out with his mouth;He didn't talk with words or noise.The talk was there along his nose;It seemed and then it was.He said the day was hot and slow,And he said he didn't like the flies;They made him have to shake his skin,And they got drowned in his... Poems - Post by : MagicalPirate - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 4057

Shells In Rock Shells In Rock

Shells In Rock
I've been along the quarry road,And I have watched men digging wells,And everywhere it was the same--The stones were full of little shells.And they are packed away in rock;They're under sand and under clay;And some one said that they were leftWhen the ocean went away.I saw them in the stones that makeA church, and in a bridge.They're hidden in the solid rockBut they show along the edge.You see them in foundation stones;They show in creeks and waterfalls;And once I saw them on the jail--More little shells in walls.We walk on them when we walk on roads;And they're packed under all the... Poems - Post by : jamgem - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 1587

A Beautiful Lady A Beautiful Lady

A Beautiful Lady
We like to listen to her dress,It makes a whisper by her feet.Her little pointed shoes are gray;She hardly lets them touch the street.Sometimes she has a crumpled fan.Her hat is silvered on the crown.And there are roses by the brimThat nod and tremble up and down.She comes along the pavement walk,And in a moment she is gone.She hardly ever looks at us,But once she smiled and looked at John.And so we run to see her passAnd watch her through the fence, and ICan hear the others whispering,"Miss Josephine is going by."(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: Beautiful Lady... Poems - Post by : ecash - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 2836

The Wolves The Wolves

The Wolves
When Grandmother Polly had married and gone,But before her father had given her Clem,Or Joe, or Sandy, or Evaline--Before he had given her any of them,She used to live in a far-away place,In a little cabin that was her home,And all around were bushes and trees,And the wolves could come.At night they ran down out of the rocksAnd bristled up their trembly fur.They came and howled by Polly's doorAnd showed their little white teeth at her.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: Wolves... Poems - Post by : simplyeasier - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 2920

Mr. Pennybaker At Church Mr. Pennybaker At Church

Mr. Pennybaker At Church
He holds his songbook very low,And then he stretches down his face,And Mother said, "You mustn't watch,He's only singing bass."He makes his voice go walking down,Or else he hurries twice as fastAs all the rest, but even thenHe finishes the song the last.And when I see him singing there,I wonder if he knows it allAbout Leviticus and ShemAnd Deuteronomy and Saul.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: Mr. Pennybaker At Church... Poems - Post by : gafort - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 2840

Autumn Fields Autumn Fields

Autumn Fields
He said his legs were stiff and soreFor he had gone some twenty-eight miles,And he'd walked through by watergapsAnd fences and gates and stiles.He said he'd been by Logan's woods,And up by Walton's branch and Simms,And there were sticktights on his clothesAnd little dusts of seeds and stems.And then he sat down on the steps,And he said the miles were on his feet.For some of that land was tangled brush,And some was plowed for wheat.The rabbits were thick where he had been,And he said he'd found some ripe papaws.He'd rested under a white oak tree,And for his dinner he ate red... Poems - Post by : Orian - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 1896

A Little Wind (a Song) A Little Wind (a Song)

A Little Wind (a Song)
When I lay downIn a clover place,With eyelids closed,In a clover place,A little wind came to my face.One gentle windBlew on my mouth,And I said, "It will quiver by.What little wind now can it be?"And I lay stillWhere the clovers were.But when I raised my lids to see,Then it was a butterfly.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: Little Wind (a Song)... Poems - Post by : Investor - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 1584

The Sun And A Birch Tree The Sun And A Birch Tree

The Sun And A Birch Tree
As I came home through Howard's lane,The trees were bending down with rain.A still mist went across their tops,And my coat was powdered gray with drops.Then I looked in the woods to seeThe limbs of the white birch tree.It made a bright spot in the air,And I thought the sun was shining there.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: Sun And A Birch Tree... Poems - Post by : andrewtan94 - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 2828

The Sunday Bonnet The Sunday Bonnet

The Sunday Bonnet
It happened at Grandmother Polly's house,And there was a bonnet put awayFor Polly to wear when she went to church.She would not wear it every day.It had some little flowers on,And it was standing on its headIn a bonnet box where it was safe,Away up stairs on the company's bed.And Grandmother Polly was going to church,And she sent her Alice up the stair--Alice was black--she was Evaline's child--She waited on Polly and combed her hair.And Alice said, "Oh, lawsie me!"And then she cried and came running down.And everyone went to see, and the catHad five little cats in the bonnet crown.(The... Poems - Post by : Dream_Weaver - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 2269

In Maryland In Maryland

In Maryland
When it was Grandmother Barbara's day,We lived on a hill, and down below,Beyond the pasture and the trees,A river used to go.The water was very wide and blueAnd deep, and my! it was a sightTo see the ships go up and down,And all the sails were white.And Grandmother Barbara used to waitBeside the window or the door.She never was too tired of itTo watch the river any more.And we could hardly see across,And the water was blue, as blue as the sky,And all day long and all day longWe watched the little ships go by.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: In Maryland... Poems - Post by : DigitalZone - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 2856

The Grandmother The Grandmother

The Grandmother
When Grandmother comes to our house,She sits in the chair and sews away.She cuts some pieces just alikeAnd makes a quilt all day.I watch her bite the little thread,Or stick the needle in and out,And then she remembers her grandmother's house,And what her grandmother told about,And how a very long ago--She tells it while she cuts and strips--We used to live in Mary-land,And there was a water with ships.But that was long before her day,She says, and so I like to standBeside her chair, and then I ask,"Please tell about in Mary-land."(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: Grandmother... Poems - Post by : sbritner - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 1333

The People The People

The People
The ants are walking under the ground,And the pigeons are flying over the steeple,And in between are the people.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: People... Poems - Post by : Boss_Hogg - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 3029

Numbers Numbers

When I can count the numbers far,And know all the figures that there are,Then I'll know everything, and ICan know about the ground and sky,And all the little bugs I see,And I'll count the leaves on the silver-leaf tree,And all the days that ever can be.I'll know all the cows and sheep that pass,And I'll know all the grass,And all the places far away,And I'll know everything some day.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: Numbers... Poems - Post by : eranks - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 2546

Among The Rushes Among The Rushes

Among The Rushes
I saw a curly leaf and it was caught against the grassy side,And it was tangled in the watery grasses where the branch is wide;I had it for my little ark of rushes that must wait and hide.I had it for my little Moses hidden where no one could see,The little baby Moses that nobody knew about but me.And I was hiding in the flags and I was waiting all the day,And watching on the bank to see if Pharaoh's daughter came that way.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: Among The Rushes... Poems - Post by : mentor - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 1535

Water Noises Water Noises

Water Noises
When I am playing by myself,And all the boys are lost around,Then I can hear the water go;It makes a little talking sound.Along the rocks below the tree,I see it ripple up and wink;And I can hear it saying on,"And do you think? And do you think?"A bug shoots by that snaps and ticks,And a bird flies up beside the treeTo go into the sky to sing.I hear it say, "Killdee, killdee!"Or else a yellow cow comes downTo splash a while and have a drink.But when she goes I still can hearThe water say, "And do you think?"(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's... Poems - Post by : globalv - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 1820

At The Water At The Water

At The Water
I liked to go to the branch today;I liked to play with the wiggletails there.And five little smells and one big smellWere going round in the air.One was the water, a little cold smell,And one was mud and that was more,And one was the smell of cool wet moss,And one was some fennel up on the shore.And the one big smell came out of the mint,And one was something I couldn't tell.And the five little ones and the big oneAll went together very well.(The end)Elizabeth Madox Roberts's poem: At The Water... Poems - Post by : ezmoney - Date : October 2011 - Author : Elizabeth Madox Roberts - Read : 2258